For the love of Maury

Depending which side of the Sofa your setting on 1991 was the high point or low point for Television.

     September 9th, the Maury Povich Show Premiered

September 16th The Jenny Jones Show

                       September 30th The Jerry Springer Show

Talk shows were on fire. 

Oprah Winfrey had passed Donahue in the ratings.   By the late eighties Ms Winfrey’s show wasn’t as high brow as Phil’s and the audience ate it up. 

Maury, Jenny and Jerry Initially were lower quality copies of Oprah. Problem was they weren’t Oprah!

Over time each of the shows host found their niche.

By 95, Maury Povich was simply Maury and while the show covered many topics, by 2008,it came together with paternity testing being the central theme.

There are no surprises, the mother is convinced that the man she brought to the show is the child’s father.  Look at the forehead, the dimples, the little crinkle in the lip she pleads.   If the families are involved there will be loud denials  (That ain’t my child!) or the all purpose,it could be anybodies, shes a ho! 

The audience is caught up in the drama.   Finally, the results are brought to the stage and read by Maury, who learns the paternity when everyone else does. 

When it comes to Baby Alice, “You are NOT the father”   The mother is off, she runs up the stairs in complete shock and makes the (Connecticut Curve) and runs down the ramp or falls down the ramp on the floor where she is a heaping pile of tears.

I particularly  like when they don’t make the curve and bounce off the wall (yes, I have a sick twisted sadistic side) .   Maury often invites the women back to locate Baby Alice’s papa. 

I’ve always questioned where they find these people to completely humiliate themselves on National TV.  There was one women who was on nearly a dozen times trying to locate the father of her child.  

These people aren’t paid.  They are flown out for the taping, put into a hotel for one night and fed.         On a flight to Chicago, I met two young people from Auburn California on route to Ricki Lake show. It was their first time on a plane.  I asked if their parents knew? and their faces turned red. 


“Fast Fact”

For the first 18 seasons Maury was taped in the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York, where he show shared the facility with the Sally Jessie Rapheal Show and the Peoples Court.

In 2009. the show moved to Stamford Connecticut  where they now share a faculty with The Jerry Springer Show and the Steve Wilkos Show.

There are many people, who poo poo reality shows and shows like Maury. Springer and Maury have been on for 26 years.  So someone is watching  and if its you, we wont tell too many people.





While waiting for the Bus……


What do you do during the 6pm evening commute waiting for the bus on a busy six lane highway? A lot of us read to pass the time. Some of us write. Most of us are interacting with our cell phones.   If your 31 year old Cameron Peterson of Clearwater Florida, you sit down on a grassy area near the bus stop and orally pleasure the woman your with.

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying

Only the echoes of my mind

People stopping, staring
I can’t see their faces

Only the shadows of their eyes…Harry Nilsson

According to the Smoking Gun.  The woman, 37 year old Veronica Hutchinson was sitting down on the ground with her shorts below her knees while receiving oral pleasures from Mr Peterson WHEN Officer Joseph Mazzella arrived , he observed Hutchison “being digital penetrated” by Peterson.

The two were arrested on a misdemeanor count of an unnatural and lascivious act.

A unnatural and lascivious act? oh Florida. In Cailfornia, this would be long time no see……. 

Well there’s a rose in a fisted glove
And the eagle flies with the dove

And if you can’t be with the one you love, honey

Love the one you’re with…..Stephen Sills



Las Vegas: The United States of Hypocrisy



Monday morning most Americans woke up to news of the horror in Las Vegas.  One man with an automatic rifle killing nearly 60 people and wounding hundreds more.

Oh, God! Dont let him be……..

For millions of Americans, there was a sigh of relief for Mexicans, Muslims and other black\brown skinned Americans. The killer was white and possibly christian.

This weekend, were not likely to see an increase of attacks on Mosque’s in America.  Not likely to see an increase of harassment of brown, black people and there wont be random attacks on Caucasians because of the actions Stephen Paddock a 64 year old white man living in a senior community in Nevada.


American Made Terror

The attack in Las Vegas was beyond horrific   It will be years or decades for the families of the victims of this attack to recover.  The attack has forever altered the lives of the people attending that concert, and for the rest of us altered our sense of safety at a concert.  As the attack at the theater in Aurora, Colorado has changed mine.

