Men of Color Need Self-Care, Too. Darian Hall Is Helping Solve That.

By: Joshua Ocampo/Mens Darian Hall quit his job to find a higher purpose. Two years later, after realizing that there was no “gym” for his mental health he could call home, he helped build one: HealHaus. BY JOSHUA OCAMPONOV 5, 2020MARCUS V RICHARDSON Boys don’t cry. Man up. Grow a pair. You’ve probably heard one (orContinue reading “Men of Color Need Self-Care, Too. Darian Hall Is Helping Solve That.”

Ask the Rodfather: Real people DO cry!

STOP CRYING! MAN UP ! DON’T CRY, IT MAKES YOU LOOK WEAK! MEN, DON’T CRY! IF YOU DON’T STOP CRYING, I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!  These wise tales, have damaged generations of people, particularly men.  Crying is a very natural emotion that has nothing to do with strength or character.  ForContinue reading “Ask the Rodfather: Real people DO cry!”

For Your Consideration

God has a sense of humor  You’ve reach a certain age.  The beginning of cruise control.  Life is easier, the world isn’t coming apart and if it is, whatever!   No rugrats, no teenagers professing their hate for you ! No braces, no tuition, no late night calls for money.  Dinner when ever we want.  Cruises,Continue reading “For Your Consideration”