A series of bad decisions

  I’m in the Wally Mart parking lot . A man who looked like he was going to ask me for money, asked me for money saying he ” Keeps making a series of bad decisions which leaves him without money, like now!   I immediately reached into my pocket to give him money, but allContinue reading “A series of bad decisions”

Actually, we can buy happiness

The more you think about it, the stranger the distinction between spending on experiences and buying things begins to seem Nobody in history bought anything for any reason other than how it made them feel.’ Illustration: Michele Marconi for the Guardian By:Oliver Burkeman/UK Guardian You’ll be happier if you spend money on experiences rather thanContinue reading “Actually, we can buy happiness”

How to stay clean in Prison

I saw new guys avoid the showers because of fear, but that never played out well. You can’t stink in prison   Excerpted with permission from “A Day in Prison” by John Fuller. Copyright 2017, Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound.   There are six showerheads available in the small, white-and-mold tiled room,Continue reading “How to stay clean in Prison”

Flint and America’s Corroded Trust

 It’s not just about pipes. And it’s not just about a city in Michigan Sabrina Hernandez bathes her granddaughter, Hazel, with bottled water.   By: Charlie LeDuff/Mother Jones It’s been the subject of protests and debates, but if anything is improving in Flint, Michigan, it’s hard for any of us on the ground to see.Continue reading “Flint and America’s Corroded Trust”

All the single mamas raising kids isn’t always easier with a partner

Here’s a secret some of us don’t talk about — doing it all ourselves is often much easier than being married By,Dena Landon/Salon When I tell people that I’m a single mom, with 60 percent custody, the typical response is a combination of pity and comments like, “you’re so strong” or “what a tough job.” If I’mContinue reading “All the single mamas raising kids isn’t always easier with a partner”

Same old, same old. How the hipster aesthetic is taking over the world

The Fortitude Coffee shop in Edinburgh. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod for the Observer Industrial furniture, stripped floors and Edison bulbs: why must we aspire to such bland monotony? By:Kyle Chayka/UK Guardian Go to Shoreditch Grind, near a roundabout in the middle of London’s hipster district. It’s a coffee shop with rough-hewn wooden tables, plentiful sunlight fromContinue reading “Same old, same old. How the hipster aesthetic is taking over the world”

The Very Idea!

О́чень: very, really, incredibly Очень (very) is one of those handy little words you learn in Russian 101 and then use every day. Add it to any verb to jack up the intensity and emotion. For example: Я тебя люблю (I love you) is a summer fling; я тебя очень люблю (I love you very much) is maybe we should think about a mortgage. SayContinue reading “The Very Idea!”

No regrets? Why not?

‘Carpe diem means making daring decisions, so as not to feel regret later on, whereas amor fati means learning to love the choices you’ve already made, daring or not’ By:Oliver Burkeman/Uk Gardian Of all history’s thinkers, I’d say Friedrich Nietzsche provides the second-best example of why you shouldn’t take philosophers as models for how toContinue reading “No regrets? Why not?”

Unhappy Living in the US? Try Switzerland

Apparently, this goes beyond the great taste of Swiss chocolate. Switzerland is the happiest country in the world, according to a global ranking of happiness unveiled by the United Nations in New York on Thursday. The 2015 World Happiness Report is the third annual report seeking to quantify happiness as a means of influencing government policy.Continue reading “Unhappy Living in the US? Try Switzerland”

CA Attorney General unlikely to stop petition to kill gays

California’s initiative process allows citizens to amend or add to the laws of the state. do both.   After paying a two hundred dollar fee the citizen can  submit the proposed law to the states Attorney General.    With this the citizen can begin collecting signatures  If the citizen can collect enough valid signatures in 150Continue reading “CA Attorney General unlikely to stop petition to kill gays”