Zero to 17

Stretch ouch step, step ouch pull, step ouch my back, Step ok pull.How have I’ve done it over the years. I weighed more then, as ran through airports all over the world. Atlanta’s Hartfield, Denver International.  Charles de Gaulle in Paris. With my necessaries under my arm. PC’s, tablets, phones, meds, toiletries, books and a pair of Fruit of the looms. Thanks mom. I’m prepared.It must have been pure adrenalin. I can’t run at the moment and walking is challengingI’ve easily gained a hundred pounds since moving to Sacramento and successfully kept the weight. In San Francisco and New York you walk. In Sac you drive and YES,I most definitely will SUPERSIZE my order.Hundreds of dollars on unused gym memberships.King of the drive through.Then one spring day my car was gone. Totaled in a multi car accident.Shock, and tears. I’ve always had a car. I have enough for a hoopty but its not what I want.Living in the central city, near shops and restaurants.Swollen feet and legs. I thought I would try walking.I’m an obese baby boomer , well over 300 pounds.My first mile took 90 minutes. After a couple of weeks I split that number in half.Even at 90 minutes I was proud of myself.Walking downtown/Midtown Sacramento is a daily treat. There is so much to see.Armed with my cellphone, I take pictures of this brand new Sacramento.I have made many new acquaintances. People wave and say good morning to this giant black man huffing and puffing through the streets.Capitol hardware is becoming a favorite stop. A nice old fashioned store filled with knowledgeable people. Something your not likely to find at Home Depot.It’s a struggle to walk. I would probably be driving a old Ford Focus or Honda. If I lived in the suburbs or anywhere other than the central city.While it would be nice to lose some weight.  My goal is health, less huffing and puffing.I have a long way to go before 100. Today I’ll be happy with   18.



Mayor Steinberg U Promised

Norma Citizen works hard ,the money she earns goes to her household.    Rent slash Mortgage, Food, Medical, Car Payments, Insurance, savings* etc.   Bonuses, Overtime, refunds, might be applied to a luxury, but only after her families general obligations are met.

There are quite a few Norma Citizen’s out there.  Families who would may need a new car or want to take a family vacation, but they have real obligations and ignoring those debts might affect their credit and result in  major catastrophe down the road.

Enter Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s Proposition U  

Image result for darrell steinberg measure u
With the passage of  the one cent sales tax increase would cure nearly everything that ails this city. Skeptics believed, the money would be a slush fund for the Mayor and the City Council.


Measure U, is expected to generate about $50 million annually for core city services, like police and fire, along with $50 million annually for flexible investment in the city.

Steinberg’s call for committing $40 million of that anticipated $50 million to address socioeconomic inequality was the most specific vision the mayor has offered for how Measure U funds should be spent.

“For at least the first five years, I call for the lion’s share of the second half-cent of Measure U to be invested directly in economic equity in our neighborhoods,”“Let us set aside $40 million a year for at least five years in our economic trust fund.”  

That 200 million would include  investing in “forgotten commercial corridors,” building affordable housing and investing in neighborhood small businesses.

Mayor Steinberg, campaigned heavily in North Sac, Del Paso Heights, Oak Park and Meadowview, some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city, suggesting after the passage of Measure U money would rain in those neighborhoods.    Image result for extra cash gif

Needing a simple majority, Measure U passed last November

Image result for Reality gif

Language: Measure U provides for a one-cent tax on each dollar of taxable sales of goods within the City of Sacramento, and on the taxable storage, use, or consumption in the city of goods purchased from a retailer. This is commonly referred to as a “sales tax” and technically referred to as a “transactions and use tax.” As a general tax, the revenues would be deposited into the city’s general fund and could be used for any municipal government purpose, including 9-1-1 response, fire protection, homeless supportive services, affordable housing, libraries, park maintenance, high-wage job promotion, youth programming, and other programs.

