Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?

Anyone who lives on the West Coast knows there is a high cost for living here.  From Washington to California’s Mexican Border, the West Coast is pricey, this is also true of Canada. The medium price of a home in Vancouver, British Columbia ($1,360 million)  is considerably higher than Toronto, Ontario ($806,000) Canada’s largest city.Continue reading “Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?”

Build the Wall with Porn Fees?

Miss Gail says yes……… Arizona State Representative Gail Griffin, wants a wall and wants to charge Arizonans twenty bucks to look at porn on the net. If her proposed House Bill 2444 passes, Arizona would require companies that make or sell electronic devices in the Grand Canyon State to install software that blocks porn. ToContinue reading “Build the Wall with Porn Fees?”

President Trumps last pitch for Wall, or Fence or Poster

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was smacked down by Fox News, Chris Matthews on Sunday. After a humiliating blow to Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell is giving the Prez a big FU!    He isn’t sending anything unless its pre-signed by the Prez. The Republican Senators up for re-election next year are defecting to the dark side (TheContinue reading “President Trumps last pitch for Wall, or Fence or Poster”

Trump’s border wall — how much it will actually cost according to a statistician | Fox News

By: Liberty Vittert/Fox News As a staunch supporter of refugees and the American dream, I find most of the rhetoric behind the idea of the wall flatly un-American. However, no one with a brain can argue that we shouldn’t have border security. The Trump administration wants to enforce border security with a combination of aContinue reading “Trump’s border wall — how much it will actually cost according to a statistician | Fox News”

Facts Fiction and Don Lemon

Perhaps there would be less outrage if the story was told by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. There are many white men who are OUTRAGED!!!   Here you have a black man stirring the racist pot.    IF a white man said something about a Black man, they’d lose their jobs.    Megan Kelly lost herContinue reading “Facts Fiction and Don Lemon”

Some last minute red meat racism for the base

Midterm Madness courtesy of The Prez! “Pre-Fab Manufactured Fear”   Any day now, the Prez is going to send over FIVE THOUSAND TROOPS to protect our borders from thousands of menacing Latinos who are several hundred miles away. Did I mention most are walking? Which means they won’t be here until EASTER.     BecauseContinue reading “Some last minute red meat racism for the base”

30 Days to be a Family

 Last August, Arsenio De La Rosa had a stroke and doctors gave him only weeks to live. His kids were with him in Arizona, but his wife, Gloria, was an hour south in Mexico. Because she is unable to enter the country, she applied for a temporary permit to come to the U.S. to sayContinue reading “30 Days to be a Family”

“Oh Look, Black people in the White House”

First things first!  Kanye !    I’m not gonna beat up on someone who is clearly going through things. One day is bi-polar and the next day he was misdiagnosed (not bi-polar).  After all this is America, he is allowed to worship anyone .  If there was a poll, I was say support for the Kanye-TrumpContinue reading ““Oh Look, Black people in the White House””

Why are Africans in Morocco Praying to Reach Europe?

Sub-Saharans in Tangier pray to be ‘lucky ones’ who reach Spain The popular Morocco-Spain route comes with danger, as authorities carry out raids and the navy fires on migrant boats. Migrants and refugees often ask Father Martinez of the Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral for assistance and prayers [Joe Wallen/Al Jazeera] By: Joe Wallen/AlContinue reading “Why are Africans in Morocco Praying to Reach Europe?”

You Did it!!! But Don’t throw away your signs

For many american’s, the Presidency of Donald Trump has been exasperating.  For many,  their aren’t any penalties for his misdeeds.   The reality he has been checked. There are literally hundreds of cases awaiting a court date. However, Americans saw a rare about face from the President, after recordings and images of small children crying outraged theContinue reading “You Did it!!! But Don’t throw away your signs”