The world was stunned when they learned George Zimmerman wasn’t charged and was released after killing Treyvon Martin. Most of us understand the concept, of  defending your home or defending when one is in immediate danger.   The Florida law is unclear as many unarmed fleeing Floridians have been chased down, shot in the back and stabbed to death.   Leaving familiesContinue reading “BOYCOTT FLORIDA ?”

Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race

If you are black/African American you may view the murder of Treyvon Martins as just one more example of a devalued black person. Another black man, another African american, a teenager killed because he was black…. Most americans are outraged by the events in Florida.   There are also  many white americans who believe Treyvon Martin actions may have contributed  to his death.  Continue reading “Zimmerman-Martin It’s not always Race”

The Sheriff and the Soap Star Saga is coming to a dramatic end? Not a chance! (Part 7)

A few minutes ago San Francisco Mayor Mayor Ed Lee gave embattled San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  until 4pm today to resign or face an official misconduct charge and the possible forced removal from office. Mirkarimi was sentenced Monday to three years probation, a year’s worth of domestic violence intervention classes and other penalties for pleadingContinue reading “The Sheriff and the Soap Star Saga is coming to a dramatic end? Not a chance! (Part 7)”

The Sheriff and The Soap Star (Part 5VA) The Video is in…..for now

The many twists and turns of the Best Soap Opera in San Francisco has taken a new turn today. The Superior Court‘s three-judge Appellate Division rejected a claim by Mirkarimi’s wife, Eliana Lopez, that she made the video in a confidential discussion with her neighbor, whom she believed to be a lawyer, according to aContinue reading “The Sheriff and The Soap Star (Part 5VA) The Video is in…..for now”

You Betta Kiss Me!

Lets be clear, refusing to kiss Helen Staudinger of Fort McCoy Florida has its own set of consequences. According to the Marion County Sheriff Department, Ms Staudinger 92, went next door to speak with her neighbor Dwight Bettner 52, an argument ensued and Mr Bettner asked Ms Staudinger to leave.   She said she would not leave withoutContinue reading “You Betta Kiss Me!”