“Whopper Serious”

Look at this face! Don’t play with her, and especially when it comes to her food! Don’t play with anyone who has an expression on her face like Mrs Judith Ann Black. Friday evening, Judith,ordered a WHOPPER at the Burger King in Wildwood Florida. Witness says she lost her shit, after examining her burger. AContinue reading ““Whopper Serious””

She took a BITE out of the Uber Driver

St Petersburg, Florida- Around 5ish- Saturday, April 17th, 2021 Dis Lady- 55 year old Michelle (I call her Claws) Stilwell Called Uber Ordered an Uber to her home. Michele sat behind the driver in his Toyota. According to the criminal complaint. While the car was in motion, she throttled the driver with her two handsContinue reading “She took a BITE out of the Uber Driver”

Camping Fails That Will Make You Want To Stay Home

Camping is one of the best ways to get out of the house and reconnect with nature. You can do it by yourself for some much needed “you time,” and it’s also a great way to spend time with close friends. While camping always sounds like a good idea, it’s also a lot more effortContinue reading “Camping Fails That Will Make You Want To Stay Home”

Not a Childrens story: Elmo and the Home Inspector

Last month, fifty nine year old Kevin Wayne VanLuven was hired to inspect a home in the Detroit suburb of Oxford Township, just prior to the sale of the property. The owners let VanLuven and the buyer’s real estate agent into the home, then departed the residence during the March 12 inspection. Some how VanContinue reading “Not a Childrens story: Elmo and the Home Inspector”

The food took too long so she pulled out a gun

Burger King Winchester Road, Memphis Tennessee 3/30/21 A customer waiting in the Burger King drive thru, left her car and walked up to the window and started yelling at the the employee. Her food was taking much too long and she was NOT HAPPY! (not happy at tall) Perhaps she wanted to motivate the BKContinue reading “The food took too long so she pulled out a gun”

It’s stupid, makes no sense, could take you to Hell!

If you follow this blog, you know I love electric cars. They are fast, cost less to operate than your typical gas powered car. Most of all they are cleaner, I want to leave the world a better place for my children and future grand children. Having said ALL that, every time I hear theContinue reading “It’s stupid, makes no sense, could take you to Hell!”

Trump’s Hoopty

You know the guy… He buys an old car, strips it and tricks it out with only the best his money can buy. The biggest and brightest rims. Buttery soft leather, a sound systems that can make the neighbors weep. The owner, doesn’t care that his ride is 30 years old and needs the loveContinue reading “Trump’s Hoopty”

She told me to zip it, but I didn’t understand

What happened to the nice, kind, gentle people of yor? I can be discrete. Sir your dragging six miles of toliet paper.  None of the BS filming an embarrassing moment for thousands of strangers on Tik Tok to enjoy. When I see a man or women exposed I will discretely tell them.  Wouldn’t you wantContinue reading “She told me to zip it, but I didn’t understand”

Throwback Thursday(2010): Weight Watchers Floor Collapse

Friday Funny From Sweeden: Floor collapses at Sweedens’ Weight Watchers Clinic       Rate This The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Växjö in south central Sweden collapsed on Wednesday night beneath a group of about 20 participants in the diet programme.The Weight Watchers participants had gathered in the group’s facilities to see how much weight they had lost. As it turned out, however,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday(2010): Weight Watchers Floor Collapse”