The Republians Pledging Their Allegiance to Donald Trump?

If your a political junkie 2016 has been the WTF? of the decade.  Everyone is scratching their heads.    The Grand Ole Party has had its share of fringe candidates but who could Trump, TRUMP! Many people are drawn to his celebrity . We know a something about celebrity here in California. In 2002, CaliforniansContinue reading “The Republians Pledging Their Allegiance to Donald Trump?”

Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur

NBA Reffree Bill Kennedy far Right, Rajon Rondo ( white sweat band) On Dec 3rd In a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in Mexico City.   NBA referee Bill Kennedy  ejected Rajon Rondo from the game due to consecutive technical fouls. Being ejected from a intense game is frustrating. However itsContinue reading “Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur”

Come on Sacramento $12.50 an hour by 2020?

Photo CBS/Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson announced a task force is recommending the Sacramento minimum wage increase to $12.50 an hour by 2020. $12.50 in five years seems more like a punishment than a reward. Families earning low wages cost local taxpayers in the form of services. Forbes says Wal Mart employees cost Taxpayers 6.2 billionContinue reading “Come on Sacramento $12.50 an hour by 2020?”

GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education

By CityFella Build us a new modern arena by 2017 or we will leave town.  Sacramentians are familiar with this sentence from the National Basketball Associations playbook and by golly, next fall Sacramento will open the ultramodern Golden One Center Downtown, the newest NBA Arena( I mean Entertainment Complex) in the nation.   Until theContinue reading “GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker chooses Professional Basketball over Public Education”

You’re much more likely to be murdered in Sacramento if you’re black

Minority victims remain underserved by criminal justice system Question: When is the minority actually the majority? Answer: When referring to murder victims. By: Raheem F. Hosseini/Sacramento News and Review According to an SN&R analysis of unpublished Sacramento County Coroner’s Office data, at least 57 percent of last year’s murder victims hailed from local minority communities.Continue reading “You’re much more likely to be murdered in Sacramento if you’re black”

Proud Mary, Denial and Kindness on Stockton Blvd

Ike an Tina Turner added  this  verse  to Proud Mary Ya’ know, every now and then I think you might like to hear something from us Nice and easy But there’s just one thing You see we never ever do nothing Nice and easy We always do it nice and rough I identify with thisContinue reading “Proud Mary, Denial and Kindness on Stockton Blvd”

Sacramento International Airport and the Great Wall of Denver

By CityFella. Sorry Mayor Kevin Johnson, the most significant building in the Sacramento region is Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport.   It is the first impression for millions visiting Sacramento for the first time. It a breath taking building filled with award winning art. A few days ago ,USA Today named Sacramento asContinue reading “Sacramento International Airport and the Great Wall of Denver”

Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento

 Friday, December 5,2014We joined the March after having dinner at “The Porch” on K Street.   It was the best of  Sacramento, white, black, gay, latino, asian.   young and old . Emotional at times, especially when the crowd chanted “who next”  is she next, is he next who’s next.   We talked to officerContinue reading “Michael Brown Eric Garner Protest in Sacramento”

Costco Crazy

First thing first, I love shopping,I hate crowds.  I love shopping online in the comfort of my “Fruit of the Looms” So why am I out  at a Costco a gloomy Saturday afternoon?    Ninja.  I am there for a Ninja Blending system.  The Ninja was on sale, a sale ending Sunday,and there is noContinue reading “Costco Crazy”