A late night Crepe on Columbus

Saturday night and the streets aren’t all right. This is NOT San Francisco a week before the Memorial Day Weekend. The streets are empty. South of Market was dead, the Wharf was filled with local tourist. These are people from the Bay and other parts of Northern Cali who walk around, however they don’t spendContinue reading “A late night Crepe on Columbus”

Why so many people in China are becoming mermaids

  By: Maggie Hiufu Wong, CNN On a normal day, the Ambassador Lagoon inside China’s Atlantis Sanya resort on the island of Hainan is home to about 86,000 marine creatures from over 280 animal species.But on April 28, this huge aquarium welcomed 100 mermaids, all flapping their technicolor tails while gliding through the water in choreographed movements.TheContinue reading “Why so many people in China are becoming mermaids”

9 Things You Should Always Do on a Monday

By: Juliana LaBianca/Readers Digest From scheduling a surgery to buying a house, the first day of the week offers significant perks. IGOR SH/SHUTTERSTOCK Fill up your gas tank If you drove a lot over the weekend and need to fill your tank, wait until Monday morning to hit the gas station. If you do, you’llContinue reading “9 Things You Should Always Do on a Monday”

Indian Village Cheers For Kamala Harris

  Al Jazzerra Kamala Harris made history as the first woman, first woman of colour and first person of South Asian descent to hold the US vice presidency. A tiny, lush Indian village surrounded by rice paddy fields is beaming with joy, its descendant, Kamala Harris, takes her oath of office and becomes the viceContinue reading “Indian Village Cheers For Kamala Harris”

9-Year-Old NC Girl Donates 107 Turkeys, 35 Hams To Food Bank

Kimberly Johnson/Patch  11/26/2020 MOORESVILLE, NC — This time of year, as children across the land take out a clean sheet of paper and dust off their best handwriting to write down their biggest holiday wishes, it’s not often that a frozen turkey makes the list. Much less 100 frozen turkeys. But that’s exactly what 9-year-old ReeseContinue reading “9-Year-Old NC Girl Donates 107 Turkeys, 35 Hams To Food Bank”

Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power

Naomi Osaka is working hard to normalize being an unapologetic Black woman, and I’m here for it By: Takirra Winfield Dixon/Salon I am Black and alive, and that’s half the battle today. Seriously. I woke up. No cops shot me in my sleep or on the street. I didn’t get charged with a crime I didn’tContinue reading “Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power”

The Worst Thing You Do When Introducing Yourself, According to an Expert

Everyone suffers their fair share of awkward interactions from time to time, whether you forget a former acquaintance’s name when you run into them or find yourself blanking on all the pertinent details about your work history mid-interview. And while the odd faux pas can be forgiven, according to etiquette experts, there’s one major mistake that always makes aContinue reading “The Worst Thing You Do When Introducing Yourself, According to an Expert”

12 Year old begins his Sophomore year at Collage

Two year old Caleb Anderson could read the United States Constitution. At three years old he qualified for MENSA and learned French, Manderine and Spanish. Though Caleb qualified for MENSA at age three, he joined at age five. His family said they were told he was the youngest African-American boy to be accepted at theContinue reading “12 Year old begins his Sophomore year at Collage”

Walgreens cashier who used her last $20 to pay for customer’s items inspires neighborhood to pay it forward

Rita Jackson Burns is a cashier at the Walgreen’s located at 8413 Stella Link in Houston. She spreads kindness just by being herself.  Turns out she has a heart full of gold. She teaches us when we’re genuinely kind, our impact is infinite. Rina Liou met Ms. Rita on Monday, September 7.  Liou walked into the storeContinue reading “Walgreens cashier who used her last $20 to pay for customer’s items inspires neighborhood to pay it forward”

Covid 19 “Exhale”

It’s a lot, the world! Civil Unrest, a pandemic virus without a cure, ecomonic crises, looming unemployment. In the last few weeks, I’ve gone from kay sera sera to a dark place  Its sadness and depression. Too sad to cry.   My new normal is work, supermarket and home. For nearly two weeks, I avoided allContinue reading “Covid 19 “Exhale””