Image result for I didnt read that

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April 2019:  Sacramento Fire Department was first in line for a piece of Measure U.  They’re not happy city’s proposed slice. Sac FD says there are closed fire stations in the city, they want to reduce response times.  More than a dozen current and former fire employees urged the council to give the department more of the new Measure U sales tax revenue, pointing out that the ballot language approved by voters in November included public safety, although it wasn’t the focus of Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s sell.

 The Mayor was astonished, either he didn’t fully understand the Language or he was confused about inner workings of  the General Fund.

On April 30  he said “I strongly support defined benefit pensions for our public employees, but let’s be clear: People would not have voted for Measure U if they thought it was only going to pay for pensions and salaries. The Pensions is one of the cities largest obligations and  is paid from the General Fund.

There is some concern in the community, he may attempt to delay payments on the pension which is currently underfunded and is growing yearly.  He is one of nine votes in the city, can he convince a majority into some creative financing?   Doing so could be detrimental to the city.   Stockton, went bankrupt a few years ago, by juggling dollars.

The lines are getting longer at City Hall, departments want their slice of  Measure U.  With 2020 looming in the background, did the Mayor over-commit?    There are rumblings in the Business community.     The Mayor who was a two term Sacramento councilmen should have known.  As the dust settles, will business and those same neighborhoods who supported him last year, be there next year?   

But,Mayor U Promised?

Mayor Steinberg, hasn’t announced if he seeking another term.

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Do not Tear down Sleep Train Arena

I was within a few feet of Sacramento’s former City Manager John Shirley when he announced, Sleep Train could not compete with the new arena.   Something about a non-competing clause.  Sealing the fate of the 30 year old complex.

Arco, (now Sleep Train) opened in 1988, cost a mere 40 million (below average in 1988) dollars to build.  Sixteen years after it opened, the Maloof family, then owners of the Sacramento Kings deemed Arco inadequate and wanted the taxpayers of Sacramento to construct a new 600 million dollar Arena for the team. The voters told the billionaires owners of the Las Vegas Palm hotel, no..

The original home of the Sacramento Kings ,the Sacramento Sports Arena (opened in 1985)  The arena had just over 10,000 seats.  Small by NBA standards.  The name was later changed to Arco Arena.  Today, the building at 1625 North Market still operational as an office building

While Arco Architect Rann Haight said the arena could be modified and expanded. The City of Sacramento fearing the Kings would leave,joined the Maloof’s chorus insisting there were no fixes that could improve Arco Arena.

100 hundred acres

The land the Arena sits on is massive, only the airport has more parking spaces. The City once considered building a new stadium for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders next to Arco.   Other visionaries,  envisioned a complex with fields for soccer, volleyball, rugby, Little League baseball, softball and other non-professional sports. It could include a small, 10,000-seat stadium. For many Sacramentians its location near Interstates 5 and 80 was ideal.

 To remain competitive in an ever changing marketplace  Older arenas are routinely updated.  Again this isn’t true of Arco, as the arena aged the owners (Maloofs) assuming they would eventually move to a  new Arena ,made no significant improvements to Arco .

Magicians In Oakland and Seattle 

When Oracle (Oakland Coliseum) Arena opened in 1966, its capacity was 15,000.  After a major renovation in the late nineties, 4000 seats and luxury boxes were added to the facility without removing any exterior walls.

The Key Arena opened in 1962 in Seattle . The has been renovated three times, when it open its capacity was 13,200 when the current renovation is completed in 2021, it will increase to 18,600.

 Arco/Sleep Train was one of the busiest Arenas on the West coast.  Hosting more than 200 events a year.  The Arena had hosted international acts: Tina Turner, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Garth Brooks.  Until it wasn’t. Peeling paint, a leaking ceiling and an indifferent landlord.

Related image

How old is old? 

West Coast Arenas currently in operation.

The 17,000 seat,Arco Arena opened in 1988.

