The $2 Billion Mall Rats

The inside story of a black sheep hedge fund, their massive bet that shopping malls would crash, and how they proved Wall Street wrong.  By: Ian Frisch/Equire Magazine Catie McKee, Dan McNamara, and their boss Marc Rosenthal had millions of dollars riding on Crystal Mall in Waterford, Connecticut. The trio worked at MP Securitized CreditContinue reading “The $2 Billion Mall Rats”

WSJ Editorial Board: The best outcome would be for Donald Trump to resign to spare the U.S. another impeachment fight.

Donald Trump’s Final Days The lodestar of these columns is the U.S. Constitution. The document is the durable foundation protecting liberty, and this week it showed its virtue again. Despite being displaced for a time by a mob, Congress returned the same day to ratify the Electoral College vote and Joe Biden’s election. Congratulations to theContinue reading “WSJ Editorial Board: The best outcome would be for Donald Trump to resign to spare the U.S. another impeachment fight.”

Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son’s porn stash

53 minutes ago A man who sued his parents for getting rid of his pornography collection has won a lawsuit in western Michigan and can seek compensation. U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney ruled in favor of David Werking, who said his parents had no right to throw out his collection. He lived at their GrandContinue reading “Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son’s porn stash”

Re-Count those Black and Latino votes

Fifty percent of Republican voters currently believe the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged. President Trump told us the election was rigged last spring. Earlier this week, Trump called a member of Wayne County’s Board of Canvassers after a contentious meeting in which she first refused, and then agreed, to certify election results from the state’sContinue reading “Re-Count those Black and Latino votes”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Goes Where No Housewives has gone before!

Every TV genre eventually reaches is peak. Twenty years ago it was Talk Shows, a few years ago it was Judge Shows. While low cost reality shows continue to be a staple on cable, alarm bells are going off over at Bravo. Ratings of the Housewives franchises is dropping. Cast members are being shuffled andContinue reading “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Goes Where No Housewives has gone before!”

Day 7: Trump Anxiety

I continue to suffer from Trump Anxiety. Yes, we knew there wasn’t going to be a clean exit. I was hoping with the loss the Republicans would find their collective balls. But silly me, this is Politics! Mitch McConnell knows the Prez is a dufus, but Georgia will determine the control of the Senate. soContinue reading “Day 7: Trump Anxiety”

Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him

Okay, I’m feeling better. Biden is leading, although the drip,drip,drip of the ballot counting is driving some of us to sip Vicks Formula 44. Many of my non polictial friends are fixtated on cable news. A simple phone call begins with “Biden is up in Georgia by 1034 votes,how ya doin?” I’m fine “-I didn’tContinue reading “Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him”

Still Tense and not believing,day 2

Hell yeah, I’m shell shocked. I dont believe I’m alone, when I say a LOT of us wont soon get over 2016. The news is slightly better than yesterday. “Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. The numbers are 253 for Biden and 214 for Trump. The Prez say’s he wants a recount in Wisconsin. 20,000 is aContinue reading “Still Tense and not believing,day 2”

Invasion of Privacy

In 2020, it’s true: Anyone can know everything about you From: Marie Clare All around you, snoops are compiling every fact about you: Your name—child’s play. Your occupation—just as easy. Where you live, yes, but also if you tend to spend nights at your we’re-not-defining-it’s place. What you buy, who you’ll likely vote for inContinue reading “Invasion of Privacy”

Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions expected across U.S.

  By: Michelle Colin and Christopher Walljasper/Reuters On Sept. 1, U.S. health officials announced they would suspend evictions across the United States to help stem further spread of the novel coronavirus. That was three days too late for Latrise Bean. About 72 hours before the declaration by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and PreventionContinue reading “Time’s up: After a reprieve, a wave of evictions expected across U.S.”