Britain, Blind date: ‘He was very willing when I suggested tequila shots’

David, 24, civil servant, meets Alex, 24, PR account executive From UK Guardian David on Alex What were you hoping for?To meet someone new and enjoy a few drinks. First impressions?He had good vibes, a really nice ear piercing, and a good fashion sense. What did you talk about?Living in London, our drinks of choice (tequila),Continue reading “Britain, Blind date: ‘He was very willing when I suggested tequila shots’”

After 30 Years, We Still Owe Elaine From ‘Seinfeld’ So Much

For better or worse, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character was one of the first truly multifaceted TV heroines. By: Farah Joan Fard It was July 5, 1989—when a TV show about nothing introduced America to one of the greatest female characters in sitcom history. Initially written as The Seinfeld Chronicles with a group of all-male leads, theContinue reading “After 30 Years, We Still Owe Elaine From ‘Seinfeld’ So Much”

4 Cruel Ways You Hurt Your Partner Without Saying A Word

By: Resmaa Menakem/ Every day, you communicate far more to others than you ever actually say out loud. How? By giving off “vibes.” Whether it’s the obviously annoyed sigh you toss at the barista who dared to take 30 seconds too long making your morning latte, or the long, lingering glance you subtly give theContinue reading “4 Cruel Ways You Hurt Your Partner Without Saying A Word”

There is a white lady in my house

It was the sixties, after the march on Washington and the passage of Civil Rights laws. America started to take a look at itself. In most cities in America, it isn’t uncommon to have a separate Catholic Church for Whites, Blacks and other cultures. In an attempt to integrate some of the churches, the hierarchyContinue reading “There is a white lady in my house”

Vancouver Named ‘Anti-Asian Hate Crime Capital of North America’

By:Carl Samsom/ With more anti-Asian hate crimes than 10 of the most populous U.S. cities combined in 2020,  Vancouver has reportedly become the “Anti-Asian Hate Crime Capital of North America.” A feature article from Bloomberg looked into police figures collected by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism (CSHE) at Cal State San Bernardino. What’s going on: VancouverContinue reading “Vancouver Named ‘Anti-Asian Hate Crime Capital of North America’”

Is He Taking Advantage Of You? 8 Signs You’re Trying Way Too Hard To Make Your Relationship Work

Photo: Getty Images By: Brittany Berke/YourTangocom We’ve all been there. Those times when we bring our A-game and work so hard to make sure our partner stays interested. When we’re young and in new relationships, it’s understandable that you want to make things work, so we put in as much effort as possible. But theContinue reading “Is He Taking Advantage Of You? 8 Signs You’re Trying Way Too Hard To Make Your Relationship Work”

10 Great Cities for Older Singles

If you’re looking for love, these spots might be where to find it By: Stacey Freed,  AARP You can find lots of lists of the best places to retire, often based on the quality of health care or low cost of living. But if you’re single and over 50, you might also want to knowContinue reading “10 Great Cities for Older Singles”

Army sergeant pushes Black man, demands he leave neighborhood in viral video

DeMicia Inman/TheGrio Jonathan Pentland, 42, has been charged with third-degree assault following the incident in Columbia, South Carolina A viral video of an army sergeant pushing a Black resident in South Carolina and demanding that he leaves the neighborhood has now resulted in criminal charges Initially uploaded on Facebook on Monday, the three-minute clip hasContinue reading “Army sergeant pushes Black man, demands he leave neighborhood in viral video”

Family Breach

I think I was four maybe five, when I overheard someone in my family member say. “We are all family, if anybody need anything at anytime we are your blood. Through the years that that’s what I heard and believed. It was something I could count on. My older brother was considerably older than IContinue reading “Family Breach”

The Real Reason You’re Still Single

BY STEPHANIE KAPFUNDE/YAZAKENYA.COM Let’s be honest, dating these days has become almost as hard as catching a matatu an hour to curfew time. This is not to say that it’s impossible to be in a healthy, happy relationship. You just need to start dating different. When your heart has been broken, it is easier toContinue reading “The Real Reason You’re Still Single”