Taco Bell Taco Bell Taco Bell Dammit!

It’s Saturday Night in Lakeland, Tennessee an 22 year old Logan Bagley has a hankerin for some Taco Bell.  A real hankerin!

But the 22 year old didn’t have cash!


Logan was having a full meltdown a Taco Bell withdrawal* which got the attention of their neighbor who stepped out on her porch.  In their garage, she witnessed Logan take out his aggression on a defenseless freezer (that probably never harmed anyone since that unfortunate incident in 2009) with something that looked like a golf club, then the garage door closed.


taco bell! Taco Bell! TACO BELL!

He wanted his mom’s debit card so he could get TACO “DAMM” BELL!

She told him there was no money in the account, but he took it anyway!


The Heartbreak of Decline!

Logan presented his mother’s credit card and …………..

Denied!  Logan was enraged and confronted his mother in their garage. He struck her in the head with a hockey stick and KNOCKED HER OUT!

The police were called…

Mr Badgley told the police he had a few drinks. The police took the hockey stick into evidence and noticed his mom had a one inch  laceration to the head.

Wonder if there is a “Taco Bell ” in the Shelby County Jail?

Charged with aggravated assault, Shelby County Jail is Logan’s home (unless someone other than his mom can bond him out) until his November 1 court date.

* Shelby County does have twelve step meetings to combat Taco Bell Withdrawal.




Tales from the crypt: ghost stories from Japan

Scary story: Chinatsu Ushidaki, who performs under her stage name, ‘Senka Ushidaki,’ wishes to preserve the art of telling ghost stories. | COURTESY OF CHINATSU USHIDAKI

BY /Japan Times

In a damp afternoon in early July, almost two dozen people sat in silence in a dark room on the sixth floor of a building located right next to Sensoji Temple in Tokyo’s Asakusa district. The audience has come to Amuse Museum to hear two presenters — storyteller Chinatsu Ushidaki, who performs under her stage name, “Senka Ushidaki,” and rakugocomic storyteller Sanyutei Kakitsu — deliver their personal adaptations of a folk ghost story titled “Bancho Sarayashiki” (“The Story of Okiku”).

The story has several versions, but it’s usually told like this:

A young girl named Okiku worked as a maidservant in the house of Shogun Aoyama Harima in the mid-17th century. The Aoyama clan possessed 10 precious plates as an heirloom and the maidservant was instructed to ensure these remained scratch-free. On Jan. 2, 1653, Okiku accidentally broke one of the plates. Furious, Aoyama ordered his guards to cut off the middle finger of her right hand and confined Okiku to her room until the punishment could be carried out. The maidservant managed to escape, however, fleeing the house before throwing herself into a disused well. The next night (and every night thereafter), a woman’s voice could be heard counting the plates from the bottom of the well …

“One …

“Two …

“Three …

“Four …

“Five …

“Six …

“Seven …

“Eight …

“Nine …

A short time later, Aoyama’s wife gave birth to a child that was missing a middle finger on its right hand. News of this reached the Imperial Court, which ordered Aoyama to forfeit his territory. And yet, the woman could still be heard counting. The Imperial Court sent a priest to intervene. Upon his arrival, the priest waited inside the house for the woman to finish her count before adding a “10” at the end. Released from her sorrow, Okiku’s ghost disappears.

Back in Asakusa, the two guests told their version of this folktale in very different ways.

Kakitsu had the crowd in fits of laughter, as he made Okiku a member of fictional idol group OBK48 (OBK, he argues, was short for obake, or ghost).

Ushidaki, by comparison, completely spooked the audience. Wearing a kimono and speaking with only a solitary light illuminating her face, she used her entire body to recount Okiku’s sorrowful tale. Her voice was soft and well-paced until the end, punctuated by the occasional ghastly scream.

“I believe my experience as an actress actually helps,” Ushidaki, 36, says in an interview the following day. “I still work as an actress, but I receive more job offers as a storyteller.”