The 16,000 seat, Cow Place opened in 1941

12,000 seat, Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Portland ) opened in 1961

17,000 Key Arena (Seattle) opened in 1962

19,000 seat Oracle (Oakland Coliseum) opened in 1966

17,000 seat Perchanga (San Diego Sports Arena) opened in 1966

17,000 seat Forum (Inglewood) opened in 1967

17,000 seat SAP (San Jose  Arena (San Jose) opened in 1993

21,000 seat  Staples Center opened in 1999

The City of Sacramento wants Sleep Train Torn Down 

The City of Sacramento has a large ($255 million) debt in the Golden One Center, which may not paid for several decades.  This debt, doesn’t include the future upgrades the Kings will demand from the city to remain competitive with other NBA arenas.

Sacramento doesn’t want any competition to Golden One.  College and High Schools Commencement events were redirected (at a higher cost) from Sleep Train to Golden One.

 The city doesn’t see the long term benefits of keeping Sleep Train.  Unlike the Convention Center, Sleep Train can accommodate events that the Convention Center and Golden One cannot.  Rent for the newly renovated Convention Center, and Golden One will be significantly higher than Sleep Train resulting in some shows, religious organizations to bypass Sacramento.  Events that would generate revenue to businesses in Natomas and generating additional tax dollars for city.

NBA organizations like the Sacramento Kings are not in the business of being landlords.  However, Kings owners  Vivek Ranadive and Partners are businessmen.   The Arena is worth much more in its present condition than rubble.   Perhaps they signed a blood oath with the City preventing them from placing  the building on the market.   Even in its present condition the building is worth considerably more than 40 million it cost to construct in 1988.


Over two million people live in the Sacramento Metro Area. Sacramento is currently the fastest growing large city in the starte.  This region can support two Arena.   Fresno, (metro population  1,1 million) has two operating arenas.  The 12,000 seat Selland Arena opened in 1966 and the 16,000 seat Save Mart Center opened in 2003. The Selland Arena is located in the Fresno Convention Center complex downtown.  Updates have kept the 53 year old venue competitive. Sleep Train hasn’t received any major updates since its opening in 1988

Golden One Center is a success. Pollstar a trade publication for the concert industry.  Ranked Golden One Center #9 in the United States and #18 in the world, selling over 150,000 tickets to arena events from November 22, 2018, to February 20, 2019. Golden 1 Center was also the only Northern California arena to make the top 20 in Pollstar’s first-quarter ticket sales rankings.

Bulldozing Sleep Train is shortsighted. Acts are choosing and will continue to choose Golden One based on its reputation.  The City of Sacramento is spending more than 200 million dollars to expand the Convention Center, which includes improvements to the Memorial Auditorium and renovating Community Center Theater.    Sleep Train can be marketed as secondary events complex, hosting events like RV’s shows. Conferences too large for the Convention Center and  shows can not afford the fees at Golden One.

There are nearly 1400, rooms within five miles of Sleep Train .  Upgrading Sleep Train is considerably less than building or expanding any venue downtown.  With its acreage, it has the flexibility to host larger sporting events than  UC Davis and Sacramento State Combined.    

Jehovah’s Witness and Aftershock

The Jehovah’s Witness Convention is far and away the Convention Centers largest client.     Last year, the Witnesses  moved their meetings from the Cow Palace outside of San Francisco to Sacramento. Last year their meetings were held at Sleep Train. Last year the city said the Witness’s brought $28 million to city . In that same year, the manager of the Malabar restaurant on Del Paso Road welcomed the business.   “ With Sleep Train just sitting there being empty we’re losing a lot of money and a lot of business, so 16 weekends out of the year sounds great to me.”

This year they will meet in Sleep Train, while the Convention Center is renovated. Between May and September there will be 16  events at Sleep Train.  Averaging nearly 11,000 attendees per weekend, more Jehovah’s Witness Conventions are held in Sacramento than anywhere on the west coast.  Last year,despite the aesthetics (weeds)  some of the attendees said they preferred the Sleep Train location over the Convention Center due to the availability of near by moderately priced hotels.