Many Americans believe Muslin’s are a danger to America, believe that Black Americans are inherently criminals  dangerous and must be handled differently by the police then White Americans and was recently told by Our President, that some Mexicans are prone to do bad things. Who are the some?

I love my country ,it is deeply flawed.  In principle, we should be treated the same.  Implausible as it seems too many, there were a few blacks, Mexicans and Muslims at that concert who like country music.   Americans




I’m not built for mundane domestic duty

Why oh why did I have poor parents?  I’ve always believed that I was kidnapped by a poor black family who wanted a fat child.    Its just a remote coincidence I look like one or two of them. (Just waiting for the DNA results)  My family was worst than poor.  We were middle class.

When ever my mom asked me to do someone that required any physical effort, I always assumed she was talking to someone else.  The smack upside the head wasn’t a suggestion.

Don’t misunderstand,  I’m not about Limousines, Mansions or massive chunk of retail therapy. I’m about the Help.

 Labor offends me, I’m just not built for mundane domestic duty.

I need help… not just therapy, but I NEED people to do the basic things.    I need someone to sweep, mop, to do my laundry   My clothes should always be pressed and Snuggle fresh.   When I drop a pair of moldy Fruit of the Looms on the floor, there should be someone there in a hazard suit to pick them up and toss them in the Whirlpool.

I’m tired of the yellow tape that’s is my apartment!  No, there isn’t a dead person in my living room, just a pile of clothes in the shape of a dead person.  My clothes are creative that way.

In my world, there can be only one perfect room at a time.  I clean one room and the remnants from that room winds up in the other rooms.    There are indicators that tells me that room needs attention.   Usually darkness.  Then I clean THAT room and new piles begin in the other rooms.

If your one of those…….  Pedestrian neat freaks, I don’t wanna hear it!

I’m very, happy, Happy, HAPPY! that your able to clean your entire 11 bedroom home and maintain it little by little everyday! Your the person who gets excited every time Sears has a sale!

My bucket list doesn’t involve skydiving, dinner in Paris, or Okra with Oprah.  I just want a man or a women with a big bottle of Pine Sol and can of heavy starch.










Tom Price: Flying Coach is for suckers

President Trump relocated and refurbished the swamp and those swampians (yes a new word)do not fly commercial.   I mean can you imagine standing in a security line with common taxpayers?  Those people with their off the rack clothing from Sears?

Enter Swampian, Tom Price

Image result for tom price
Thomas Edmunds Price was a member of Congress from 2005 until earlier this year when he became our Health and Secretary Human Secretary.   He represented Georgia’s 6th Congressional district serving the northern suburbs of Atlanta.
Price was assistant professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta. 
He was in private practice for 20 and was the director of the Orthopedic clinic at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital. 
A few weeks ago Politico learned Secretary Price had accumulated more than $400,000 in chartered jet for “official business”
Related image


In 2009,Price, a fiscal conservative was very critical 


Image result for wait for it





of the OVERUSE of private planes.

Wayyy back in 2009 He Said

“This is just another example of fiscal responsibility run amok in Congress right now,” Price said of an effort to buy private planes to transport government officials, military and members of Congress.

Price defended himself on Fox News.  His travel practices as necessary for public health or combating emergencies. “Of the 11 trips over the last eight months, the majority of them were for the opioid crisis or the hurricanes,” Price said.

POLITICO has identified at least 10 distinct charter flights since May that were not related to either the opioid crisis or hurricane response, including flights to conferences in San Diego and Aspen, Colorado.

UPDATE:  Price’s generosity An HHS official said Thursday that Price would write a check for $51,887.31, which appears to cover the cost of his seat on chartered flights but not those of his staffers.      

On Thursday night, Politico reported that the White House approved Mr. Price’s flying on United States military aircraft to travel to Europe, Asia and Africa for official events, at a cost of more than $500,000. The military flights were approved by Joe Hagin, a White House deputy chief of staff, an administration official confirmed, and Raj Shah, a White House spokesman, said such travel “is sometimes an appropriate and necessary use of resources.”