Debuting in director Hideyuki Katsuki’s “Decotora no Shu” (“Shu’s Art Truck”) 2004 flick alongside actor Sho Aikawa, Ushidaki has gone on to make numerous appearances in films, often as a ghostly character.

Despite her public image, she says she used to hate scary things when she was younger.

“I used to visit my grandma once a year,” she recalls. “She lived in a very old house that only had a few lights and thin walls. The only thing I could hear were insects scuttling around in the dark. I’d turn on my TV so that my grandma wouldn’t try to tell me any scary stories but, unfortunately, there would always be a scary show playing.”

Myriad monsters

There are a wide variety of yōkai (a broad term that encompasses virtually all supernatural beings) in Japanese folklore. Hiroko Yoda, president of AltJapan and co-author of “Yurei Attack! The Japanese Ghost Survival Guide” and “Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide,” says the sheer number of beings can be a little overwhelming.

“Many Japanese think of animal spirits as yōkai and human spirits asyūrei (ghostly figures),” Yoda says. “At least, that’s the basic concept behind (the categorization in) the two books.”

Yōkai, therefore, include such things as tengu (literally, “heavenly dog”), which have avian features and long noses, and kappa (literally, “river boy”), which are believed to resemble a turtle.

However, Yoda says, the distinction isn’t always clear-cut and the meanings have often changed over time.

“Sei Shonagon (author of “The Pillow Book”) used mononoke to describe these spirits,” Yoda says. “However, people generally used bakemono(monsters) to describe yōkai until the beginning of the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and other spirits. However, from the Heian Era (794-1185) to the Muromachi Era (1336-1573), people called such horrific creaturesoni.”

These days, coming up with the definition for yūrei appears to be a little more straight-forward. Many Japanese believe that humans have a soul called a reikon. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body and remains in a state of purgatory until proper funeral rites can be administered. If a soul is successfully able to join its ancestors, it is believed to watch over the living members of the family and return each year in August during o-Bon to receive thanks.

However, if a person dies in a violent manner and/or if proper funeral rites are not performed, the soul is believed to transform into a yūrei that haunts the physical world until the conflict is resolved.

Some believe yūrei are bitter and resentful about what they couldn’t accomplish while they were alive. According to experts, they typically appear before people saying, “urameshiya,” which can be directly translated as “I’ll get my revenge.”

Ghost stories, meanwhile, can generally be categorized into two types. Traditional kaidan (ghost stories) typically retell Edo Period folktales such as “The Story of Okiku,” “Yotsuya Kaidan” (“Ghost Story of Tokaido Yotsuya”) and “Botan Doro” (“The Peony Lantern”). However, other types of ghost stories are based on a storyteller’s own personal experiences. Called jitsuwa kaidan (real-life ghost stories), this modern style has been popularized in recent times by renowned actor Junji Inagawa.

Ushidaki tells both kinds of stories.

At the beginning of her July show, Ushidaki initially sets the scene for the traditional story she is about to recount by showing the audience video footage of a visit to Okiku’s grave. Since the story has several versions, she is careful to introduce the audience to the sources she uses to form a story of her own.

Not surprisingly, however, Ushidaki puts just as much effort into her jitsuwa kaidan performances. In May, she released a book titled “Chiba no Kowai Hanashi: Borei-tachi no Tsudoi” (“Chiba’s Scary Stories: Gathering of the Spirits”), which explores the ghostly experiences of Chiba prefecture residents. The tales included in the book are all based on stories she heard from friends and relatives living in the area.

Ushidaki says the organization behind ghost storytellers is unlike that of rakugo, which require comedians to undergo an apprenticeship under a master before becoming a professional. Therefore, she says, almost anyone can claim to be a storyteller without professional training.

“A TV celebrity or voice actress is called a ghost storyteller just for recounting scary stories,” Ushidaki says. “That’s why I avoid describing myself as a ghost storyteller as much as I can.”