Many businesses in Natomas felt the absence of Sleep Train.  Many of them saw in increases in business last year when the venue held the Jehovah’s Witness Convention.  Like many religious organizations there is no charge to attend the convention.  As a result this organization hold their events in secondary locations.   For years, their events were held at the Cow Palace.    The Cow Palace may be in its final days, a victim of age and location. Golden One, The Oracle in Oakland, the SAP in San Jose  and the new Chase arena in San Francisco are too expensive for organizations like the Jehovah’s Witnesses Its very possible they may outgrown the Convention Center and without the option of Sleep Train, leave Sacramento for Fresno, Stockton, Long Beach or Reno .

Sacramento’s largest two day event is Aftershock, it is held the 2nd week on October.  Attendance has grown steadily through the years, from 35,000 attendees to 60, 000 last year, making it one of the largest music events on the West Coast.

The Aftershock Festival began seven years ago at Gibson Park in Elverta.  A few years ago, the venue moved to a smaller location at Discovery Park.  Attendees currently have an option of parking their cars at Sleep Train and being shuttled to Discovery Park.   Last year the Festival was responsible of filling nearly every hotel room between Woodland and Downtown. Last year the event generated nearly 14 million dollars to Sacramento .  While to goal was to grow the three day event to forty thousand people per day, Sacramento has limited the capacity to 25,000 per day.

Enter Sleep Train, the festival is currently using the parking area and providing transportation from, Sleep Train to Discovery.  Temporary Amphitheaters could be constructed on the properties existing 100 acres. Insuring the Festival will remain in Sacramento for years to come.

A 28 Million Dollar Lesson   

In 1929, William Fox built the San Francisco Fox Theater considered by many the most opulent theaters in the Fox Chain.   The theater had 4600 seats.  But it was troubled from its opening, the location was too far up Market. and the other theaters. Rapidly decaying, leaders viewed it as a loser for the city.  However, there were others who believed the building had other uses.   The City left the decision with the Citizens and in 1961 the citizens voted to demolish the theater and sell the land.   Which is currently theFox Plaza.

Less than twenty years later, the San Francisco Symphony needed a home, it was sharing  the War Memorial Opera house with the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera Company.  As a result the Symphony was unable to expand to a full year schedule.

In 1980, The Louise M Davies Symphony Hall opened two blocks away from the site of the Fox Theater Site.

There are many cities who have hastily torn down theaters, stadiums and Arenas.  Some of the cities were unwilling  or lacked the vision, of what could be.   There are other that had the vision to re-purpose these building.    With the Sleep Train in place, Sacramento has four venues, and the city would in directly benefit from events  held at Sleep Train.   Golden One and the Convention Center along with the Community Theater are the premier venues in Sacramento.

Sleep Train at,  30 years old, is still a relatively young venue.  It currently has something the other venues dont , the potential for growth.  It will have most likely to appeal to a different client similar to The Staple Center and the Inglewood Forum.   T’he city will benefit from both venues.   The owners of the Sacramento Kings should place Sleep Train on the market.  The city should  revisit area around Sleep Train as an alternative to downtown.  Possibly changing the zoning to high density (vertical ) commercial and  residential that would make better use of the land and compliment  near by Centene and its projected 5000 employees, who might enjoy a indoor profession tennis match a few blocks from work.

Sacramento continues to struggle with its identity .  It wants to be world class, however its decisions are shortsighted. Its continues to zone like it was 1963. A subdivision and a Raley’s.

It’s plain, its basic and like it or not, Sleep Train/Acro Arena is an iconic building for Sacramento.  Outside of the Capital, it was the most photographed televised building in Sacramento.  Many local are proud of its history.

Bulldozing Sleep Train will not guarantee the success of Golden One.  Like, Sleep Train, it will age and there will be newer Arenas, with larger screens.    Perhaps, our leaders need to Google World Class Cities.  Many have theaters Arenas and Stadiums that are much older than Sleep Train.  Our civic leaders need to be reminded.  The Iconic Sleep Train is still a viable. In 2016, in its worst condition Garth Brooks performed 8 eight shows,sold nearly 90,000 tickets generating over 2 million dollars for singer.  The building was very successful but the landlord let it down, let it leak. But they are no longer in Sacramento.

