The World of Me!

You gotta love people who believe THEY are the most important people in the world. They purposely cut you off on the roadways.   They appear in the express lane in the supermarket with 200 items.  They demand immediate attention, the line is for pedestrians. When I travel, I’m usually the last one on the plane […]

Are you being ‘GASLIGHTED’? The subtle red flags you’re being emotionally manipulated in the office, at home or in your relationship

GASLIGHTING, is a term to describe people who emotionally abuse others They can distort your mind by planting seeds of self-doubt without you knowing behavioral expert Grazina Fechner reveals the warning signs By:Cindy Tran/Daily Mail Australia To the outside world, they lead a seemingly happy life.But behind closed doors, they can deliberately distort your mind […]

Broke Down Diva

What is a”Broke Down Diva?” A woman who wants everything her way and nothing else! (Jennie.G) A Female that expects everything from someone else (Trophy wife) ( Stephanie F) A pretender, a Diva wanna be, who gets off on belittling others, wants to live the lives of the Rich and famous but she eats at […]

Verbally Abusive Relationships Are Far More Common Than Anyone Wants To Believe

By: Rhoberta Shaler PhD/Your My mother berated me throughout my entire childhood. But there is hope. Being in a verbally abusive relationship is far more common than anyone would like to think. The line between someone being strict and someone being verbally abusive can be a fine one for some. For others, there is no question of what’s what, […]