Looking ahead, Ushidaki dreams of performing the “Ghost Story of Tokaido Yotsuya” and “Shinkei Kasanegafuchi” (“New Edition of Kasanegafuchi”) by the time she turns 40. “These stories — ‘Yotsuya Kaidan,’ in particular — are very difficult to perform,” Ushidaki says.

Ushidaki claims to experience psychic phenomena during and after her performances, and has suffered from a number of health problems in the past.

“I don’t mind putting my life at risk,” Ushidaki says. “Storytelling is losing its popularity, and so I’d like to ensure the country’s traditional stories are preserved forever.”

Cheating ‘Satan’ assaulted wife after holy water was thrown on him and agreed to EXORCISM

Tony Berry, returning home from the pub after up to eight pints, snapped and lashed out at wife Claire when a crucifix was also thrust in his face

Bizarre marriage problems: Claire and Tony Berry


By: Paul Bryne/UK Mirror

A cheating husband who had an exorcism to save his marriage attacked his wife after being accused of being possessed by Satan a court heard.

Tony Berry snapped when holy water was thrown and a crucifix thrust in his face after he came home from the pub. He grabbed his wife by the neck as she screamed: “You’re not Tony!” and he replied: “No, I’m Satan, Prince of Darkness.”

Weeks later he lashed out again, repeatedly punching her in the face in a “brutal” attack.

Berry, 52, was convicted of two separates assaults but was spared an immediate jail term after magistrates accepted he’d suffered “a degree of provocation”. The court heard he had endured years of his wife Claire’s bizarre behavior after he admitted an affair and she joined an ultra-conservative Catholic sect.

The first attack took place last February after he Berry returned home from work just after 9.30pm.

After hours of arguing about him being with another woman he grabbed his 54-year-old wife by the throat and threw her across the room. Jennifer Fitzgerald, prosecuting, Berry shouted: “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to have your neck!”

The fight, rumbled on for four hours during which time her husband, who admitted having drunk up to eight pints, grabbed her on three more occasions.  She thrust a crucifix in his face and her sister Marie O’Flynn, 69, who had gone round to the house, held rosary beads and threw holy water over Berry to subdue him.

The court heard the second attack took place the following month after he returned to their home in New Mills, Derbys, at 1am.

‘Satan’ punishment

16 weeks

Suspended sentence




Victim surcharge


Ms Fitzgerald told High Peak Magistrates in Buxton: “An argument began. Mrs Berry holds some unusual beliefs.

“She believes he is possessed by demons and has a conviction that he may well be possessed by Satan himself.” He went to bed, but she followed him upstairs to continue the  fight. He grabbed her by the neck and threw her onto the bed then held her down and repeatedly punched her on the side of her head.

She said she was “too afraid” to stay in the house and slept in the garden under some carpets.The next morning after he let her back into the house Mrs Berry telephoned her sister in Ireland who told her to call an ambulance which took her to hospital.

She had suffered a swelling to the side of her face, bruising to her arms and legs, and damaged her back which caused her “excruciating pain” for some time after and had to walk on crutches.

When questioned the battered wife told police she believed her husband’s behavior was because he was Satan.

She said that in the past she had arranged for her husband to see an exorcist in France because “he had signed a pact with the devil”.

John Bunting, defending, said: “Can you imagine living with someone who says you are possessed by Satan?

“He even agreed to see an exorcist in France. This is not unusual behavior, it’s extraordinary.”  But Chairman of the bench Bob Graham told Berry: “Both of these assaults were prolonged and quite brutal and I have to say nasty. Drink was also involved and you also issued threats to kill.

“But we have taken into account there was a degree of provocation.”

Magistrates sentenced Berry to 16 weeks in jail, suspended for two years. They also ordered him to pay $1000 costs and $129.00 victim surcharge.

Outside court Berry, who was raised in the Church of England, said he was “sorry” for the violence and injuries inflicted on his wife, but said he had “snapped”. He said he had agreed to the exorcism last year in a bid to “keep the peace” and save his marriage.  But he added: “After all this it’s over.” Dublin-born Mrs Berry is a disciple of the Society of Saint Pius X.