To bull doze Sleep Train Arena and replace it with another Beazer subdivision doesn’t make Sacramento World Class .  A city that could attract high tech companies like Amazon or Google and their employees  Short term decisions like this continues to make our river city look like a random bedroom community with a capital building.

Do not Tear Down Sleep Train Arena

Contact your Councilperson and Vivek Ranadive, owner of the Sacramento Kings

(Check the City of Sacramento’s Website for Email addresses and Telephone Numbers)


District 1 – Angelique Ashby
District 2 – Allen Warren
District 3 – Jeff Harris
District 4 – Steve Hansen
District 5 – Jay Schenirer
Vice Mayor Eric Guerra (District 6)
District 7 – Rick Jennings, II
District 8 – Larry Carr




The State Theater Woodland (Auditorium 1) is Quite Possibly the best theater in Sacramento Region!

Related image
Are you still mourning the old Century Domes in Sacramento?   A multiplex is a multiplex is a multiplex?  A theater is a theater.  In Sacramento, there are two and half movie theaters.  The Tower, Esquire IMAX and the Crest.
 Cinema West chain based in Petaluma.  Has attempted to elevate the multiplex, building theaters with larger screens 60, and 70 foot screens in some of its auditoriums and installing Dolby in nearly all of its auditoriums.
The Palladio 16 in Folsom was the chains first theater in the Sacramento area.  Followed by the intimate adult Palladio Lux around the corner. The Lux has a bar and doesn’t allow anyone under 21 in the evening.
A couple a years ago the chain restored The State theater in Downtown Woodland.  The theater built in 1937 closed in 2004.
Image result for state theater woodland
 Instead of slicing up the large theater, the company restored the theater and added 9                                                                                  auditoriums.                                                                                  Image result for state theater woodland
Auditorium 1, is the old State theater.  The capacity of the old State was 990 Seats. With the new larger recliners the capacity is 351 seats.  Making it one of the largest auditoriums in the area.   Auditoriums 1 has a 60 foot screen and 7.1 Dolby Sound                                                                               System.
Two weeks ago, Cinema West opened its newest theater here in Sacramento.  The  Country Club Cinema in Sacramento near Watt and El Camino.   The theater boasts two Giant Screens.
                                            Image result for country club cinema sacramento
We will review this theater next month.  But its largest theater is considerably smaller than the State.
If you live in Natomas or Midtown Sac and missing the sheer size of those domes.   It just might be worth the drive to Downtown Woodland to experience a real large theater. Again Auditorium one.   Woodland is experience a revival downtown. There are several food choices.  The State may be the best theater in the Sacramento Region.
The State Theater is located at 322 Main Street in Woodland.
The Country Club Cinema is located at 2405 Butano Drive, in Sacramento

Avengers Endgame: Caught up in the Hype

Image result for avengers endgame

Auditorium 1 at the State Theater in Downtown Woodland is very impressive.  Its old school large with a giant screen. We ended up in Woodland because all the afternoon showings of Endgame were sold out in metro Sacramento.

Endgame is breaking records all over the world, earning two with a “B“illon worldwide in its first 11 days.  Its has passed Titanic and has its sights on Avitar,

Avengers Endgame is an entertaining movie.  It is filled with all the cliches and it hits all the right buttons.  Problem is, we’ve seen this all before.  Over and over and over and over and over and over.  The only thing that was new was inclusion (I’ll call this the mid-term movie)  at the end, nearly race and gender came together to defend our planet!  Missing in action were drag queens from RuPaul Drag Race.  Fans know, those queens could have successfully built a device that would annihilate any foreign lifeform.


