Will Portland become the next Charlottesville?

The Beautiful City of Portland Oregon,  Rose City, known for its quirkiness, often called the Greenest City in America is bracing for what could be one of the most confrontational and violent rally’s since Charlottesville on Saturday. The Police presence will be massive with city’s entire force of 1000 officers on duty.   The Oregon StateContinue reading “Will Portland become the next Charlottesville?”

Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!

Warning: If you easily offended, grossed out. KEEP READING On Monday, St Petersburg, Florida Police was called to brawl in progress. Twenty eight year old Tecora Fields  was involved in the brawl. Andre Sousa  the officer investigating the brawl said, Tecora told the officer to “suck her pussy” and added  “I’ll hit you with myContinue reading “Look Out! She gotta a Tampon!”

BMW Driving Burglars

Makes perfect sense in the Silicon Valley. A Dodge would look suspicious Top: Ruben Ibarra-Nava, Emerson Chaves, Daniel Flores-Casteneda Middle: Jaime Magana, Francisco Ledesma Aquilar, Gilberto Cruz Bottom: Raul Cruz Jr., Miguel Chipres-Magallon, Gustavo Ayala Garcia Jr. By: Robert Salonga/San Jose Mercury News Authorities say they have arrested more than half a dozen members of aContinue reading “BMW Driving Burglars”

He loves Loves LOVES Red Vans!

“Apologizing in advance” A Swinger Someone called the Dayton Ohio Police tuesday evening about a man pulling his pants down and WILDLY swinging on a stop sign. Witnesses Said ! They saw him insert his genitals in the grill of a parked red van (allegedly high) “Spent” Who has a Cigarette? The suspect then brieflyContinue reading “He loves Loves LOVES Red Vans!”

Was it the loaded Burrito or the Smoke Sausage Biscuit that drove them to sex at Hardee’s?

  Monday morning customers had a distraction at the Hardee’s restaurant in Harlan Kentucky.  The couple having sex in a 1994 Ford Crown Vic (parked next to the drive-thru lane) made it difficult to focus on the breakfast menu.  Eggs or……. Brittany Pennington 24, and Johnathan Howard 24, lusty encounter was interrupted by an HarlanContinue reading “Was it the loaded Burrito or the Smoke Sausage Biscuit that drove them to sex at Hardee’s?”

Sacramento Area Officers Convicted of Rape while on Duty

 November 2015 A jury convicted former Sacramento Police officer Gary Dale Baker, 52, of rape, forcible oral copulation, felony sexual battery, first-degree burglary and other charges July 20 after Baker broke into the woman’s apartment three different times between 2010 and 2012.  The disabled  victim is in her seventies and lived in a senior complex.Continue reading “Sacramento Area Officers Convicted of Rape while on Duty”

Officers who rape: The police brutality chiefs ignore

Scores of women are sexually assaulted by on-duty officers each year. Most departments are doing little to stop it Police chiefs have long known that officer sexual misconduct is a problem. But an Al Jazeera America investigation found that very few departments have followed basic guidelines designed to prevent it.Edel Rodriguez for Al Jazeera AmericaContinue reading “Officers who rape: The police brutality chiefs ignore”