Council members Angelique Ashby Jeff Harris say no to Mayor Steinberg’s U plans

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Mayor Steinberg will need  to convince five council members to support his controversial  plans to issues bonds from Measure U or Uoops.

Risky and Bankrupt were just some of the words used at Tuesday’s City council meeting.   He has two firm no’s from District 3 Council Member Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby  representing District 1. Who believe his scheme could possibly bankrupt Sacramento.

The Mayor has a problem. He wrote a check to the neighborhoods and the  Business community last year with Measure U that can’t be cashed.

His plans to use bonds supported by Measure U’s tax revenue seem to be depended on Sunny weather.  An unseasonable storm could put the City and its assets at risk.

Business is clearly unhappy and he will have to give an extraordinary good explanation to the neighborhoods it he wan’t their  support his should he decide to run for a second term next year.

Its May, and the forecast for the Mayor is “Stormy Weather”




Mayor Steinberg U Promised

Norma Citizen works hard ,the money she earns goes to her household.    Rent slash Mortgage, Food, Medical, Car Payments, Insurance, savings* etc.   Bonuses, Overtime, refunds, might be applied to a luxury, but only after her families general obligations are met.

There are quite a few Norma Citizen’s out there.  Families who would may need a new car or want to take a family vacation, but they have real obligations and ignoring those debts might affect their credit and result in  major catastrophe down the road.

Enter Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s Proposition U  

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With the passage of  the one cent sales tax increase would cure nearly everything that ails this city. Skeptics believed, the money would be a slush fund for the Mayor and the City Council.


Measure U, is expected to generate about $50 million annually for core city services, like police and fire, along with $50 million annually for flexible investment in the city.

Steinberg’s call for committing $40 million of that anticipated $50 million to address socioeconomic inequality was the most specific vision the mayor has offered for how Measure U funds should be spent.

“For at least the first five years, I call for the lion’s share of the second half-cent of Measure U to be invested directly in economic equity in our neighborhoods,”“Let us set aside $40 million a year for at least five years in our economic trust fund.”  

That 200 million would include  investing in “forgotten commercial corridors,” building affordable housing and investing in neighborhood small businesses.

Mayor Steinberg, campaigned heavily in North Sac, Del Paso Heights, Oak Park and Meadowview, some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, suggesting after the passage of Measure U money would rain in those neighborhoods.    Image result for extra cash gif

Needing a simple majority, Measure U passed last November

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Language: Measure U provides for a one-cent tax on each dollar of taxable sales of goods within the City of Sacramento, and on the taxable storage, use, or consumption in the city of goods purchased from a retailer. This is commonly referred to as a “sales tax” and technically referred to as a “transactions and use tax.” As a general tax, the revenues would be deposited into the city’s general fund and could be used for any municipal government purpose, including 9-1-1 response, fire protection, homeless supportive services, affordable housing, libraries, park maintenance, high-wage job promotion, youth programming, and other programs.

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April 2019:  Sacramento Fire Department was first in line for a piece of Measure U.  They’re not happy city’s proposed slice. Sac FD says there are closed fire stations in the city, they want to reduce response times.  More than a dozen current and former fire employees urged the council to give the department more of the new Measure U sales tax revenue, pointing out that the ballot language approved by voters in November included public safety, although it wasn’t the focus of Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s sell.

 The Mayor was astonished, either he didn’t fully understand the Language or he was confused about inner workings of  the General Fund.

On April 30  he said “I strongly support defined benefit pensions for our public employees, but let’s be clear: People would not have voted for Measure U if they thought it was only going to pay for pensions and salaries. The Pensions is one of the cities largest obligations and  is paid from the General Fund.

There is some concern in the community, he may attempt to delay payments on the pension which is currently underfunded and is growing yearly.  He is one of nine votes in the city, can he convince a majority into some creative financing?   Doing so could be detrimental to the city.   Stockton, went bankrupt a few years ago, by juggling dollars.

The lines are getting longer at City Hall, departments want their slice of  Measure U.  With 2020 looming in the background, did the Mayor over-commit?    There are rumblings in the Business community.     The Mayor who was a two term Sacramento councilmen should have known.  As the dust settles, will business and those same neighborhoods who supported him last year, be there next year?   

But,Mayor U Promised?

Mayor Steinberg, hasn’t announced if he seeking another term.

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Facts Fiction and Don Lemon

CNN anchor Don Lemon on a Wednesday evening segment of CNN Live.

Perhaps there would be less outrage if the story was told by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper.

