There is a white lady in my house

It was the sixties, after the march on Washington and the passage of Civil Rights laws. America started to take a look at itself. In most cities in America, it isn’t uncommon to have a separate Catholic Church for Whites, Blacks and other cultures. In an attempt to integrate some of the churches, the hierarchyContinue reading “There is a white lady in my house”

Army sergeant pushes Black man, demands he leave neighborhood in viral video

DeMicia Inman/TheGrio Jonathan Pentland, 42, has been charged with third-degree assault following the incident in Columbia, South Carolina A viral video of an army sergeant pushing a Black resident in South Carolina and demanding that he leaves the neighborhood has now resulted in criminal charges Initially uploaded on Facebook on Monday, the three-minute clip hasContinue reading “Army sergeant pushes Black man, demands he leave neighborhood in viral video”

Grow up! Meghan, Harry and Race

For a little more than a quarter of a century, I was married to a white woman. I wasn’t the first person in the family to have a relationship out of my race. However,I was the first male. I grew up during the second phase of integration, when black childen were allowed to go toContinue reading “Grow up! Meghan, Harry and Race”

African American Woman from Chicago Moved To Italy For Love

This story was orginally published in the New York Times Febuary 2020. Its about an African American Women who moved to Italy for a man she met on Tinder. Original Title: ‘In Italy I Kept Meeting Guys’: The Black Women Who Travel for Love By: Tariro Mzezewa\New York Times Italy, a country known for its languageContinue reading “African American Woman from Chicago Moved To Italy For Love”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary”

The Real Housewives franchise, has been the cornerstone of Bravo for nearly 15 years. According the Wikapeda, It was inspired by scripted soap operas, Desperate Housewives and Peyton Place, and would document the lives of upper-class women who “lead glamorous lives. Dallas, Atlanta, Orange County, Potomac, New York, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and Salt Lake City.Continue reading “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City “All About Mary””

3 Couples Share Their Best Advice for Navigating an Interracial Relationship Right Now

From: Self Magazine Thanks to current events, being in an interracial relationship can feel especially fraught. By: Rozalynn S. Frazier, C.P.T. Interracial couples across the country are processing the current outcry for racial justice—and, in some cases, how it’s affecting their relationship. The celebrity world offers up plenty of examples. Actress Tika Sumpter, who is Black andContinue reading “3 Couples Share Their Best Advice for Navigating an Interracial Relationship Right Now”

Trump: Underestimating his base

It’s not unusual for Donald Trump’s loyalist to swallow and cover one eye as they bare witness to his unorthodox presidency . They’re not happy with his late night tweets and some of his controversial comments. For many, his promise of change, in the courts to uphold their values is worth it. Members of hisContinue reading “Trump: Underestimating his base”