Family Breach

I think I was four maybe five, when I overheard someone in my family member say. “We are all family, if anybody need anything at anytime we are your blood. Through the years that that’s what I heard and believed. It was something I could count on. My older brother was considerably older than IContinue reading “Family Breach”

The Real Reason You’re Still Single

BY STEPHANIE KAPFUNDE/YAZAKENYA.COM Let’s be honest, dating these days has become almost as hard as catching a matatu an hour to curfew time. This is not to say that it’s impossible to be in a healthy, happy relationship. You just need to start dating different. When your heart has been broken, it is easier toContinue reading “The Real Reason You’re Still Single”

Grow up! Meghan, Harry and Race

For a little more than a quarter of a century, I was married to a white woman. I wasn’t the first person in the family to have a relationship out of my race. However,I was the first male. I grew up during the second phase of integration, when black childen were allowed to go toContinue reading “Grow up! Meghan, Harry and Race”

Parents Of The Healthiest Happiest Kids Do These 6 Things Every Day

By: Lianne Avila/YourTango After having counseled children and families for nearly 20 years, I found that there is one thing that all parents have in common: they want to raise a healthy and happy child. What are some important parenting tips and advice that parents need to be aware of to make sure that they areContinue reading “Parents Of The Healthiest Happiest Kids Do These 6 Things Every Day”

TROUBLE IN THE CHURCH: Pastor told the Ladies of the Church they need lose weight to keep their husbands interested

By: Yelena Dzhanova/Business Insider Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of Missouri’s Malden First General Baptist Church is on leave and in counseling, the church told local CBS News affiliate KCTV. Clark made waves with a Sunday sermon in February where he said that women should strive to stay slim to keep men interested. “Now look, I’m not sayingContinue reading “TROUBLE IN THE CHURCH: Pastor told the Ladies of the Church they need lose weight to keep their husbands interested”

African American Woman from Chicago Moved To Italy For Love

This story was orginally published in the New York Times Febuary 2020. Its about an African American Women who moved to Italy for a man she met on Tinder. Original Title: ‘In Italy I Kept Meeting Guys’: The Black Women Who Travel for Love By: Tariro Mzezewa\New York Times Italy, a country known for its languageContinue reading “African American Woman from Chicago Moved To Italy For Love”

Kitty sends Ex-Con back to Jail

March 1, 2021, 1AM  Largo,Florida 56 year old Wendi Hird and her 73 year old roomate, were having a intense late night argument. Power of the Pussy Wendi, reportedly took their cat and threw her or her on her roomates face, causing the pussy to scratch the victims face.  Tag Team? After the cat didContinue reading “Kitty sends Ex-Con back to Jail”

Parents: Your Kids Don’t Owe You Anything

Photo: Getty Images Mr: Elizabeth Z Pardue/YourTango Recently, I watched a horrible woman loudly bemoan her choice to conceive to a mutual friend, her justifications for voluntarily bringing new life into the world being, “Well, my husband really wants kids, and I’ll need someone to take care of me when I’m older, so, you know,Continue reading “Parents: Your Kids Don’t Owe You Anything”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary”

The Real Housewives franchise, has been the cornerstone of Bravo for nearly 15 years. According the Wikapeda, It was inspired by scripted soap operas, Desperate Housewives and Peyton Place, and would document the lives of upper-class women who “lead glamorous lives. Dallas, Atlanta, Orange County, Potomac, New York, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and Salt Lake City.Continue reading “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary””

Singles Awareness Day: The benefits of being single

By: Kristen Rogers/CNN An increasing number of people around the world are opting to go solo.The number of American men and women who have never been married, are divorced or are living alone has been on an upward trend for several years, according to the US Census Bureau.Despite the fact marriages or relationships are less common theseContinue reading “Singles Awareness Day: The benefits of being single”