DREAM JOB: Waiters Slammed Cake into rude Diners Faces and keeps job

  I want to work here By: Mark Morris/UK Mirror The waiters got their revenge after a woman said to them: “Why the fuck would I eat your cake?” Waiters at a restaurant in Ukraine who had reportedly grown tired of two diners’ rudeness slammed cake into their faces – and the amusing incident was […]

“MUMMY” Senior kept mummified mom in apartment for 30 years

Well, not exactly but a 77-year-old Ukrainian woman kept the mummified remains of her mother in her apartment for more than 30 years. UNIVERSAL PICTURES She wanted her mummy close by By Brad Hunter/Toronto Sun According to reports, a Ukrainian pensioner has been living with the mummified body of her mother for a staggering 30 years. […]

“Remember His Name” “Vitalii Sediuk” He’s gonna live…………..

By CityFella   25 year old Vitalii Sediuk loves American celebrities.  He’s been slapped by Will Smith.   His face has been under America Ferrera’s dress and in the crotches of  Bradley Cooper AND Leonardo DiCaprio.   Encounters with other A- listers has made him celebrity enemy  number one. Who is he? Vitalii Sediuk was a […]

Specter of Money Haunts Ukraine’s Turmoil-The View From Russia

BY: Ben Aris/Moscow Times   It’s critical to understand the economics of the current crisis in Ukraine. Ukrainian hard currency reserves have dwindled from $35 billion to $17 billion — not enough to ensure the stability of the government. Ukraine is bankrupt.   Under the terms of the European Union offer of last year, which virtually nobody in the Western media seriously examined, the EU was offering $160 million per […]