Robot Cafe in Dubai

 Nothing says social distancing quite like Dubai’s RoboCafe, where robots have replaced their human overlords. Customers can place their orders with German-made robots, who then prepare and deliver it straight to their tables. “It’s a good idea, especially right now,” said Emirati customer Jamal Ali Hassan, whose piping hot beverage was delivered with no spills.Continue reading “Robot Cafe in Dubai”

UAE: 100 days of Covid 19 in Pictures

Pictures from UAE by KT Multimedia journalists/Khaleej Times 1 of 14 April 8, 2020, marked 100 days since the World Health Organisation was made aware of a mystery disease in China which saw a clutch of people fall ill in the city of Wuhan on December 31 last year. Here are some corona-related photos from Dubai,Continue reading “UAE: 100 days of Covid 19 in Pictures”

Robotics to take-over doctors in the UAE?

  Artificial intelligence can achieve what man cannot achieve, in various aspects in the medical field. More hospital in the UAE are now turning to robotic surgery to perform some of the most complex and dynamic procedures. But will advanced artificial intelligence in the medical field soon replace the hands of real-life doctors in theContinue reading “Robotics to take-over doctors in the UAE?”

Low Oil Price Takes Toll on Real Estate in UAE

Only 400 units were delivered during the April-June quarter in the capital, bringing the total residential stock to approximately 246,400 units. Khaleej Times More housing units are expected to be vacant in Abu Dhabi in Q3. This will have “a more dramatic impact” on residential rental demand, said property advisory company JLL Mena. There areContinue reading “Low Oil Price Takes Toll on Real Estate in UAE”

Wheels of life turn in Dubai (A morning of pictures)

The pedalling starts early morning for some people and ends late at night for others. Mid morning, afternoon or evening, cyclists are on the roads at all times, either to earn their daily bread or for pleasure. It is a curious vehicle which ensures you are on the move to maintain a balance, says KTContinue reading “Wheels of life turn in Dubai (A morning of pictures)”

Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!

  In a very short time, Dubai has become one the the world’s Destination.  It is home to the world tallest building.  It has a skyline that rivals New York.  If the question is who has the Grandest, largest?  The answer is often Dubai.  Where else can you water ski and snow ski on theContinue reading “Future Dubai, in Pictures….. Wow!”

United Arab Emirates: When reporters become subservient writers

Public relations departments at private and government entities are controlling media organisations in the country, a group of journalists opine. By: Mustafa Al Zarooni/ The level of influence exerted by powerful government officials on journalists can be seen in the news gathering process, a group of journalists have said. Some reporters wait for approval fromContinue reading “United Arab Emirates: When reporters become subservient writers”

The Worlds Most Visited Mall

The Dubai Mall has become the world’s most-visited destination for the third consecutive year, welcoming over 75 million visitors in 2013.  The Worlds Busiest Mall sits in front of the Words Tallest Building-The 163 story Burj Dubai How Big is Big? The Dubai Mall isn’t the largest mall in the world, however it is big.  At 5.9 million square feet,Continue reading “The Worlds Most Visited Mall”

Catholic priest ‘didn’t know 15 was under-age’

A German priest on trial in Norway for having sex with a 15-year-old girl claimed he did so because he did not know the country’s legal age of consent was higher than Germany’s.  “She was the love of my life,” the priest, who is in his early 30s, told the court on Tuesday. He addedContinue reading “Catholic priest ‘didn’t know 15 was under-age’”