Swinging in Sacramento? Heck yes!

A freaked out father of four wanted his mo-NAY back from an Arden area hotel on New Years Eve .After learning a Swingers Club was having a party in the hotel. How dare he and his children stay at a hotel where people are having SEX! Ouba Goobay A sex club was having a megaContinue reading “Swinging in Sacramento? Heck yes!”

Sacramento: The Best Place to Stay when you want to get your Party On!

   Long lines down 15th waiting to enter Midtown’s “Ultra Lounge 18 Blocks Long (10th to 28th) 5 blocks wide (I to Capitol) Its the weekend, and your looking for grown up entertainment, in most cities San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland if you want to change to a different venue say classical to rock. Continue reading “Sacramento: The Best Place to Stay when you want to get your Party On!”

Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion

  Sacramento’s Premier tourist destination is in need of more than occasional attention from the city.  The number of for rent signs seems to be increasing monthly.   On the weekends the area is bustling with tourist, in horse drawn carriages and filling the restaurants.  During the week there are few tourists and with fewerContinue reading “Old Sacramento Deserves More Than a Notion”

Kill Me Now! The Alhambra Safeway is no longer a 24 hour store

  One of the best thing about living in Sacramento is the ability to shop 24hours a day. While 24 full service shopping is common in cities like Sacramento and Dallas, its very rare in cities like  San Francisco and New York .  In those cities ,large chain stores are rare and discounters like K-MartContinue reading “Kill Me Now! The Alhambra Safeway is no longer a 24 hour store”

Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert

After being ninty minutes late with some concert fans paying more than $300 to hear Kanye at Golden 1 Center got a less than what they paid for.  What they got was two songs and  17 minutes of his thoughts and opinions. (Caution, if you are offened by langauage stop here) We could you tell youContinue reading “Two Songs and Done Kanye West Storms out of Sacramento Concert”

Studio Movie Grill “Game changer”

Going to the movies changed in Sacramento last fall with the opening of the Studio Movie Grill in Rocklin Before SMG, moviegoers needed to choose a restaurant near the theater.  Locating a parking space, a possible wait.  Then drive to the theater, find a parking space and buy your ticket. At Studio Movie Grill (SMG)Continue reading “Studio Movie Grill “Game changer””

Monday’s Sump Pump

One Pill makes you LARGER and one pill makes you small  Zero to sixty in 19 days…….    Its taken nearly twenty days …  20 days before someone in the Republican Party to condemn Donald Trump’s Racist Statement about Mexico and Mexicans.  Marco Rubio was the first to speak out against Trump followed by MittContinue reading “Monday’s Sump Pump”