There are many white men who are OUTRAGED!!!   Here you have a black man stirring the racist pot.    IF a white man said something about a Black man, they’d lose their jobs.    Megan Kelly lost her job over “Blackface’ so here we have a black man calling white men terrorist, he should lose his job is only fair!

There are white men in this rapidly changing world who believe that they are under attack.  It had gone too far and it far more difficult to be a white man in America and this morning advertisers and CNN will  demand that Don Lemon lose his job.


In the course of a week, 14 bombs were mailed to prominent Democrats.  On Wednesday, a white man attempted to enter a black church in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Fifteen minutes later, he drove to near by Kroger Supermarket and killed two black people.  As the gunman passed a white shopper in the parking lot he said, I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.”   Saturday, a white man entered a synagogue and killed 11 worshipers and wounded six others including four Police Officers.

Cnn’s Don Lemon said Trump would have people believe immigrants are to be feared, but statistics reveal the biggest threats are home-grown.   He went on to say, we have to stop demonizing people and realize that the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them. So ,have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no ban — you know, they had the Muslim ban. There is no white-guy ban. So what do we do about that?”

“the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.”

This is what some people heard!   Other’s heard he called for a “white guy ban”               Fox news said Lemon was ranting!   Others called him a racist!

You decide, Listen. 

There are many in this country who supported the Presidents ban on Muslims and individuals from the middle east based on a unsupported belief that, Muslims hate Americans and want to destroy America.    The facts are white men are the principle source of terrorism in the United States and no one is proposing a ban on “white men” this is what I believe Mr Lemon meant.

When its not Fake News

Since 9/11 attacks in 2001, far-right violent extremists have killed 106 people in 62 attacks in the United States, while radical Islamist violent extremists have killed 119 people in 23 attacks.

From  2008 to 2016, there were almost twice as many terrorist incidents carried out on U.S. soil by right-wing extremists — many of whom are white — than by Islamist extremists.  It showed there were 115 incidents involving right-wing extremists and that those that ended in death were more deadly than incidents carried out by other groups.

An analysis of the Global Terrorism Database by researchers at the University of Maryland published in 2017 shows a “sharp increase”in the share of attacks by right-wing extremists, from 6% in the 2000s to 35% in the 2010s. The share of attacks by religious extremists also increased, from 9% to 53% between the two decades.

White supremacists in the United States killed more than twice as many people in 2017 as they did the year before, and were responsible for far more murders than domestic Islamic extremists, helping make 2017 the fifth deadliest year on record for extremist violence in America, a new report states.

Politics of Fear

For decades,some members of the GOP have demonized immigrants from Mexico. They were accused of  straining our resources and crossing the border to have babies and to get on welfare.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump took it further, he said the people coming from Mexico were bringing drugs, bringing crime and-they’re rapist.   There isn’t any subjective data that supports any of these claims.

A point of reference for some against Mexican immigration is the murder of Arizona Rancher Rob Krentz in 2010.   Krentz’s property is near the Mexican border. The Krentz family was accustomed to undocumented migrants crossing their 35,000 acres.  Because of this, many assumed he was killed by one of those undocumented migrants. His widow was convinced his was killed by an illegal immigrant. After an extensive search, no one has been linked to his murder.  Today, many are convinced he was killed by a Mexican national.

Less than a year after the Death of Mr Krentz.  Arizona passed a law requiring anyone suspected of being in US illegally to produce papers to the police.


Race Baiting 2018 (Donald Trump’s Evil Caravan)

Before I talk about our president current attempt to inject white fear in the midterms, I want to look back a few years.

But first thing’s first! What is “Race Bating?:    The unfair use of statements about race to try to influence the actions or attitudes of a particular group of people

A look Back to 1986

In 1986, a convicted felon named Willie Horton — who was serving a life sentence for murder — was released from a Massachusetts prison on a weekend furlough program, during which time he escaped and raped a woman. Then-governor Michael Dukakis had supported the prison furlough program, and when he ran for President in 1988, his opponent, George H. W. Bush, used that to his advantage. The “Revolving Door” ad never mentions Horton by name, but the connection was clear and the ad received considerable news coverage.

Bush Played on the fears of whites who were terrified of blacks.

2018, President Trump,  has told his base a Caravan is coming, filled with thugs, bad people, including people from the middle east.   He has a few days to convince his base these horrific people filled with diseases  (so says Fox News) will be here at any moment.  In a world where facts don’t matter.  These terrible people are walking and they only have 800 miles to reach our borders.  Tuesday, if you believe the president. Bringing lawless people who will kill the men and rape the women. (a small exaggeration)

The footage is several years old and his story about Democrats allowing illegals in is patently false.  Donald Trump is doubling down on his attack on brown skinned people using fear to get them to the ballot box.

