Congratulations Vladimir

You have to be congratulated in your well orchestrated plan to disrupt the West.   The United States of America is in disarray.  Its creditably on the world the stage has been shattered.  Countries who once looked to the West for guidance are looking elsewhere. The growing economies of Africa and South America are looking towardContinue reading “Congratulations Vladimir”

How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings

  By: Kevin Arnovitz/ ESPN   THE MOVING VAN from Sacramento chokes its way through Miami’s thick August air. It contains the objects of Jeff David’s life, all destined for the Davids’ new house in the affluent Pinecrest neighborhood. It is July 2018, and much of David’s family is on hand to help with the move.Continue reading “How NBA executive Jeff David stole $13 million from the Sacramento Kings”

Janice stole my look

There is something about a bright shiny look.  Sequins, silk, lame. Worn properly its fantastic, improperly in tube top or casually applied to clothing is often beyond scary. I was always a big boi.  I was big baby, I came into the world weighing 137 pounds 4 ounces with size 10 feet.  My mother  screamedContinue reading “Janice stole my look”

Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls”

The average non millionaire/billionaire wouldn’t have seen the light of day.  Sex with several underage girls under 15? Not the light of day.  Of course the average Joe, wouldn’t have defense attorneys Gerald Lefcourt, Alan Dershowiz and Ken Starr representing them. Jeffrey Epstein exploits with underage girls date back to 2005.    The registered sexContinue reading “Sticky Fingers: “They knew Epstein liked young girls””

Barr: Slow Dancing

  Perhaps Attorney General William Barr knew what was ahead.   A few days ago, Barr  said he would not testify to the House Judiciary Committee today, if committee lawyers were allowed to ask follow up questions, a long standing practice. In light of yesterday’s New York Times story, where we learned special counsel Robert MuellerContinue reading “Barr: Slow Dancing”

All This and A Bag of Chips

He was the first person in his family to complete college. A natural salesman he has sold everything from nuts to cars.  He married his girlfriend from college and they have three children. He and his wife are well respected in their community as they enthusiastically volunteer in their church and local schools.  He andContinue reading “All This and A Bag of Chips”

Empire’s Jussie Smollett: Did he pay for attack?

Jussie Smollett and brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo  By Sopan Deb/New York Times The strange case of the “Empire” star Jussie Smollett took another turn this weekend with the police in Chicago saying the investigation’s trajectory had changed amid news media reports that detectives were reviewing whether the attack Smollett reported late last month hadContinue reading “Empire’s Jussie Smollett: Did he pay for attack?”

Picture Vs Policy: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Does the picture represent the man?

So quick we are to judge. Who needs facts or details? One blip ,one bump and your career in over.   When my children were growing up, I would tell them its not what your say, its what you do. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was young when he took a picture in Blackface standing next toContinue reading “Picture Vs Policy: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Does the picture represent the man?”

A teachable moment in blackface?

Three months ago there was a national discussion regarding blackface in America. When NBC host Megyn Kelly said it was OK when she was growing up for white people to dress up as black characters.  Kelly, spoke out against a controversy that erupted last year when Luann de Lesseps appeared to darken her face whenContinue reading “A teachable moment in blackface?”