Hotel Confidential: He said, he didn’t Care!

1:20am. I was startled by late night screaming underneat the hotel awning. When I looked at the hotel camera. I saw two men and two women jump out of an old Nissan. One of the women was holding at toddler.   The other woman with long hair was standing at the drivers door screaming at aContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: He said, he didn’t Care!”

Hotel Confidential: Miss “It”

Her high heels announced her entrance into the hotel  with extra  loud clacking, she walked with purpose. Within mega seconds,  Miss It , loudly asked if  there was someone in the back who could help her,  she wanted to go to bed!  There was only person ahead of her. but for Miss it , oneContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Miss “It””

She helped him find his mind!

It not new.  Because of smart phones and social media we get to see and witnesses of bad behavior and people who see it for the first time are shocked.   Bad behavior is everywhere , on planes, in supermarkets, banks and in this story a hotel. Legend has is ,and she is a legend toContinue reading “She helped him find his mind!”

Hotel Confidential: The app is slow

3:09A-He’s tall thin, 6.4 or 6.5 wearing shorts and flip flops.   The doors are locked.  “Hi can I help you, the front desk agents asked?  I’m here to see someone, said flip flops.  What is the guest name?  I don’t know, says flip flops.  I’m not sure I can help you if your don’t knowContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: The app is slow”

Hotel Confidential: She Walked with Purpose

She walked with purpose, as she  entered the hotel lobby, wearing electric blue jeans. She made a hard left and disappeared into the hallway.  She reappeared asking if anyone asked for keys for room 131? The front desk agent told her no.   She then asked for a key to the room.  Realizing she didn’t haveContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: She Walked with Purpose”

Hotel Confidential: Fake, Fake, Fake, News!

Civility is getting difficult to find in these Trump times.  For some, Fox News is the only place where one can find the truth, and for them ANY OTHER  news channels is NOT acceptable.   Arguments and sometime fights are taking place in hospitals lounges, restaurants and hotels over the news channel. The disagreements aren’t notContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Fake, Fake, Fake, News!”

Hotel Confidential: Civility in the Trump era

Photo: Google The temperature a sudden change in the air.  Anger and hostility at some the hotels with guest attacking staff and guest fighting with other guests. In some parts of the country, Latino’s notably Mexicans workers is the cornerstone of many hotels, running the front and back offices. In the last few years,workers withContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Civility in the Trump era”

No you didn’t say THAT! (Air Travel Edition)

Arriving at their hotel for the night . The Airport Pilot complained about the tight conditions on the hotels shuttle Van.   They were packed  so tight he and crew members could barely move and he promised to complain to his union.   Although he couldn’t say it.  The hotel employee wanted to say. “IfContinue reading “No you didn’t say THAT! (Air Travel Edition)”

Hotel Confidential: Anger over his credit card leads to jail time

This is 62 year old James Parsley of Gonzalez, Texas.  He was recently arrested for driving his 2006 GMC Sierra into the lobby of the Comfort Inn and Suites in Alva Oklahoma From news reports. Mr Parsley checked into the hotel using his debit card.  When he checked out he paid cash.   When he checkedContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Anger over his credit card leads to jail time”

Hotel Confidential: Possible Worker Shortage This summer in Sacramento

CityFella Years of a flat economy has taken its toll on low income workers.  For years those earning at or just above minimum wage has not seen an wage increase in years. A few weeks ago, Wal Mart announced a wage hike for workers earning less than $10. an hour. While this is big news,Continue reading “Hotel Confidential: Possible Worker Shortage This summer in Sacramento”