BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento

  West Natomas: Angeline Jolie is not, has never planned to move to Sacramento. A rumor started by a party of one suggested Ms Jolie was relocating her small active family of ninty billion children to the realtively quiet confines of Sacramento.  Here in Sacratomatoville, the media  (with the exception of CW31) would leave herContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento”

The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne

I didn’t live in Sacramento when the second Arco Arena opened,  It had to be the second coming of christ.  The  Golden 1 Center opens in two weeks with Sir Paul McCartney. (Millennials are looking him up on their smart phones ,Who? ) There is so much antipation, so much hope for a building that someContinue reading “The Golden One Center in Sacramento can cure Acne”

Just because it zips………….

Remember this Oprah? If your under 35 probably not.  This Oprah went on a liquid diet and lost a ton of weight.  In the wagon is fat, the fat represents the weight she lost. The fat she hoped was gone forever.  Look at those jeans, the belt, her posture, I’m sure, as she was gettingContinue reading “Just because it zips………….”

The Best BIG Department Store in Sacratomatoville Spring-Summer 2016

The Big downtown Macy’s at 5th and L is currently the best big department store in the Sacratomatoville. Last Saturday, South Natomas resident Vanessa Daniels needed a blender stat! Her shopping options were the Wal Mart and Target stores in North Natomas off Truxel Road. Both stores are closer but the traffic is a nightmare.Continue reading “The Best BIG Department Store in Sacratomatoville Spring-Summer 2016”


There was a time in my life when it was all about the Mall. I enjoyed the energy, the Mr’s Fields Cookies, and it was a good place to meet people and to people watch.   If I were on vacation, I took out the Yellow Pages and researched the malls in the area, oftenContinue reading “Doorbuster”


    By Pritish Nandy, Mumbai Mirror As we enter a new year, it’s amusing to see how everyone is catering to impatience. In the recent past we have seen many new brands (as well as many new online marketplaces) trying to break through hoary loyalties, pull away buyers. But now consumer impatience (or disloyalty, dependingContinue reading “India: THE END OF PATIENCE”

Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur

NBA Reffree Bill Kennedy far Right, Rajon Rondo ( white sweat band) On Dec 3rd In a game between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in Mexico City.   NBA referee Bill Kennedy  ejected Rajon Rondo from the game due to consecutive technical fouls. Being ejected from a intense game is frustrating. However itsContinue reading “Sac Kings/NBA Punishment Fail after Gay Slur”

A win for the people of Curtis Park

Curtis Park is south of Downtown Sacramento and west of Highway 99. Is one of the more popular neighborhoods in city.  Within its boundaries you can find the very popular Gunther’s Ice Cream store and Freeport Bakery. Earlier this year, Redfin a Seattle based Real Estate Company added Curtis Park to its top ten listContinue reading “A win for the people of Curtis Park”

Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts

Photo: Google Images    A few weeks ago there was yet another fight in a  Wal Mart.  Rebecca Mills was cruising in a suburban Wal Mart in Indiana on one of stores courtesy electric carts.  At one point ,Ms Mills became annoyed at a worker who was stocking shelves for blocking the aisle.    AmberContinue reading “Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts”

The final Days for the Century Domes?

I am a major fan of old Movie Theaters. They were buildings of fantasy, the architecture has the ability to transport you to another time.  One of my favorite theater in San Francisco is the Alhambra Theater on Polk Street. Build in  Opened in 1926 ,the ornate Moorish design takes you to Spain..   The theater wasContinue reading “The final Days for the Century Domes?”