The State Theater (Auditorium 1) Is Quite Possibly the best theater in the Sacramento Region

Related image


3 hours, THREE HOURS!!!!!   I got caught up in the Hype,they got me boy!  (And, it slices bread)   I wont be back, Marvel wont get me again.  I won’t be missed, the masses are already waiting for a sequel.  I already see a new Captain America series.   2 billion dollars in 11 days?  You bet your sweet sore ass there will be others, with booms and crackles and a familiar themes that will make you cheer and make you tear. The Red,White and Boo!    Once again, the world be saved from evil aliens and robots.

BOOM!!!! and the crowd goes wild! 





Go ask Ma and Pa Canington they know the way


Sometime in the 70’s or 80’s someone said “If you don’t use it you lose it”   With the advent of digital and cell phones.  Few of us can memorize phone numbers.  If someone said to me, gimmie your oldest child’s telephone number or ill kill you . That would be the day I would meet Jesus face to face.   “He wouldn’t let me phone a friend”

My mind was once more powerful than an early Packard Bell Computer.  I could readily recall telephone numbers, address and birthdays.  But that was before my Motorola flip phone. Image result for motorola flip phone 1995. Before the flip phone, the early cell phones were giant bricks.  The Motorola could nearly fit in your pocket.  But with this phone, I could transfer the numbers on my human hard drive to the Motorola.  Who needs to remember Aun’t Bertha’s number, its in my phone.   I didn’t need that part of my brain.

Today we are total slaves to our cell phone.   Some of us are so addicted we cant put them down.  They talk to us, advise us, and show us the way.

A short time ago, I attempted to give a twenty one year old directions.   It was fairly simple,  J street (which is a one way street)  Turn right on Alhambra  and you will see the Bank of America, its across the street from Safeway and Del Taco.    “I’m terrible with directions he screamed”-I need the address! I need the address!  I didn’t know the address I replied.  Oh my God!  He screamed   You don’t know the address?   Oh my God!  Drama on overload.  He was one more “Oh my God” from being left!    He found the bank on his phone.  Is there two on Alhambra?  I don’t know, I said…   “Oh my God” he sighed, I’ll find it!

OMG, I thought to myself.  What the fuck would he do if he didn’t have his phone?  He so relies on his phone, that he will not consider anything else.   I’m a baby boomer, I grew up with AAA and maps.   I also remember directions from Ma and Pa Canington.  You drive down a ways until you see this blue building with white steps, that’s where you turn right.  Then you get in the left lane, when you see Joe’s Locksmith, its a small white building you turn left.  Then you go down a bit until you see a house with a big sunflower in front and your there.

Computer and smart phones are too complicated for the Canington’s.  They rely on old school maps, exit numbers and memory.  (buildings and other landmarks)  They are not dependent on batteries, and GPS signals and well into their eighties they are sharper than any twenty-something.  They actual read and believe signs that say the bridge is out.  They may not have the reflexes of a 21 year old and drive below the speed limit., but its the car I want to be in.




Road Rage “Crazy”

I’m hooked on those you tube Road Rage Videos. Most of the images are caught on dash cam. The details on some of these are extremely sharp with some of the cameras allowing the driver to capture clear images of the license plates .

What I find fascinating is a lot of the owners of these dash cams are often in the wrong. Giving chase, blocking the other vehicles and putting and  themselves and their passengers in harms way.

The testosterone level is often beyond a million plus. With men and women engaging in reckless violent behavior.    Most acts are unintentional, its a momentary oops, with the driver in the other car overreacting.  One man attacked the car behind him with a baseball bat breaking the windows with a family inside the car BECAUSE he believed the car behind him was following him was following to closely in a 15 mph zone.


My advice is to ignore your ego. Turn around and drive in another direction. If they follow you ,call the police. If the traffic comes to a stop, stay in you car. Do not speak. We don’t know his state of mind of if he is carrying any weapons. At the end of the day. Your ego will be fine and you will live another day

This video, contains footage of a man ramming his SUV into a car here in Sacramento near the W X Freeway

Please Be Safe