Luis Bracamontes was first deported to his native Mexico in 1997, during the Clinton administration, after he was busted selling drugs. But, according to U.S. Immigration officials, Bracamontes managed return to the United States by 2001, when he was deported a second time for being in the country illegally. That was during the first year of the Bush administration.

Bracamontes was back in America again by 2002. He married a U.S. citizen and remained in the country even as the Bush administration deported people at a record rate, topped only by the Obama administration.

When Bracamontes shot and killed the two Sacramento county deputies in 2014, he had been deported once under a Democratic administration and once under a Republican administration. He had been back in the United States for at least six years during the Bush administration and five years under the Obama administration.  He is currently on death row in San Quentin.

It’s 2018

Perhaps, some white men would have been more comfortable with CNN’s Jake Tapper or  Wolf Blitzer talking about this subject.   One would think, in 2018 we are beyond this. Apparently not.

By the reaction,s only black people should talk about black on black crime in cities like Chicago or Detroit.  Or Hispanics in El Paso or Albuquerque.     Don Lemon ins’t racist, he didn’t attack white men, he talked about the news and the double standard.

I can’t remember a time when a white reporter was dismissed after reading statics about black people or any other persons of color.     I can remember when a reporter or personality was dismissed after saying  spic, called black women nappy headed hoes, fag and other disparaging words or terms on air.   Blackface, hasn’t been acceptable since the 1930’s neither are insulting ethnic impersonations.

 It’s 2018, come on America, come on



The Sacramento Convention Center: Bad Money

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An Old Updated Joke

A man walks into a Pet Store he is immediately drawn to the sounds of a parakeet.  Who resides in this large elaborate cage.   It was love at first sight, he had to have the bird.

The price was unimportant, he buys the bird and a small cage.

Arriving home, he clears a special place in the center of the room for the cage.   He was excitedly awaiting for the bird to sing..  But the bird sat in silence on its perch.  Hours passed. Perhaps it was the new surroundings?  After a few hours the owner, thought the bird would be happier if the cage was similar to the cage in the pet store.   

So he grabbed his keys and drove to the pet store and bought the large elaborate cage that was on display at the store.  Even in it’s familiar surroundings the bird remained silent.   He returned to pet store with his cell phone and at great expense bought every item in the cage and with his cell phone he took a picture so he could correctly stage the cage.    Within minutes the cage looked exactly like the one in the store and yet the bird didn’t sing.     So the owner walked away from the cage and left the bird alone.   After a few hours, the owner was exasperated and screamed at the bird.   I have given you everything, why wont you SING!  The bird slowly opened its mouth and said, FOOD!


In mid seventies, The City of Sacramento opened the Convention Center.  Leaders said the Center would generate millions of dollars for the city.   Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned, the center was losing money.  Some believed a hotel of size, near the center would help generate business.

In 1988, the Hyatt Regency opened, it would be the largest hotel in the city with 503 rooms. The City of Sacramento subsidized the project.

Andy Plescia, deputy executive director of the city/county agency refers to as “a $13.3-million investment that’ll return about $28.5 million to local government within the decade.”  Those returns will come in the form of tax revenues, a lease-back parking arrangement involving the city government, the city/county agency and the developers, and from expected land sale profits (under the terms of the 55-year ground-site lease, developers may opt to buy the property outright after the ninth year). Sam Burns, director of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, thinks the Hyatt Regency will help attract another 25,000 convention delegates a year and generate $1 million in room tax for the city and $25 million for the local economy.

Once again, with the new hotel the convention center didn’t come close to generating those ambitious numbers for the city.   The good news the city did eventually make a profit after the hotel was sold.

In the nineties, the money losing center was expanded again.  Operators said, the  convention center was too small and not competitive with other centers.  According to”Eye on Sacramento” the City loaned the Center 7.5 million to cover negative cash flows.

 Convention center operators said the center said it needed another component to become profitable. The twenty five story Sheraton Grand opened 2001 across the street from the center.  With all the expansions and additions, what the center needs was CUSTOMERS.

*In the last 17 years, the Center has lost an astounding $268 million taxpayers dollars!  $51 million in the last three years!

At 87% Sacramento currently spends nearly twice as much of its hotel taxes on the Convention Center than other cities. (The average is 45%) San Francisco’s spends 11%.

