Flashback Friday: The Mic is on?

It was the fall of 2011.. The late great Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell representing Meadowood were in a heated debate.   Through the years ,I have seen her frustrated.( It comes with the territory working with the public) but I had rarely seen her lose her cool. BUT a Citizen was working her LAST NERVE.  And sheContinue reading “Flashback Friday: The Mic is on?”

Council members Angelique Ashby Jeff Harris say no to Mayor Steinberg’s U plans

  Mayor Steinberg will need  to convince five council members to support his controversial  plans to issues bonds from Measure U or Uoops. Risky and Bankrupt were just some of the words used at Tuesday’s City council meeting.   He has two firm no’s from District 3 Council Member Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby  representing DistrictContinue reading “Council members Angelique Ashby Jeff Harris say no to Mayor Steinberg’s U plans”

Mayor Steinberg U Promised

Norma Citizen works hard ,the money she earns goes to her household.    Rent slash Mortgage, Food, Medical, Car Payments, Insurance, savings* etc.   Bonuses, Overtime, refunds, might be applied to a luxury, but only after her families general obligations are met. There are quite a few Norma Citizen’s out there.  Families who would may needContinue reading “Mayor Steinberg U Promised”

Facts Fiction and Don Lemon

Perhaps there would be less outrage if the story was told by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. There are many white men who are OUTRAGED!!!   Here you have a black man stirring the racist pot.    IF a white man said something about a Black man, they’d lose their jobs.    Megan Kelly lost herContinue reading “Facts Fiction and Don Lemon”

The Sacramento Convention Center: Bad Money

  An Old Updated Joke A man walks into a Pet Store he is immediately drawn to the sounds of a parakeet.  Who resides in this large elaborate cage.   It was love at first sight, he had to have the bird. The price was unimportant, he buys the bird and a small cage. Arriving home,Continue reading “The Sacramento Convention Center: Bad Money”

4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower

Photo:ocregister via Google ill-con·ceived adjective  1.not carefully planned or considered. 2.”ill-conceived schemes” Examples:  1. Donald Trump Candidacy/Debate Performance 2. A reality show starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna 3. Sean Thompson hitting Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Safeway Pie ________________________________ Sean Thompson, Sacramento’s Activist Coconut Creme pie thrower made an apperance at Tuesday’s Council meetingContinue reading “4 minutes left for Sac’s Pie Thrower”

Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!

Not A Happy Mayor-GooglePhoto Philippe Ngabonziza Sacramento Magazine Lucille Ball, Sid Ceaser, The Three Stooges, Carol Burnett, Mel Brooks and other comics have taken pies to the face. In most cases the pie was pre-planned written in the skit. ????? How many black comics have taken a pie in the face?   Moooving On! KevinContinue reading “Mayor Kevin Johnson Loves Pie-But not in his face!”

Time to review deadly force policy

There certain life events that haunt you.  Such is the case of 25 year old Kajieme Powell of St Louis.  The tragic event as most, was captured by a cell phone. CNN replayed the store footage of Mr Powell in a convenience store and his taking two energy drinks and walking out the store.  HisContinue reading “Time to review deadly force policy”

Sacramento’s Next Mayor should be….

Yes Mary Elizabeth, there is a mayoral contest in Sacramento. No, Kevin Johnson has not returned to Phoenix, he is still Sacratomatoville’s big boss. A nice lady is running, her name is  Angelique Ashby  a councilwomen  representing the Natomas area, her foot slipped of the brake as she announced she was running for mayor before theContinue reading “Sacramento’s Next Mayor should be….”

Allen Warren’s investigation may be too Juicy for prime time

The Sacramento Bee and a few other media outlets are is crying foul at the city’s decision to withhold the findings of the sexual harassment claim against  councilman Allen Warren. While the claim against Mayor Kevin Johnson was notable and could occupy a few minutes on TMZ.   The claim against Warren could be theContinue reading “Allen Warren’s investigation may be too Juicy for prime time”