A follower or Safeway Stalker?

8:16Am Midtown Safeway, Sacramento Purpose:  Milk, Bananas, Sugar, Mushrooms, Yeast……. My new normal when I first enter a supermarket, is to first visit the paper aisle.  ___________________________________________________ A few weeks ago, I arrived early and there were about 20 twelve packagess of Scott Toilet Paper with 12 rolls. I grabbed my chest and staggered downContinue reading “A follower or Safeway Stalker?”

Greed: Sacramento

  If your a renter in Sacramento, you more than a bit worried these days.  The rumors are true.  Rents  are on the rise in a big way.  Not in small increments but several hundred dollars a month.   Gia lived in her Pocket area apartment with her daughter for 15 years, re-signing her lease wasContinue reading “Greed: Sacramento”

Just another Refugee from San Francisco

I saw a familiar head in line at the BelAir Market on West El Camino.  We used to call him Peanut head back in the day.   I hadn’t seen Peanut head in more than ten years.  We lost contact after my family moved to Sacramento in the nineties.   There he was, in living color, inContinue reading “Just another Refugee from San Francisco”

OPINION: “Sacramento’s Measure B” Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley

For years, The Trolley, The Street Car was the mode of transportation for Sacramentians. Today, many cities in the US have restored many of these cars and the iron beasts are again transporting people. Next month, the City of Sacramento would like the voters to approve Measure B.    A 3.3 mile street car routeContinue reading “OPINION: “Sacramento’s Measure B” Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley”

Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah

By: CityFella You’ve burned all those calories on the dance floor, you may just want a lil snack or bigger snack. More than a dozen clubs and hundreds of people. Not many food choices after the clubs close in Downtown/Midtown.  In fact all the eateries are on the far side of  Midtown…     If youContinue reading “Late Late Late Night Eats….. Midtown Sacramento Del Taco Vs Micky D’s and a lil Sugah”

Puffing outdoors in Sacramento

Remember the days when there were smoking sections in Restaurants?  Smoke so intelligent, it knew to stay it its section. Today, there are fewer and fewer places where a smoker can smoke.  In California, there are cities where you cant smoke outdoors. In California and a number of states it is against the law toContinue reading “Puffing outdoors in Sacramento”

Mercantile Saloon : Sac Magic

By: CityFella I believe Bar’s, Clubs have distinct personalities. Some are buttoned up, others casual. Most appeal to a specific crowd or audience.  The Mercantile Saloon,(called the Merc by the locals) attracts a wide audience. The Merc is a working gay bar with a large heterosexual following. The scene is causal, men and women, agesContinue reading “Mercantile Saloon : Sac Magic”