We have an African American and here she is…..

  Could someone offer her a chair? I think one of the reasons that black people loved Bill Clinton, is he knew black people, had black friends.  He and Hillary, didn’t seem out of place in a black church and didn’t need to bring a prop, when he spoke to people of color. Unfortunately, theContinue reading “We have an African American and here she is…..”

Facts Fiction and Don Lemon

Perhaps there would be less outrage if the story was told by Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper. There are many white men who are OUTRAGED!!!   Here you have a black man stirring the racist pot.    IF a white man said something about a Black man, they’d lose their jobs.    Megan Kelly lost herContinue reading “Facts Fiction and Don Lemon”

White’s only Clubhouse in Sacramento?

A white only clubhouse in racially diverse Sacramento?       Teshawn Solomon said, a manager repeatedly called him Nigger AND built a clubhouse out of cardboard boxes around his and other employees desks with the words “White Only” spray painted on the boxes. In an article in the Sacramento Bee, Solomon said he reportedContinue reading “White’s only Clubhouse in Sacramento?”

White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police)

(CNN)   Did you hear about the white woman who called police in Memphis earlier this month because a black man who wanted to buy a house was trying to take a look at it first? What about the white people who called the police on black people simply for sleeping in their own dorm lounge at Yale, barbecuingContinue reading “White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police)”

Hotel Confidential: Civility in the Trump era

Photo: Google The temperature a sudden change in the air.  Anger and hostility at some the hotels with guest attacking staff and guest fighting with other guests. In some parts of the country, Latino’s notably Mexicans workers is the cornerstone of many hotels, running the front and back offices. In the last few years,workers withContinue reading “Hotel Confidential: Civility in the Trump era”

Married 2 Medicine Houston: Diversity finds its way to Bravo

Diversity in Hollywood often means A person of color, usually black. For years there there was only one box for a person of color and black person filled it.   While there is still the one box,now Latins and gays compete with blacks for that single box.  Asian females may find an occasional role butContinue reading “Married 2 Medicine Houston: Diversity finds its way to Bravo”

Sydney man charged with murder after Tinder date dies trying to escape him on his 14th-floor balcony

A man uses the Tinder dating app, which is how an Australia man met a woman he is now accused of murdering after she fell from his balcony on a date gone terribly wrong. BY: JONATHAN PEARLMAN, THE TELEGRAPH SYDNEY, Australia — A young woman became so afraid of her Tinder date that she climbedContinue reading “Sydney man charged with murder after Tinder date dies trying to escape him on his 14th-floor balcony”

Native American tribes bring Dakota pipeline fight to U.S. Congress

Protesters demonstrate against the Energy Transfer Partners’ Dakota Access oil pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, in Los Angeles, California, September 13, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson By: Richard Cowan; editing by Diane Craft   Native American tribes took their fight to Washington on Thursday to stop development of a $3.7 billion oil pipeline, as Democrats inContinue reading “Native American tribes bring Dakota pipeline fight to U.S. Congress”

Love Hate and Hillary

Its August and the head shaking isn’t over. Week after week  just when you think Donald Trump has peaked, he tops himself again.  Coasting in the shadows is his primary opponent Hillary Clinton. Unlike Trump she seems to avoid the press, avoiding questions. I’m a fan of Hillary Rodham, I’m attracted to her drive andContinue reading “Love Hate and Hillary”

The Other Side “Sacramento Neo Nazi Riot”

“S Out numbered.  The news wires said there were 25 to 30  members of the Traditionalist Worker Party  vs 400 counter protesters.   The Traditionalist obtained a proper permit from the California Highway Patrol to hold a rally. Before the rally, there were some on social media threatening to attack the Neo-Nazis.  Some of the Neo-NazisContinue reading “The Other Side “Sacramento Neo Nazi Riot””