She began following the controversial pre-Vatican branch of Catholicism, which celebrates the Latin mass, after visiting one of their churches in Ireland three years ago.


Pro Arena Group Seeing dead People, Shady Doings and Basketball just another week in Sacramento

Josh Wood at the podium with members of  Crown Downtown

By CityFella

The heat is on.  As the final petitions are being counted.  Pro Arena supporters are in high alert with the Mayors office and the city’s largest newspapers leading the charge.

The high or low point was a pro arena press conference held  last Friday at at Sacramento’s Eastlawn Cemetery.   The pro side accused the opposition of collecting names from dead people.

With all the petitions in the hands of Sacramento County Registrar of Voters one might question the logic of the city’s continued campaign to discredit S.T.O.P .

So there they there were Mighty Six standing at Eastlawn Memorial a quiet place with um, dead people including former Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna. .

The officials at the cemetery said they were approached by Mayor Kevin Johnson’s office seeking a historical location in the city for a press conference with the mayor.     The cemetery believed Johnson would be in attendance, but said the mayor did not show up.  Many were outraged by the use of cemetery .

The counting will be complete next Thursday.  As of today, two thousand signatures are needed for a public vote.  The number includes withdrawals supplied the the pro arena group.

Shade in Charlotte ( Will Sacramento take a  page from Charlotte’s Playbook?)

The arena was originally intended to host the Charlotte Hornets, the city’s original NBA team. In 2001, a non-binding public referendum for an arts package, which included money to build the new uptown arena, was placed on the ballot for voters. This was done in order to demonstrate what was believed to be wide public support for construction of a new uptown venue. The arts package would have been funded with the issuance of bonds by the city.

There was opposition to the referendum, with many feeling that the city shouldn’t fund a new arena at all (the Charlotte Coliseum, since demolished, was just 13 years old at the time). Mayor Pat McCrory vetoed a living wage ordinance just days before the referendum. As a result, Helping Empower Local People, a grass-roots organization supporting the living wage ordinance, launched a campaign to oppose the arena. It argued that it was immoral for the city to build a new arena when city workers didn’t earn enough to make a living. Many of the city’s black ministers switched sides in the arena deal and urged their parishioners to oppose it. The referendum failed with 43 percent for building the arena and 57 percent opposed.

City leaders then devised a way to build a new arena in a way that didn’t require voter support, but let it be known that they would not even consider building it unless the Hornets’ owner George Shinn sold the team. While even the NBA acknowledged that Shinn had alienated fans, NBA officials felt such a statement would anger owners. As it turned out, the NBA approved the Hornets’ application to move to New Orleans. However, the league promised that the city would get a new team—what became the Bobcats—as part of the deal.

As of 2005, the total cost of the arena to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County was not known, but estimated at around $260 million. The construction was approved by the city council, which did not opt to present another referendum to the public. In early 2006, the arena was again the center of controversy as the Bobcats charged a 15,000 fee to Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools for graduations. The fee was eventually waived following a story in The Charlotte Observer  concerning the fees.

 Sacramento News and Review has summed up the weeks events 


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Hey Mallorie, Motel 6 left the lights on for Ya!

I had an epiphany,  watching  RHOA last night.  Forget quiet and timid Mynique and her equally dull husband Chuck Smith and bring on Malorie’. She would be the perfect new cast member.   Shade, confrontation and big azz box on drama comes standard on the Mal.  She can stir the mess.  She has history and as Kenya learned, she goes from zero to back up bitch I’ll break off a heel in your…..in nano seconds.  

The episode began with Phaedra and Kandi talking about EVERYBODY LOVES CHUCK  Smith and his denial of having a relationship with them.  You know he calls himself “The Big Homie”.

And here’s the wind up

Quick draw Kandi says:  he’s actually a ‘Little Homie”

And the pitch….

Phaedra quickly follows:  as she refers to Smith’s member as a ‘bite sized brownie’ and a ‘cocktail sausage’.

