3 Couples Share Their Best Advice for Navigating an Interracial Relationship Right Now

From: Self Magazine Thanks to current events, being in an interracial relationship can feel especially fraught. By: Rozalynn S. Frazier, C.P.T. Interracial couples across the country are processing the current outcry for racial justice—and, in some cases, how it’s affecting their relationship. The celebrity world offers up plenty of examples. Actress Tika Sumpter, who is Black andContinue reading “3 Couples Share Their Best Advice for Navigating an Interracial Relationship Right Now”

Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power

Naomi Osaka is working hard to normalize being an unapologetic Black woman, and I’m here for it By: Takirra Winfield Dixon/Salon I am Black and alive, and that’s half the battle today. Seriously. I woke up. No cops shot me in my sleep or on the street. I didn’t get charged with a crime I didn’tContinue reading “Unapologetic Black women are taking back our power”

Jerry Falwell Jr and Wife had sexual relationship with Cabana Boy?

Jerry Falwell Jr., a leading U.S. evangelical Christian whose endorsement played a key role in President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, has resigned as president of Liberty University, the school said on Tuesday. Falwell, through an attorney, sent a resignation letter late last night to members of Liberty’s board, the Lynchburg, Virginia-based school said in aContinue reading “Jerry Falwell Jr and Wife had sexual relationship with Cabana Boy?”

10 Shameful Myths About Fat Women And Obesity You’ve Probably Always Believed Were True

Photo: Getty By: Leora Fulvio/via YourTango.com You might be surprised. I’m really sick of hearing people saying… “If so-and-so knew what she was doing to her health, she would just stop eating and start exercising.” Or, “Why can’t so-and-so stop eating?” Or, “So-and-so is setting such a bad example for her children!” Let’s set theContinue reading “10 Shameful Myths About Fat Women And Obesity You’ve Probably Always Believed Were True”

Just Because Someone Else Is Beautiful, Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t

Photo: Google  By: Bev Aron/YourTango.com   This is going to change everything. “She’s so gorgeous,” I said to my daughter, referring to a woman I know. My daughter wrinkled her nose — “no she isn’t!” she protested. It turns out, I was responding to the woman’s vivacious spirit and sparkly eyes, whereas my daughter has a more analyticalContinue reading “Just Because Someone Else Is Beautiful, Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t”

Trapped: Fast Love and Good Intentions

It was real love,true love, you didn’t know each other long, but it made sense to move in together. After a few weeks, some realities being to settle in. Undiscussed realities begin to surface. Your love spent their very last dime to be with you. While you’ve talked of colors, dreams and positions. No oneContinue reading “Trapped: Fast Love and Good Intentions”

Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone”

Dating has always been challenging with one exception, Adam and Eve.    Adam spotted Eve in the Malt shop, she was easy to find. Eve looked at Adam, the first or only boy she has ever seen and said Hi, the rest was biblical. For the rest of us , its what do I do?Continue reading “Adventures in Online Dating 2019A “I wont show anyone””

India: Future of romance in #MeToo era

  Man-woman interactions have never been easy. But now every exchange seems officiated. Words are closely evaluated, by both men (before) and women (after). By Hemant Morparia\Mumbi Mirror  I have to start with a disclaimer here: the concept of romantic love is alien to me. The title of this piece presupposes that romance had a past. A casualContinue reading “India: Future of romance in #MeToo era”

#metoo Consider the man?

Believe the woman! I am a supporter of the #meetoo movement.  For hundreds of years men, have abused women, at home, school and in the work place simply because they could.   I was one of those men who remained silent because speaking up could damage my upward mobility.   Many women suffered in silence for thoseContinue reading “#metoo Consider the man?”

When she falls for her

Don’t gossip. Don’t share. Talk. By: Corinna Amendola\ The American In Italia Coming up with clear answers when people ask questions about heterosexual breakups is hard enough. Add gender issues and it just gets a lot harder. Intimate relationships and they way they play out remains the most irrational aspect of a person’s life —Continue reading “When she falls for her”