The Sacramento Convention Center is Sacramento’s “White Elephant”. Despite all the additions remains a drain on the city.    With 87% of the hotel taxes going to the city, Sacramento has virtually no funds to promote tourism.

Eye on Sacramento says:  City staff  presented the council with a staff report that relied heavily on the city’s primary convention center consultant ,the firm of Conventions, Sports and Leisure International (CS&L).  City staff cherry-picked data and findings from the CS&L study, but failed miserably to provide council members with crucial findings in the CS&L study that clearly states that an expansion of the Convention Center is not needed nor justified  given market conditions.

In short, the city council was mislead by its staff into believing that its principal conventions center consultant was solidly in favor of the proposed expansion,when, in fact, it was opposed to it.

If this is true, then there are larger issues in City Hall.  

The Vote to expand the center last December was unanimous!   Mayor and council members approved Two hundred forty million dollars to expand the Convention Center.  Which included adding a large ballroom to the plans .  The convention center will be closed for 18 months so work can be done quicker than initially planned and to renovate the Community Center Theater. 

The city reiterated that its general fund will not be used to pay off the debt.  That’s far from the truth.  If the convention center is unable to make its payments, the city has to cover the shortfall.

From the renderings, the new center and theater will be beautiful.  Mayor Steinberg said: We are going to have a convention center and a community center theater that is equal to the vision of our great city.   

Sacramento is a great city, over five hundred thousand people live within its boundaries.  Like any other city Sacramento has many other needs.  Cities build convention centers to generate income for the city.

As a business model ,the Sacramento Convention Center is a poor investment with little or no benefit to the majority of its citizens.  If the Convention Center was operated by a private entity, the owners would have longed walked away from the project.

It is no secret, The Sacramento Convention Center is a drain on the city and yet those charged with expenditures in the city unanimously approved spending 240 million dollars towards upgrading and expanding something that had never worked.    In a city who’s budget is already at its limits due to increased pension costs.   

City leaders often get it wrong. If they have one in Anaheim, we want one too.  Prestige at any cost to the city.  It doesn’t have to make sense, as long as we get one, just reach into the bottomless taxpayer cookie jar.    The Sacramento Convention Center is a forty year old joke, that’s not funny.  They’ve done everything imaginable to make it competitive with other convention centers in the state, and based on its history, it will be state of the art and has everything except CLIENTS.


*Eye on Sacramento

4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower

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Photo:ocregister via Google



 1.not carefully planned or considered.

2.”ill-conceived schemes”

Examples:  1. Donald Trump Candidacy/Debate Performance

2. A reality show starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

3. Sean Thompson hitting Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Pie


Sean Thompson, Sacramento’s Activist Coconut Creme pie thrower made an apperance at Tuesday’s Council meeting as promised.

In the last few days, he has become a innocent victim who just happened upon a charity event at Sacramento High School. WHEN a Safeway Coconut Creme pie freed itself from its bag and its packaging and forced him to hurl it at  Mayor Johnson.

Since Mayor Johnson dropped him(literally) ,he wants the charges dropped against him. Even right? (Ahh, my Amazon tablet say’s no) .   His savvy attorney will use the patent Coconut Cremea Defence, last used in 1942 by Larry, Curly and Moe.  It’s is rumored Dr Drew and Omarosa may testify.

The reason behind the attack has changed from interview to interview.  From being a voice for the homeless ,political theater to the Arena which opens next week.  Last week he told KCRA “he felt like he needed to do something jarring in order to get Kevin Johnson’s attention,”

Last night, burning though his last 4 minutes of fame with the HD cameras focused on him, he became Reverend Thompson, preaching to the council about the city’s homeless, and minorities and police department.  The Reverend told La Mayor  “This arena has been your circus,”  “You’ve been the lead clown, and that’s why I threw a pie at you.”


Sean or Reverend Thompson, we need you to sit down. Not sure where you live, but “NEWS FLASH”  The Arena is complete, your about couple of years too late to protest , there are a few Paul McCartney tickets left.  Another NEWS FLASH, Mayor Johnson will soon be the Former Mayor of Sacramento. So we need you to sit down. Well, stand up in court when they ask you  on October 20th and then sit down again.  Perhaps you need less pie and more fiber in your diet.    Please “B GONE!


A pissed Mayor (with pictures) Click the link below



Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!

Mayor Kevin Johnson draws cheers, criticism after slugging pie assailant

Not A Happy Mayor-GooglePhoto Philippe Ngabonziza Sacramento Magazine

Lucille Ball, Sid Ceaser, The Three Stooges, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and other comics have taken pies to the face. In most cases the pie was pre-planned written in the skit.


