Switzerland: Cushy quarantine Swiss firm sells luxury isolation stays

The hotel and tourism industries have been all but flattened by the coronavirus pandemic, but one Swiss firm has found a way to stay afloat offering a luxury Covid-19 isolation service. Le Bijou, a high-end operator of serviced apartments, is offering people isolation in style, with the possibility of add-ons like a personal grocery shopper,Continue reading “Switzerland: Cushy quarantine Swiss firm sells luxury isolation stays”

Switzerland: Are the Swiss the most honest people in the world?

Photo: Depositphotos A study that compared rates of civic honesty in 40 countries around the world has revealed that Switzerland is home to the most morally correct people, at least when it comes to returning wallets with cash in them.   Does the amount of cash in a lost wallet impact how likely a person is toContinue reading “Switzerland: Are the Swiss the most honest people in the world?”

‘Losing all the glaciers in Switzerland is not that far away’

The Rhône glacier. Photo: Max Schmid/Swiss Tourism By Sean Mowbray/The Local A child born in Switzerland today will likely live to see the turn of the 22nd century. If scientists are right, the views they’ll see will have changed remarkably, writes The Local contributor Sean Mowbray. For one, they will likely shiver less in winterContinue reading “‘Losing all the glaciers in Switzerland is not that far away’”

Swiss hotel sparks outrage by asking Jewish guests to shower before swimming

Arosa. Photo: Stephen Colebourne/Flickr Visitors to Arosa’s Aparthaus Paradies shocked to discover anti-Semitic notices, which have now been removed Last month, a hotel in Switzerland put up signs telling “Jewish guests” to shower before swimming, sparking outrage from the guests. Another sign, this one on the refrigerator, said: “For our Jewish guests: You may accessContinue reading “Swiss hotel sparks outrage by asking Jewish guests to shower before swimming”

Switzerland:Why slow-burn Lausanne is a place you grow to love

Photo: Swiss Tourism From its creative vibe to its lakeside location, here’s why Greek freelance writer Rania Margari thinks her adopted city of Lausanne,Switzerland  is a great place to live. Lausanne may not be a city you instantly fall in love with, but it has the power to grow on you, and one day youContinue reading “Switzerland:Why slow-burn Lausanne is a place you grow to love”

Swiss taxi drivers to protest against Uber once again

Taxi drivers across Switzerland will stage a mass demonstration against rival Uber next Tuesday. Traffic will be disrupted in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Zurich on Tuesday between 11.45am and 1.30pm as licensed taxi drivers protest against the low-cost UberPop ride-sharing system, reported 20 Minutes. The Californian company has been a thorn in the side ofContinue reading “Swiss taxi drivers to protest against Uber once again”

Unhappy Living in the US? Try Switzerland

Apparently, this goes beyond the great taste of Swiss chocolate. Switzerland is the happiest country in the world, according to a global ranking of happiness unveiled by the United Nations in New York on Thursday. The 2015 World Happiness Report is the third annual report seeking to quantify happiness as a means of influencing government policy.Continue reading “Unhappy Living in the US? Try Switzerland”

Swiss sex tourists slapped with seatbelt fine

The sexed-up Swiss willingly accepted to pay the penalty there and then, which meant it was reduced by half. Photo: German Lama/AFP Three married Swiss couples who were having sex in a van when their driver was stopped by Ibiza,Spain policemen have been fined for not wearing their seatbelts. A routine breathalyzer test on theContinue reading “Swiss sex tourists slapped with seatbelt fine”