The Best Man

Congratulations to the Russian Government.   Your choosing  the Narcissist Supreme, who’s mission in life, is Real Estate and status. was brilliant. Your country guaranteed his obedience as you control much of  his empire by encouraging banks to loan him money . People with dubious backgrounds, bought his properties at inflated prices  There is no politicianContinue reading “The Best Man”

Lindsay Lohan loved by Syrian Refugees

Photo: Google/www. By: Ian Mohr and Mara Siegler/ Page Six After Lindsay Lohan unexpectedly live-tweeted the epic Brexit vote — urging citizens of English town Sunderland to vote “remain” without exactly knowing where Sunderland was — she has turned her attention to a larger political stage, lobbying the UN Security Council to include Turkey. Lohan wasContinue reading “Lindsay Lohan loved by Syrian Refugees”