Home Run Phaedra!

The ladies both agree that Chuck’s outburst was totally out there , immature and that he’s merely using both of their names to bring up their name to make himself  sound like the master player.

Okay Cynthia is feeling bad about some of the things she said to her husband Peter in the argument.  However, she is sharing this information with Mallorie who can’t stay out of her martial business.  You know she storing this story into the piss Peter off file in her brain.

Meanwhile, Peter is withholding sex…..  (Wait, let me re-read what I’ve just typed) “peter is withholding sex:”   Isn’t this the man who said he wasn’t getting enough sex?  So now he is with-hol-ding sex, BECAUSE, they(he and Cynthia) can’t have a conversation.

I’m a man…..checking….yes!  I’M A MAN and I can’t remember a time I wouldn’t have sex be-cause I can’t have a conversation.  a Conversation.  A conversation.  (shm)
Help is on the way.  (A CONVERSATION)  Sorry.    Cynthia says that she’s about to make some changes to make that happen.

Kenya Moore dad’s visit’s from Texas.  He is a Neanderthal.  Believe’s there is a place for women. Wonder if that’s why he came alone.? He very critical of Kenya,from her feet to the hardwood floors of her rental.

16 when she was born, he lacks (at least here)any real compassion.  It is clear, the absence of relationship with her mother has left a Bentley sized hole in her heart.  He dismissed her pain and tells her to let it go.

She invites Nene and Phaedra over. Kenya asks Nene if she would appear and the play Kandi’s producing.  Nene says SHE is much too busy. Even though New Normal has been cancelled and Glee is up in the air.  Perhaps after’s Chuck pronouncement of Nene being one of the Greatest Actresses she is waiting for Spielberg’s call.

Kenya is driving a white Bentley convertible.  A gift from her African Boyfriend.   Kenya, Kenya,Kenya!  You were exposed last season. and no one is buying this season.    You need to produce a man  Ugah Bogah from some African country, WHO doesn’t sound like Al Reynolds.    Meantime stop playing and give Hertz back their car.

Porsha…oooo Porsha doesn’t  how much to ask for in the divorce settlement. “ How much is less than 2 years of marriage worth exactly? Do you calculate the hours you cooked and cleaned and multiply it by an hourly wage? She ask’s

Anyone remember the movie “Airplane”?   There was a hysterical woman screaming and someone slapped her to calm her down and the next thing you know there was a line of people waiting to slap the women…. Don’t you  just wanna slap some of Porsha’s immaturity away?   By the way stupido (I mean Porsha) is leasing to buy an 8000 square foot house in Nene neighborhood and hasn’t told Nene.

The Drama of the Evening In Two Parts


Cynthia’s sister   Malorie designs bracelets and hosts a party for Mallory at the Bailey Agency. Inviting the Housewives and other friends. One by one they are introduced to   Malorie and learns she is staying with Cynthia and Peter for two months.  Most know of  Peters and  Malorie’s volatile history

Most of the ladies are stunned with  Malorie’s entitled attitude.  What she was saying in effect was “She’s my sister and I can stay for whenever without notice     Kenya took it further and stirred the pot with that big spoon of her’s and it was off to the races with Mallory looking like she was forty seconds away from a throw down.

Escorted away by big sis, she was reminded the purpose of the party was to sell and she had to buck up and take it as these are clients . Perhaps she can take her cash and move into a Red Roof Inn.


Remember Porsha has moved in Nene’s neighborhood, around the corner. The Drama is, Porsha never told Nene.   Throughout the season ,Nene has told Porsha she was a bad friend.  The friend who calls when she has low times in her life and never calls during good times.    Porsha wants to keep her location on the down low ( away from Nene).  But you know Kenya can’t let that happen.    Kandi lets Porsha know that NeNe’s  coming and its not gonna be nice and it wasn’t  when Porsha approaches her, NeNe isn’t interested in hearing about surprises.         Porsha is more concerned about finding out who blabbed.  The sea parts and all face point Kenya.  Nene tell Porsha likes it tis…. and of course Porsha starts bawling.   Nene apologizes but she  is getting tired of the self pity.     Kenya clearly isn’t feeling it and takes her azz and twirls outside in her orange-red gown in traffic.  OOOOOkay?

