World’s confidence in US leadership under Trump at new low, poll finds

In just under half of the world’s countries – 65 out of 134 – US standing collapsed, by 10 percentage points or more. Photograph: Kham/AFP/Getty Images   Approval for US falls to 30% from 48% under Obama ‘Historic low’ of Gallup poll ‘sets a new bar for disapproval’   By: Julian Borger/UK Guardian Global confidenceContinue reading “World’s confidence in US leadership under Trump at new low, poll finds”

Russia Sends Three More Warships to the Syrian Coast

The missile cruiser Moskva, part of the Black Sea fleet. Russia is strengthening its naval presence off the coast of Syria by deploying three more warships to the region, bringing its total fleet in the eastern Mediterranean to 10 vessels. Admiral Viktor Chirkov said Russia is beefing up its military presence in order to protect against the “slightest threat to national security,” BBC Russia reported.Continue reading “Russia Sends Three More Warships to the Syrian Coast”

Obama win has Swedish politicians smiling

Leading politicians in Sweden of all political stripes rejoiced early Wednesday morning over the re-election of US president Barack Obama, but cautioned he has a tough road ahead. Marcus @ Söderhallen, November 7 “I liked Obama’s speech this morning. He was wonderful with his kids and wife. I think it’s better than Romney getting elected. TheContinue reading “Obama win has Swedish politicians smiling”