Britain: Mom pulls son out of school over Tuna Sandwich

Stacy Jarvis and son Jayden Hunter  By: Joanna Lovell/UK Mirror A mother who pulled son out of school over tuna sandwich ‘now faces playground ban’ Thanet Primary School in Hull, has warned Stacy Jarvis she could be banned from the grounds for “rude and aggressive behavior. A mum at the centre of a break-time controversy […]

‘I am scared my son will hit me’: the silent victims of child-parent violence

  Madeleine Jones is a solo adoptive mother to her son, who was born into a very violent home CREDIT:JOHN LAWRENCE   By: Madeline Jones/UK Telegraph My ten-year-old son was playing happily with my elderly aunt recently, until she jokingly tapped him on the arm for being cheeky. His face changed, his eyes darkened and he […]

Husband branded ‘a**hole’ for wanting to divorce wife because she had his baby

A man has come under fire online after admitting he has been considering getting divorced because he didn’t want to be a dad again Their relationship isn’t what it once was (stock photo) (Image: Getty) By: Courtney Pochin/ Daily Mirror  There are many reasons why a  married couple may decide to get divorced – for example if […]

Britain may be the first country to attack America after 45’s visit

She’s was not Amused  Forget Russia or North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.  Britain may be the first country to attack the US.    The official mouthpiece of the US has landed in the UK, So far the man who personally has lost ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Is advising the country on Brexit.    His need to […]

Bride shocked as ‘rude’ wedding guest takes home 10 tubs of food from the buffet

A bride was surprised to learn that one of her wedding guests had decided to help themselves to more than their share of food A guest decided to take more than their share of food (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)  By: Courtney Pochin/UK Mirror One of the highlights of attending someone else’s wedding  is that there’s […]

Man buys entire family DNA tests for Christmas and there are some shocking results

A man has revealed how he almost ruined his family Christmas (stock image) (Image: Getty Images) By: Courtney Pochin/UK Mirror There’s always one family member who turns up at Christmas with a rather bizarre present.   From homemade items that didn’t quite go to plan, to last minute gifts purchased on the way over, we thought we’d seen […]

Britain:Woman sucessfully sues dating agency for failing to find her a boyfriend

A British woman sucessfulluy sued a dating agency for failing to deliver her a boyfriend. Tereza Burki, 47 was awared a $17,000 payout after an exclusize dating agency failed to find the man of her dreams, father of her child. The mother of three forked out $16,000 for Seventy Thirty Ltd’s services.  She told the […]

Britain:Supreme Court rules woman in ‘loveless marriage’ cannot have a divorce and must stay married to husband

‘Remarkable’ ruling demonstrates divorce laws are not fit for 21st century, say politicians and lawyers   The Supreme Court has ordered a woman to stay married to her husband of 40 years, rejecting her attempts to divorce him because the marriage is “loveless and has broken down”. Tini Owens, 68, has been told she cannot divorce Hugh Owens, 78, despite claiming their marriage […]

Dear, Canada, Britain, France, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Nigeria, Argentina,Japan, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Dear, Canada, Britain, France, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Nigeria, Argentina,Japan, New Zealand and the rest of the world, Despite what you read and see on television. America and Americans haven’t lost our minds or our way.  We realize you are bombarded with negative sounds and images emanating from our great nation, leaving the impression […]

Empty roads during England vs Sweden World Cup match shows a football-mad country as you’ve never seen it

Or go to the beach (Image: London News Pictures Ltd) Or practice your driving (Image: London News Pictures Ltd) And plenty of non-fans (and football widows) took advantage of this. In towns around the country, life seemed to grind to a standstill as fans flocked to pubs or headed home to watch the match. Went out and […]