Combined, the total cost to taxpayers for Mr. Price’s flights comes to more than $1 million, according to Politico.


Is Price, like Betsy DeVos afraid of the press? 

 Last May, Price was aggressively questioned in West Virginia by Public News Reporter Dan Hayman at the West Virginia State Capitol. Heyman wanted to ask Mr. Price about health care legislation the house had passed earlier to replace the Affordable Care Act.   Mr Heyman was arrested.   A criminal complaint released later said he had “tried aggressively to breach the security of the Secret Service” and was “causing a disturbance by yelling questions.”  He faced six months of Jail time.   Earlier this month the charges were dropped. 

At a commercial airport,  Mr Price would be accessible to the press, in addition to the Wal Mart shopping public.     

45 isn’t happy!

Monday, White House Spokesmouth, Sarah HUCKABEE Sanders said Price did not have permission and yesterday, The Donald said “he was not happy about the practice several of his Cabinet members have engaged in.   When asked if he would fire Price, he said, well see! 

Tommy Price has a couple of coins, at least for Georgia.  He’s doesn’t have Tyler Perry coinage, but enough to reimburse taxpayers.

Swampian Tendencies

The Don has a bad news day. yesterday.  While this isn’t news, one can say he was ruffed up.  His man in Alabama was beating by a gun touting, Gay hating, bible in government prechin, Dream Act slammin Republican.  The Reporters went all in on da Prez he of course went all in on the NFL.  Nuclear War with Korea is further down the list.  Then there were questions about Price flying charter and other illustrious members of his esteemed cabinet.

So far they all have Swampian Tendencies.

You Gotta Love, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his International movie star wife Louise Linton

You know her? from her movie roles  in “Intruder” or “Crew 2 Crew”or her riveting performance as  Simone de Lille on CSI: New York Right?

I’ll stop playing, I ain’t never heard of her either!

When the star deplaned in one of the nations poorest states, she bragged about her designer outfit on Instagram.    Instagram user Jenni Miller, a mother of three from Oregon, took issue with the post, commenting, “Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable”     A small war of words ensued, picked up by the press and Linton reportedly closed her Instagram account.

Image result for steven mnuchin and louise linton texas







Swampian, Steven Mnuchin has a few coins,  $300 million.  He seems to have a fondness for  government Jets
He took one from ,New York City to Washington following a news conference with President Trump last month at Trump Tower.  Another with his wife to Louisville, Kentucky to attend a luncheon and visit the nation’s gold vault at Fort Knox, where they viewed the solar eclipse.
Mnuchin’s office also requested a government jet fly him and the lovely Linton on a honeymoon trip to Europe this summer.    The Pentagon says, the  C-37, a military-outfitted version of the Gulfstream V executive jet, has a reimbursable rate of up to $10,000 an hour.
Swampian, EPA chief Scott Pruitt, spent 25K to sound proof his office. 

The Prez was Embarrassed ! 


Will he fire Price?


News at 11








He blabbed about their secret and she tried to mow him down in her Mercedes Benz

Image result for kATHLEEN DAVIS florida

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

This story has the ingredients to fill a segment on “Jerry Springer”


Jupiter Florida mom AND Mercedes Benz owner. 58 year old Kathleen Regina Davis

HAD an affair with her daughters husband !  Yes, Yess Yessssss

Her 33 year old son in law (soon to be EX) told her daughter of the affair!

Kathleen wants him to DIE!

She blames him for ruining her relationship with her daughter and she is beyond mad!

Image result for i live in denial

Someone is in denial

On Sept 20th 

She drove to his Crestdale Street home and allegedly tossed several eggs at his residence and vehicles.


Image result for pissed

When the Palm Beach Gardens police arrived, they saw Mommy in law driving in circles in the front yard of the house while attempting to hit her former lover with her Mercedes.

He told police he was nearly hit by the Mercedes “multiple times”

I wanted to run him over and I wanted him to DIE!!! is what Kathleen told Police.

Davis is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Sept. 22 after posting a $3,000 bond.


This sounds perfect for the ID channel

Related image

Murder by Mercedes 

Mercedes Dearest?

Bent by da Benz? 

These are all lame, So will end here.

Your Welcome