CHINA: The Working Man Strikes Back Nationwide Strikes

In this image taken from APTN video shot on March 26, 2015, Shi Jieying talks from her sickbed after she was hospitalized with heart trouble at Nanlang hospital in Zhongshan city in southern China’s Guangdong Province. Timid by nature, Shi took a risk in March and joined fellow workers in a strike at her handbagContinue reading “CHINA: The Working Man Strikes Back Nationwide Strikes”

Microsoft Believes It is Going to Die

For years, people have cried out that “Microsoft is Dead!” Obviously, Redmond believes it. What else explains stupid moves like buying Minecraft and supporting the cloud fad? It’s about self-confidence—Microsoft has none. By: John C. Dvorack/PC Magazine During the dot-com bubble, a number of fascinating ideas emerged, all of which were thought to be theContinue reading “Microsoft Believes It is Going to Die”

Getting Hacked Is in Your Future

A lot of what’s coming is not going to improve life at all. It’ll just make it easier to rob you By: John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine The latest cyber threat is a new piece of programmable malware called Regin. The media has approached the discovery of this code from various perspectives. Most believe itContinue reading “Getting Hacked Is in Your Future”

7 Signs You’re About to Be Fired

How to tell when the writing is on the wall—and what you can do to erase it By: Rachael Schultz/Mens Health Magazine You don’t ever think you’re going to get fired, unless you start doing a sub-par job on purpose. And if your company is simply trimming headcount, it’s hard to know whether you shouldContinue reading “7 Signs You’re About to Be Fired”

My Bond was a lover and a giggler, says Roger Moore

JAMES Bond, I report with half a mind to revoke his licence to kill, has dropped his guard and allowed himself to get old. At any rate, the man who played him more often than anyone else has. At 84 – he was 45 when he got the part – Roger Moore these days feelsContinue reading “My Bond was a lover and a giggler, says Roger Moore”

China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?

The Goverments of China (the worlds third largest economy) and Japan (the worlds seconds largest economy atter the US) What Who own a group of Islands located in the East and South China Sea‘s.  The question of ownership of the islands extends back to 1895 when Japan says China ceded sovereignty of the islands when it lost theContinue reading “China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?”

Are YOU ready for pocket urinals?

Wee-splattered paving stones and smelly park corners could soon be a thing of the past in the proud, ancient city of Cologne, where a German company has begun marketing its “pocket urinal.” The disposable single-use urinal has been developed to answer the call of nature when public conveniences are, well, inconvenient. The Adamus weighs just 26 grammesContinue reading “Are YOU ready for pocket urinals?”