October 17,1989 5:04 pm San Francisco, Cailfornia

On October 17th 1989 .I was working at a Rental Car Company in downtown San Francisco.  A older couple from New Jersey was returning a Chevy Corsica they rented at the airport,after they learned the 46 story San Francisco Hilton wanted $50 a day to park their car. As they approached the counter the buildingContinue reading “October 17,1989 5:04 pm San Francisco, Cailfornia”

Just because it zips………….

Remember this Oprah? If your under 35 probably not.  This Oprah went on a liquid diet and lost a ton of weight.  In the wagon is fat, the fat represents the weight she lost. The fat she hoped was gone forever.  Look at those jeans, the belt, her posture, I’m sure, as she was gettingContinue reading “Just because it zips………….”

MERS: What is it? AND What You Need To Know

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome What is MERS? From Newsweek MERS is a serious viral respiratory illness. The virus is caused by the MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Coronaviruses are a common group of viruses grouped into four types: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. As far as researchers know, humans can only be infected by alpha and betaContinue reading “MERS: What is it? AND What You Need To Know”

South Korea: 544 schools cancel classes over MERS

Picture/IBT times The Korea Herald More than 500 schools have canceled classes to prevent the spread of a deadly virus that has killed two South Koreans, the Ministry of Education said Wednesday. As of 5 p.m., students and teachers have been told not to show up at 544 schools, about 3 percent of some 20,000Continue reading “South Korea: 544 schools cancel classes over MERS”

Visiting Sacramento for the Holidays? A Bottle is all we ask?

In case you didn’t know. California is in the midst of a drought.  While there are other parts of the country with too much water. California is dry. Dry,Dry,Dry,  Feel free to bring  some of  that excess water to our parched state.  So Pack a bottle (or two), you choose the size.      Continue reading “Visiting Sacramento for the Holidays? A Bottle is all we ask?”

“Oklahoma Earthquake Country? 157 earthquakes in March (Advice From California)

11% percent of the worlds seismic activity originates in Oklahoma By CityFella From 1972 to 2008,  Oklahoma recorded two to six earthquakes a year.  In the past month there have been  157 earthquakes larger than magnitude 2.5 in Oklahoma. (1) What is a magnitude? The magnitude is defined as the logarithm of the ratio of the amplitudeContinue reading ““Oklahoma Earthquake Country? 157 earthquakes in March (Advice From California)”

SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS

From the Butterball ads, to the movies and TV specials.  Tis the season to be Jolly, fa,la,la,la,la,la la la.    Where everyone makes it on time to cut the perfect Turkey.   We are sucked in by perfect images of  flawless food and the perfect families. Its all kisses and hugs…Ahhhh, what  a crock! ThanksgivingContinue reading “SUCKING it up for the HOLIDAYS”

Oklahoma Disaster: Live to Tell

Lives were shattered, memories and dreams destroyed.  The personal toll  from the tornado may last for years.  56,000 people live in Moore, Oklahoma.   A higher power (what ever you believe in)  forever changed the lives of the people in that city. Unlike other traumatic events  National disasters is the equalizer, because we have no control. Despite all the technological and scientific advances, noContinue reading “Oklahoma Disaster: Live to Tell”


    Over ride: 1. to ride over or across (Trample) 2. to ride (as a horse) too much or to hard. 3. a: to prevail over (Dominate) b: to set aside (Annul) c. to neutralize the action of (an Automatic control) 4. to extend of pass over especially With a push of a buttonContinue reading “OVERRIDE”