I’m staying! Spain’s 104-year-old eviction fighter

At 104, Inocencia Zofío is quite possibly the oldest person in Spain fighting not to be kicked out of her home. Her story has sent shockwaves through Spanish society and proven just how ruthless the country’s authorities can be when evicting helpless homeowners and tenants. BY:Alex Dunham (alex.dunham@thelocal.com) After 70 years living in a flatContinue reading “I’m staying! Spain’s 104-year-old eviction fighter”

V. for Vanessa Stiviano: The Dirt

By: CityFella The door is open, it  was simply at matter of time.  The Media would get information on V. For Vanessa Stiviano the women at the center of the Donald Sterling storm. The Hot News via TMZ The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating claims that Stiviano is attempting to blackmail Sterling intoContinue reading “V. for Vanessa Stiviano: The Dirt”

30 YEARS? Real Housewives of Atlanta “Apollo Nida” Pleads Guilty.

By CityFella: Apollo Nida ,the husband of  RHOA’s  cast member Phaedra Parks.  Pled guilty to charges of mail, wire and bank fraud in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta  for the Northern District of Georgia yesterday.  Nida accepted charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years and a fine of up toContinue reading “30 YEARS? Real Housewives of Atlanta “Apollo Nida” Pleads Guilty.”

Rabbi Ginsberg,The Supreme Court Say’s Your Outta There!

By CityFella There was a time when signs like this were common.  With the signs  business owners told customers they weren’t putting up with any unnecessary shenanigans.   While the signs aren’t present in most establishments business still have the right to refuse business. In 1979, Texas International Airlines created the first frequent-flyer program that used mileageContinue reading “Rabbi Ginsberg,The Supreme Court Say’s Your Outta There!”

Sacramento Downtown Arena : David vs Goliath 2- Hail Mary or All the Kings Horses…….

One door may have closed on one of Sacramento bloodiest fights.  A new Arena for the Sacramento Kings. Two groups, Sacramento Taxpayers Opposed to Pork (STOP) and Voters for a fair arena deal collected more than 22,000 signature which would have allowed the Citizens of Sacramento, to vote on the controversial  $258 million dollars contributionContinue reading “Sacramento Downtown Arena : David vs Goliath 2- Hail Mary or All the Kings Horses…….”

Today is Jordan Davis birthday

By CityFella He would have been 19 today.   His life ended on Friday, Nov 23rd 2012 at the Gate gas station  on Southside Boulevard and Baymeadows Road in Jacksonville Florida. Where he was sitting in the back seat of a Red Dodge Durango. Three other people where also in the SUV. Michael Dunn,pulled into the Gate stationContinue reading “Today is Jordan Davis birthday”

To Germany’s Parents:’We have the power to take your kids away’

By:Caitlan Carroll/The Local Parents in Germany who educate their children at home can face heavy fines and even the removal of their kids – prompting some to hide while others flee – often as far as the United States. The Local visited a group in the southern countryside to investigate.  At a home-school community meetingContinue reading “To Germany’s Parents:’We have the power to take your kids away’”

Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs

You see them coming out of the Bart station ,they have a certain look (black pants , a dark blue or black back pack. ) and they seem to travel alone.    A couple of years ago during the Occupy Oakland they threw rocks at us for trying to put out a small fire onContinue reading “Just 4 for the Thrill of it ! Oakland’s black bloc anarchist from the Burbs”

Zimmerman: Now What?

Florida’s stand your law ground has allowed another murderer to walk.   Zimmerman isn’t the first, he is simply the person YOU know about.     Trayvon Martin isn’t the first person of color killed in Florida under the law.he is simply the person your familiar with. This seventeen year old was killed last yearContinue reading “Zimmerman: Now What?”

Kiss Sergeant Randy Lamb and You’ll Do Jail Time

( No Sergeants where harmed in this arrest) Sergeant Randy Lamb is an 18-year veteran of Manatee (Florida) County Sheriff’s Office.  Saturday evening he responded to a call about a dispute between Peggy Hill 62 and a neighbor about a fence between their properties.    According to the report (written by another officer who was there atContinue reading “Kiss Sergeant Randy Lamb and You’ll Do Jail Time”