Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons

If you are of a certain age, you likey know one or all of these classic cartoon characters. While most of us were introduced to these cartoons on our televisons. The majority of the cartoons, apperared in theaters as animated shorts, often shown before the feature film. The time between 1928 and 1963 was consideredContinue reading “Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons”

A man and his money (A look Back)

Past behavior is often the best predictor of future behavior, and the same is true of success.  Donald Trump has a secret, its behind curtain number three.  The public is not invited as it reveals everything he holds so dear. A image of sucess  Donald Trump 1990: a Percursor? Donald Trump appeared with Barbara WaltersContinue reading “A man and his money (A look Back)”

Drive Through Shopping

Home Depot Trussville, Alabama Ya should have been there.  Last Friday, amogst the orange shopping carts at Home Depot was a black Pontiac Sunbird. Behind the wheel was 42 year old Alabama native Gwendolyn Braswell Police believe, Ms Braswell was in the store earlier without the Sunbird and placed the leaf blower and dehumidifier whereContinue reading “Drive Through Shopping”

Britain:Woman forced to confirm she isn’t dying after birthday tweet went viral

Diane made the post just before her 62nd birthday (Image: Diane Cope/Twitter).   From:UK Mirror A woman who’s plea took the internet by storm has had to respond to fans who thought she was about to pass away. Diane Cope from Leeds took to Twitter just before her 62nd birthday to ask users to retweet herContinue reading “Britain:Woman forced to confirm she isn’t dying after birthday tweet went viral”

Tanking poll numbers: Trump considering replaceing wife and son

President Lysol is on a roll…. Downhill…. President Bunker Lysol desperately needed love from his base. The campaign told him the Tulsa streets would be overrun with his people.   They built overflow area complete with a megatron TV.  Air Force One buzzed over the venue, OOOPS. (Where day at?)  AS the camera panned the audience,Continue reading “Tanking poll numbers: Trump considering replaceing wife and son”

She spit on him cause he was doing wrong!

I bet she microwaves a fantastic Chicken Pot Pie.  Her kitchen counters are pristine as wipes with the quicker picker upper.  Her cakes looks like the pictures on the boxes of Duncan Hines.  I bet she goes to church every sunday and is an active member of the PTA. She doesn’t smoke and she followsContinue reading “She spit on him cause he was doing wrong!”

Watermelon Heads aren’t just candy

In fact, I don’t know if there is even a candy called Watermelon heads.  What I do know from reports is on May 6,two people scraped out a couple watermelons, carved out two holes so they could see out of the watermelons and stole some alcohol from a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa. Virginia, aContinue reading “Watermelon Heads aren’t just candy”

“Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol

  “Fun and Frolic with President Lysol” In an attempt to strengthen his support with women voters.   President Lysol attacked yet another female reporter.  On Tuesday, CBS”s Paula Reid asked him “why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work?”  Lysol:Continue reading ““Just a Rude person you are” Fun and Frolick with President Lysol”