You must be a DEMOCRAT!

Its almost summer in Sacramento, and my AC is out!   I’ve been summoned by the County for Jury Duty.  The recording said,  I needed to appear at 1pm.  The heat convinced me to take a short nap before going to court, it didnt make sense, but I thought I’d set several alarms in two rooms.Continue reading “You must be a DEMOCRAT!”

“Whopper Serious”

Look at this face! Don’t play with her, and especially when it comes to her food! Don’t play with anyone who has an expression on her face like Mrs Judith Ann Black. Friday evening, Judith,ordered a WHOPPER at the Burger King in Wildwood Florida. Witness says she lost her shit, after examining her burger. AContinue reading ““Whopper Serious””

Not a Childrens story: Elmo and the Home Inspector

Last month, fifty nine year old Kevin Wayne VanLuven was hired to inspect a home in the Detroit suburb of Oxford Township, just prior to the sale of the property. The owners let VanLuven and the buyer’s real estate agent into the home, then departed the residence during the March 12 inspection. Some how VanContinue reading “Not a Childrens story: Elmo and the Home Inspector”

The food took too long so she pulled out a gun

Burger King Winchester Road, Memphis Tennessee 3/30/21 A customer waiting in the Burger King drive thru, left her car and walked up to the window and started yelling at the the employee. Her food was taking much too long and she was NOT HAPPY! (not happy at tall) Perhaps she wanted to motivate the BKContinue reading “The food took too long so she pulled out a gun”

Voter Conspiracy Crazy: Former Houston Police Captain Terrorized Air Conditioner Repairman

Several months before the 2020 Presidential election, the President believed, thousands possibly millions of fraudulent ballots would be submitted in the November 3rd election. October2020 Enter sixty three year old Mark Anthony Aquirre, a former Houston Police Captain. Aguirre, was hired by Houston-based Liberty Center for God and Country who were conducting a civilian investigationContinue reading “Voter Conspiracy Crazy: Former Houston Police Captain Terrorized Air Conditioner Repairman”

Alton Ashby spits near a Geek, RUDE!

Geeks are nice and most know a lot of about electronics. I simply cant imagine why anyone would spit near a geek. Well, that’s not totally true. Last Saturday, fifty one year old Alton Ashby entered a Vero Beach, Florida Best Buy Store. He reportely walked up to the Geek Squad (a collection of twoContinue reading “Alton Ashby spits near a Geek, RUDE!”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was disappointed to hear Attorney Sidney Powell was fired by Trump

The citizens of Venezuela are just learning about the influence their former and very dead President, Hugo Chavez had over the 2020 Presidential Election. To think, from the grave he had the power to change US politics before Donald Trump was ever elected. Hugo Chavez left this this planet in 2013 or could he heldContinue reading “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was disappointed to hear Attorney Sidney Powell was fired by Trump”

Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him

Okay, I’m feeling better. Biden is leading, although the drip,drip,drip of the ballot counting is driving some of us to sip Vicks Formula 44. Many of my non polictial friends are fixtated on cable news. A simple phone call begins with “Biden is up in Georgia by 1034 votes,how ya doin?” I’m fine “-I didn’tContinue reading “Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him”

Day 3: If you thought DT was going out with class and honor (Take another hit!)

Come on now! He’s his own man, heck he’s orange. He is going to sue Jesus and every state counting balllots. Go Easy. Try stuffing as size 13EEE foot into a size nine. If you try to make sense of him, you will start to drink. Everything begins and ends with EGO and superiority. NothingContinue reading “Day 3: If you thought DT was going out with class and honor (Take another hit!)”

Contagious for the Win

Coming to a battleground state near you.  A President without a mask.  An event filled with hundreds possibly thousands of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder without masks in support of the President in what could be considered a Superspreader event. Superspreader Event in Iowa NEW ROCHELLE – Iona College was locked down Monday. Its classes switchedContinue reading “Contagious for the Win”