 Bravo Fail 

Last week Bravo hyped a confrontation between Kandi and Todd to make the viewer believe their relationship was in trouble.     The reality was Kandi wanted to work with Todd on her musical.   However Atlanta isn’t New York or Los Angeles and Todd’s work often takes him out of town.   Kandi breaks down, she doesn’t want to stand in his way but wants him to stay in Atlanta.

C ya next week.

Last Week


The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 6 off to a good start (It’s Gone with the wind Fabulous)



Let hope Bravo gave Kenya Moore a raise.  Last season (her first) she was drama central.  No housewife (and we will have to use the term loosely) has burst on the scene quite like Ms Moore.   She has manage to have a confrontation with nearly every person on RHOA except Gregg Leakes.

This season opened with the re-married Gregg and Nene opening up their wedding gifts, at one point Gregg had to check his wife, and remind her the gifts were for them and not her.

Reality slapped the girlwoman Porsha Steward hard  in the face.  With all the evens, she wanted to stay married to Kordell.   Even though she learned about his filling for divorce on twitter while they were both in same house.    Even though he locked her out of their house, because SHE was out too late.  Even though (we learned) he only visited her once during her week stay in the hospital after she miscarried their child.  Even though she ignored the gay rumors and he rejected her physically she wanted to stay in the marriage.  Her mother Diane said “Kordell as “the wrong damn one”   She instructed her attorney to give Kordell a list of demands  which included couples counseling to save their marriage.  Kordell Rejected the list.

Phaedra’ and Apollo got a new house and baby (yawning and moving on)

Tough being a very successful single millionaire.  Song writer, entrepreneur Kandi Burruss has the  the real bucks on Housewives.  She seems to fall in love with men who couldn’t make her car payments.   Mama Joyce has a watchful eye and looks out for her daughter.  She’s not too trusting and views current  fiance Todd Tucker as an opportunist.  Todd currently refuses to sign a prenupt.  Kandi wants a wedding,, can she turn Mama Joyce around in time.?

Just as Cynthia Bailey was settling into her modeling agency, her husband Peter Thomas uproots her and moves her to a much larger space which she’s happy about.  How so nevah ….she is unhappy he bought the space six months earlier without her consent or approval and with her bucks.   If seems familiar……Think season 3.  But that was a very different Cynthia. There is heat here.

She is gone with the wind fabulous.  Gone may be the optimal word here.  Kenya was reportedly evicted from her rental home (this made national news).   Where ever Kenya Moore went on last nights episode, there were raised voices.  First stop: Cynthia’s agency as she is moving out (come on Bravo,really?) and Kenya is put out that the ladies didn’t reach out to her in her time of need? Cynthia told her everyone had troubles. wedding, new babies etc.  Cynthia quickly reminds Kenya of the bridges she burned with all the housewives.   Cynthia invites her to a party (again Bravo really?-Who would invite trouble to their party?)

When fabulous entered the room, most of the ladies left, try to avoid her. (cause she’s trouble).  Back in the  days (a few seasons back) Nene seemed to enjoy confrontations and with her voice and Ginsu tongue she could chop and dice any comers.  But she matured, after season 4 (she said she didn’t like what she saw)

Everyone once in while you meet someone that can pull you back and on this night it was Kray Kray Kenya.   Kenya decided to go after Mrs Leakes.   Once again she started with the  old song. (no body reached out of me in my times of trouble)  Nene wasn’t gonna play (everybody got problems-next!)  She went on about Nene inviting  her “ex-boyfriend” Walter to the wedding   Then Kray Kray absolutely lost whatever mind she had  (thinking she could slow Nene roll by grabbing her face)


(NeNe is a big gurl and for a moment I thought Nene was gonna send Kenya to Jesus)

Nene to Kenya:

As a grown woman I make my own decisions. No BITCH will ever tell me who I can and can NOT talk to.  When I get ready to have an event, I’m not gonna be thinking about whether Kenya is going to uncomfortable or not.  When I have my events, I’m going to be worried about how fabulous Nene’s event is going to be.  

