Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait

When I’m looking for the the ultimate customer experiece,Wal Mart doesn’t come to mind. Like billions of shoppers on the planet, it’s promise of low prices. I spend nearly $2500 a year at the West Sacramento, Wal Mart. The average family spends more than $5100 a year at a Wal Mart. Most of MY dollarsContinue reading “Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait”

A follower or Safeway Stalker?

8:16Am Midtown Safeway, Sacramento Purpose:  Milk, Bananas, Sugar, Mushrooms, Yeast……. My new normal when I first enter a supermarket, is to first visit the paper aisle.  ___________________________________________________ A few weeks ago, I arrived early and there were about 20 twelve packagess of Scott Toilet Paper with 12 rolls. I grabbed my chest and staggered downContinue reading “A follower or Safeway Stalker?”

merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)

  Its 2018, another year filled with stupid adults who shouldn’t leave their homes without professional supervision. _____________________________________________________   Despite all the warnings, every year shoppers fill the cars with gifts and return to the mall to shop.  Once their shopping is completed they return to an empty car with a broken window.   At anContinue reading “merry STUPID christmas (self inflected wounds)”

Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights

By: Erika D. Smith/Sacramento Bee The story of Zhalisa Clarke — a black woman who was minding her own business at a Raley’s in Citrus Heights when cashier accused her of shoplifting and called the police — didn’t make national news. It could have. In fact, it should have. Like Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson,Continue reading “Shopping While Black in Citrus Heights”

Market 5 one 5 is just what Sacramento Needs Right Now!

Market 5 one 5 opened Tuesday. The store hits all the right buttons for a single and small family professionals living/working in Downtown/Midtown Sacramento. ONE” is an acronym that references Organic, Nutrition and Education. Market 5 one 5 is a new division of Raley’s, however it is managed separately.  The store is one fifth the size of theContinue reading “Market 5 one 5 is just what Sacramento Needs Right Now!”

Kill Me Now! The Alhambra Safeway is no longer a 24 hour store

  One of the best thing about living in Sacramento is the ability to shop 24hours a day. While 24 full service shopping is common in cities like Sacramento and Dallas, its very rare in cities like  San Francisco and New York .  In those cities ,large chain stores are rare and discounters like K-MartContinue reading “Kill Me Now! The Alhambra Safeway is no longer a 24 hour store”

BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento

  West Natomas: Angeline Jolie is not, has never planned to move to Sacramento. A rumor started by a party of one suggested Ms Jolie was relocating her small active family of ninty billion children to the realtively quiet confines of Sacramento.  Here in Sacratomatoville, the media  (with the exception of CW31) would leave herContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Jolie is NOT moving to Sacramento”

A win for the people of Curtis Park

Curtis Park is south of Downtown Sacramento and west of Highway 99. Is one of the more popular neighborhoods in city.  Within its boundaries you can find the very popular Gunther’s Ice Cream store and Freeport Bakery. Earlier this year, Redfin a Seattle based Real Estate Company added Curtis Park to its top ten listContinue reading “A win for the people of Curtis Park”

Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts

Photo: strangedaysindeednews.blogspot.com/via Google Images    A few weeks ago there was yet another fight in a  Wal Mart.  Rebecca Mills was cruising in a suburban Wal Mart in Indiana on one of stores courtesy electric carts.  At one point ,Ms Mills became annoyed at a worker who was stocking shelves for blocking the aisle.    AmberContinue reading “Observaton: BIG PEOPLE Abusing Electric Shopping Carts In Wal Marts”

Costco Crazy

First thing first, I love shopping,I hate crowds.  I love shopping online in the comfort of my “Fruit of the Looms” So why am I out  at a Costco a gloomy Saturday afternoon?    Ninja.  I am there for a Ninja Blending system.  The Ninja was on sale, a sale ending Sunday,and there is noContinue reading “Costco Crazy”