TRAVEL ALERT: Before you buy your Plane Ticket…………

Typically, when your planning a trip online , you purchase the Airline Tickets, book the hotel and then make car rental reservations. Its time to change the order…………. Recently, I was planning a trip from Sacramento to Dallas. I found a great price online  for my airline tickets.($210)   The hotel,was a hundred dollars a night.Continue reading “TRAVEL ALERT: Before you buy your Plane Ticket…………”

Swinging in Sacramento? Heck yes!

A freaked out father of four wanted his mo-NAY back from an Arden area hotel on New Years Eve .After learning a Swingers Club was having a party in the hotel. How dare he and his children stay at a hotel where people are having SEX! Ouba Goobay A sex club was having a megaContinue reading “Swinging in Sacramento? Heck yes!”

The Famous Mid Day Cinnamon Roll Stampede

It was a gathering of men.   Lunch at the Hometown Buffet at Country Club Center on Watt Ave.  Twenty or so men ranging in age from the mid thirties to the early seventies.  All the men weighed 250 to well over 400 pounds.  Some using canes and others using walkers to help them get around.Continue reading “The Famous Mid Day Cinnamon Roll Stampede”

916 Lyft Uber Tales # 2 “Dude I’m over here”

I wont out the driver, but he was hi and I was stupid.  One most days I can summoned a ride in one to two minutes which works for me cuz I’m always running late. I run down the stairs and I see the Chevy passing my building.  He drives two blocks and makes aContinue reading “916 Lyft Uber Tales # 2 “Dude I’m over here””

Arden Fair Mayhem (Social Media Edition)

Some Policemen and Mall owners have said, The 26th of December the day after Christmas seems to be the one of the most violent days in America’s malls. People are pent up from being with their family,” Closed schools, social media, the mall and juveniles with nothing to do?   Can be  combustible mix.  The victims:Continue reading “Arden Fair Mayhem (Social Media Edition)”

“Heck” No To Sacramento’s Measure U

In the fall of 2012, citizens approved Measure U a temporary half cent sales tax increase. Sacramento ,like the rest of the country was hit hard by Financial Crises of 2007-2008 .  Fire Stations, Libraries, Community centers closed all over the city.   There were layoffs in every department including Fire and police. Income from thisContinue reading ““Heck” No To Sacramento’s Measure U”

Rent Control Sacramento: The City offers a Bandaid to slow the bleeding

Sacramento is the fastest growing big city in the State of California.  The capital city has seen a 9.4 increase in rent, three times higher than the national average and double the states average. With rents averaging $1700, the Capital city has become an attractive and lower cost alternative to renters in the San FranciscoContinue reading “Rent Control Sacramento: The City offers a Bandaid to slow the bleeding”

The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep17 “Ship Happens”

  This was a real Shit show, literally, figuratively and emotionally……Dorinda Medley    The Trip from Hell!  Piss, Tears, Vomit, and Diarrhea  The New York Housewives are always news.  This episode, taped last February was the real deal .   While vacationing on an island in Columbia, the ladies were told they had to leave immediately,Continue reading “The Real Housewives of New York S10 ep17 “Ship Happens””

Early Morning Flight out of Sacramento International Airport? Plan Ahead!

For years, flying out of Sacramento International was simple.  There was no reason to show up a couple of hours ahead.   The traffic WAS minimal.   Well that was so 2016. For years, there were few non stops east of Denver.  Today there are non stops to Charlotte, Orlando,  Newark and Houston.    Southwest plans nonContinue reading “Early Morning Flight out of Sacramento International Airport? Plan Ahead!”