School’s out till Summer for Cortez Quinn its Jail

By:CityFella Its over…… For the next eight months,you can reach Former Twin Rivers Unified School School District board member Cortez Quinn  at 651 I Street. That the address of the Sacramento Country Jail, that will be his home until next summer and home for his  co-conspirator Andre Pearson who will depart next spring. Pearson was theContinue reading “School’s out till Summer for Cortez Quinn its Jail”

Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento

 Friday, December 5,2014We joined the March after having dinner at “The Porch” on K Street.   It was the best of  Sacramento, white, black, gay, latino, asian.   young and old . Emotional at times, especially when the crowd chanted “who next”  is she next, is he next who’s next.   We talked to officerContinue reading “Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento”

Costco Crazy

First thing first, I love shopping,I hate crowds.  I love shopping online in the comfort of my “Fruit of the Looms” So why am I out  at a Costco a gloomy Saturday afternoon?    Ninja.  I am there for a Ninja Blending system.  The Ninja was on sale, a sale ending Sunday,and there is noContinue reading “Costco Crazy”

Young, Blacks and Browns in Sacramento: A Survival Guide

It’s just a reality in America, if you are Black or a Latino male you will at one point be stopped by Law Enforcement for simply being Black or Latino. In my beloved City of Sacramento, I have been stopped three times .  The first time I was with my son in our fairly newContinue reading “Young, Blacks and Browns in Sacramento: A Survival Guide”