Last year we knew Kenya was crazy, but to take on Nene!

Nene in the confessional, said, ‘gone with the wind fabulous is clearly gone… and so is Walter.  Get you something new girl!’

Don’t Miss:  Gregg’s Reactions and comments

(You have to watch and listen closely to Gregg-his comments and reactions are short and on point and often very funny)

  The gurl has lost her mind . Which means this is gonna be good TV.


Bravo-Give the Krazy Gurl a Raise.

Hotel Confidential: The six week Ghost

A robbery, then a murder suicide in the first two months after the  hotel opens .  

Every fall a ghost visits the hotel.  Locked electric doors open at night,   Many of the hotel housekeepers say they have seen him on the first floor.   Some of the employees are amused others are frightened.  Trick or Treat?


1.  the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do :  destiny
2 a :  an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition, or end

   b :  disasterespecially :  death
3a :  final outcome

  b :  the expected result of normal development <prospectivefate of embryonic cells> 
:  the circumstances that befall someone or something <did not know the fate of her former        classmates>
plural capitalized :  the three goddesses who determine the course of human life in classical      mythology
There are quite a few hotels that line I-80 between Reno and Sacramento.  No one will never know why the quite well dressed man chose the hotel after killing his business partner in the parking lot of a Sporting Good Store in Reno. 
The Night Auditor remember him.  “Everything about him looked expensive”  He quietly checked into a room with a king size bed.
The next morning, the hotel was evacuated , Frightened guest were ask to go a near by  restaurant.   Police, Swat teams, Robots and helicopters surrounded the hotel.  Interstate 80 was temporary closed in both directions.  Local TV newscasters approached  everyone attempting to get a story.  Hotel staff said ,a view of the people who weren’t guest were giving complete eye witness stories, including one nearly toothless man who had seen everything.
The rooms windows were broken, the swat team drilled a large hole in the walls to insert a camera  after an hour or so, the police entered the room .  The suspect, shot himself, his brain matter on the headboard and furniture.   A large pool of blood indicated he had taken his life earlier in the morning.
When the night auditor returned to the hotel , there was  a sea of police cars with flashing lights and yellow tape.   The hotel drapes were blowing through the broken glass of the hotel room.    The front desk was filled with nervous guest  wanting to check out.   Two ladies proudly said they weren’t scared because they were from Detroit.
One by one the police and members of the Sheriff department left.   One police officer said he couldn’t close the door of the crime scene and simply pushed a housekeeping cart in front of the room.      The curious night clerk asked the officer how did the room look?  A lot of brain matter and blood.   He decided against going into the room.
The thought of the days events made him uneasy.  He may have been the last person to see the man alive.    The room, the crime scene being open added to his uneasiness.  The door was dented after being forced open.  With all his might. he lifted the door until it clicked.  No one is going in this room or coming out!
When you work alone, you become one with the building.  You know its creaks, and flexes, you aware of all the doors and can feel air from when they are left opened.   With the exception of a man blowing his head off, its was an ordinary night.
The night was easy, the sun would be up in an hour.  The shift was coming to a close.  He loved Sundays because his reliefs comes in early greets him with squeeze on his left shoulder and says “good morning my friend”.    The door opened, the left shoulder was squeezed the night auditor spun his chair around and no one was there.
Through the years some of the hotel staff has seen a man on the first floor.  Some has seen him in stairwell.   A few of the housekeepers , he looks vary.  Some says he looks like a regular person who suddenly vanishes   Other cant remember seeing his feet.   All agree he isn’t scary looking.   For a few weeks in October and November he visit the hotel as if its his yearly vacation spot.