2 to Zero

Its late afternoon , in a small cafe. Inside was a couple of customers. A women sitting alone in booth reading a book and another man sitting alone a booth a few feet away. The quiet in the cafe was broken, when a family with a toddler entered the restaurant. The family sat in the … More 2 to Zero

Mom, why are you being such a bitch?

Standing in line at Marshall’s on  Saturday.   “Mom’ can I get these shoes?  No Ashley! no more!   Mom! why your being such a bitch!   Nearly, everyone in line turned around.   Embarrassed, the woman turned around and said “Ashley” don’t you talk to me like that!  Ashley, said whatever, and walked away! This isn’t the first … More Mom, why are you being such a bitch?

921 11th Street

Every day thousands past this ornate building on J Street This Temple, was the tallest building in Sacramento when it opened in 1926 $1,500 million  Is what it cost to build and furnish the Elks Temple   Grand The Elks Temple was a showplace for Sacramento. It contained  100 hotel rooms. The city’s first rooftop … More 921 11th Street