How many black comics have taken a pie in the face?   Moooving On!

Kevin Johnson isn’t a comic, he’s a mayor who would have probably enjoyed a slice of Coconut Creme Pie.  After all it was produced locally in Sacramento at Safeway.

Enter Sacramento Community Activist Sean Thompson (the pie man). Who walked into Wednesdays charity event and sucker pie’d him.

A pie some of our homeless might have enjoyed.

His motive is isn’t clear, it all depends on the interview.  In the Atlantic, it was the money spent on the Golden 1 Arena. Sac Bee:he (the mayor)has to do better to represent the people.”  Note: The Mayor’s term ends in Dec.  Others: its about the homeless

Mr Thompson,the man on the ground in the fetal position feels the Mayor over reacted.

Guess he’s never pie’d a Black Mayor before.

Image result for sean thompson sacramento

The mayor’s security is preventing the Mayor from turning his face into ground beef.

The Pie Incident went Global

Sean Thomson was arrested on a felony charge of assaulting a public official and misdemeanor charge of battery on school property.  When asked, would he do it again, he said Absolutely, he’d do it twice?

( I don’t think he would try la Mayor again-not  without the bodyguard)

Banking on his fifteen minutes, he may appear at the Council meeting tomorrow.

Hey, Mayor Darrell Steinberg, whats is YOUR favorite pie?


All Photo were taken by Philippe Ngabonziza

Sacramento Magazine

Time to review deadly force policy

There certain life events that haunt you.  Such is the case of 25 year old Kajieme Powell of St Louis.  The tragic event as most, was captured by a cell phone.

CNN replayed the store footage of Mr Powell in a convenience store and his taking two energy drinks and walking out the store.  His erratic behavior got the attention of passers by.   From the moment he left the store, he gave me impression he was suicidal.  Mr Powell didn’t stray from the store in fact he put the two unopened drinks on the curb near the store and waited.

Within moments, the Police arrived with their guns drawn.  Mr Powell walked towards the two officers  with a knife and  in a matter of seconds the 25 year old was dead.

St Louis is a few miles from Ferguson Missouri and the shooting took place 10 days after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson.     No charges were filed against the officers.

Yesterday, Sacramento Police was called when a man with a knife was acting erratically at an apartment near Del Paso Blvd and Arden in North Sacramento.  Witnesses said he was waving a knife, one said he had a gun.    One witness , told KCRA the police tried to calm the man who was cussing at them. “They gave him plenty of opportunity”

The man turned towards  the officer an was killed.

Citizens often ask why Lethal or Deadly force?

If there are six officers with guns drawn and a single man with an four inch knife why Lethal Force?


If police have Tasers, why don’t they use those instead of deadly guns?

“What it comes down to is what the officer feels at the time,”. “If the officer is in fear for his life, he can use deadly force to thwart the threat.”

That means a cop could reach for a gun instead of a Taser if they feel truly threatened.

Police do, however, have some guidelines for when to shoot a suspect. For instance, research has shown that a suspect who comes within 21 feet of an officer can inflict harm before the cop has time to react (though some contest the validity of the “21-foot rule” in certain circumstances). So officers try to distance themselves from the suspect.

“They are taught to shoot at center mass (the upper torso) because that is the easiest target to hit,” 

An officer typically wouldn’t have the time or skill to shoot at the arms or limbs of a “fast approaching threat,” he added. Police also commonly shoot several times since one or two shots may not stop a suspect.

 An officer is only justified to shoot a fleeing suspect in a specific set of circumstances, according to experts who spoke to The New York Times.

The 1985 Supreme Court case Tennessee v. Garner narrowed the so-called Fleeing Felon Rule, which previously held that officers could use deadly force on a fleeing person suspected of a felony. Now, officers can’t shoot unarmed, non dangerous suspects out of concern that they may escape. Instead, police must believe the suspect will cause death or serious injury to the officer, other officers, or the public, if not apprehended.

Source: Business Insider, Here’s when cops are justified in using deadly force (apr2015)

For many citizens, the use of deadly force in situations where the criminal is out manned,  or unarmed or minimally armed is unconscionable.  Anger continues to build as images of unarmed or minimally armed Americans.

Citizens unaware of the laws are outraged when police officers aren’t charged.

As many communities across the nation are looking for solutions,deadly force continues to be the policy for most law agencies.  Some police unions are resisting change as they feel alternative choices place their members at risk.

Alternatives to deadly force is overdue. Sacramento are you listening?

Something has to change.