Matt Gaetz,3rd Class Jerk

38 year old Matthew Louis Gaetz II is a Florida Congressman representing Florida’s first District located on the western side of the state in the Floridabama corridor. His wealthy father reportedly bankrolled the election. During his campaign, Gaetz received almost $480,000 in contributions, about five times more than anyone else in the field. Gaetz isContinue reading “Matt Gaetz,3rd Class Jerk”

Lil Nas X “Heaven or Hell?”

Sixty years ago. the United States was segreatated, blacks and people of color went to different schools than whites. Students were forbiden in some states to share text books. There were seperate and unequal laws for whites and people of color in many states. In 1961, one of the highest paid singers in the world,Continue reading “Lil Nas X “Heaven or Hell?””

Don’t blame Facebook: How Fox News became the beating heart of the white nationalist movement

If you want to know what’s fuelling right-wing extremism, look no further than Fox News Jake A, 33, aka Yellowstone Wolf, from Phoenix, wrapped in a QAnon flag, addresses supporters of US President Donald Trump as they protest outside the Maricopa County Election Department as counting continues after the US presidential election in Phoenix, Arizona,Continue reading “Don’t blame Facebook: How Fox News became the beating heart of the white nationalist movement”

Say it RIGHT! Say it Properly! It IS a HATE CRIME!

By: Jodie Chan/MarieClaire I remember my first day at school in Sydney vividly. I was seven and had just moved from Hong Kong, barely speaking English. I was the only Asian kid in my class; everybody else was white, apart from a Black boy named Femi. Standing alone in the shadow under a set ofContinue reading “Say it RIGHT! Say it Properly! It IS a HATE CRIME!”

Trump’s Hoopty

You know the guy… He buys an old car, strips it and tricks it out with only the best his money can buy. The biggest and brightest rims. Buttery soft leather, a sound systems that can make the neighbors weep. The owner, doesn’t care that his ride is 30 years old and needs the loveContinue reading “Trump’s Hoopty”

The 5 Most Unforgettable Moments from the 2021 Grammy Awards

 By: Joel Calfee/ 1. Trevor Noah’s Opening Monologue As a first-time host of the Grammy Awards, Trevor Noah held nothing back. The Daily Show host spent the whole night cracking jokes, but his opening monologue was the peak of his comedy. Noah took jabs at Hollywood (“This is going to be the rare awards show where theContinue reading “The 5 Most Unforgettable Moments from the 2021 Grammy Awards”

Vaccinate before opening,Teachers First!

For many years my wife and I volunteered to help at our childrens school. We assisted in the class rooms and where ever needed in the school. We’ve seen the good and the bad. Misbehaving children, interfering with your childs ability the learn that day . We have heard parnets assigning blame, insisting part theContinue reading “Vaccinate before opening,Teachers First!”

The all of “y’all”: On finally embracing my voice, country twang and everything

To fit in with my peers, I changed how I spoke. Now, in the name of inclusivity, I’ve come back to my roots By: Justin Quarry/Salon The summer I was 12, my mother and I moved from a tiny Arkansas farm town to a university city, Jonesboro — home of Arkansas State — and fromContinue reading “The all of “y’all”: On finally embracing my voice, country twang and everything”

Its Time To Move On

The January 6, attack on the US Capitol is one of the darkest days in our history. The Forty Fifth President of the United States directed. his supporters to create mayhem. The Commander and Chief watched and celebrated the disorder that was talking place minutes away, on the Cable News Networks in the White House.Continue reading “Its Time To Move On”

The $2 Billion Mall Rats

The inside story of a black sheep hedge fund, their massive bet that shopping malls would crash, and how they proved Wall Street wrong.  By: Ian Frisch/Equire Magazine Catie McKee, Dan McNamara, and their boss Marc Rosenthal had millions of dollars riding on Crystal Mall in Waterford, Connecticut. The trio worked at MP Securitized CreditContinue reading “The $2 Billion Mall Rats”