Like Cold Weather? Try Yakutsk Russia:The World’s Largest City on Permafrost

A statue of Pyotr Beketov, a Yenisei Cossack leader credited with founding  Yakutsk in 1632. Flying into Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha republic  and the coldest city in the world, feels like flying to the end  of the Earth. A pale brown, desolate expanse with the contours of a crumpled  paper bag covers theContinue reading “Like Cold Weather? Try Yakutsk Russia:The World’s Largest City on Permafrost”

Who is Citizen X and Y does he or she want to recall Mayor Kevin Johnson?

“Money can buy you everything”  “But money can’t buy you love”   Its tough being Kevin Johnson.   Re-elected for a second term he should be dancing in the streets of Sacramento.   A series of embarrassing events and vengeful city council had put the party on hold. Outside the city limits, some think le mayor is cool.  Inside the city andContinue reading “Who is Citizen X and Y does he or she want to recall Mayor Kevin Johnson?”

Mommy look, there is a lady on top of that car!

So your on your way to the Mall of Georgia and you see this woman on the hood of an SUV on I-85, what to do? 1. Call the Police? 2. Take out your handy phone and give chase so you’ll be the first to upload it on You Tube? 3. Try to slow the SUV. Citizens calledContinue reading “Mommy look, there is a lady on top of that car!”

Mitt Romney: The Slackers or the 47%

Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! What are you thinking? Are You Thinking? We live in a new age, pick your nose and it will be on “You Tube‘ before you get that tissue. So you tell your fans at your 50 grand a plate (hope the chicken wasn’t dry )fundraiser, you wont get support from the slackers cause they dontContinue reading “Mitt Romney: The Slackers or the 47%”

China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?

The Goverments of China (the worlds third largest economy) and Japan (the worlds seconds largest economy atter the US) What Who own a group of Islands located in the East and South China Sea‘s.  The question of ownership of the islands extends back to 1895 when Japan says China ceded sovereignty of the islands when it lost theContinue reading “China-Japan tension: What is the Beef?”

Should You Tell Her “The Number”?

  Revealing the number of women you’ve hooked up with is fine when you’re throwing back brews with your buddies. Otherwise? Avoid the topic like the plague. Here’s why: A majority of women will lose respect for you if they believe you have too much casual sex, according to new research presented at the 107th AnnualContinue reading “Should You Tell Her “The Number”?”

Rich and Poor Living Side by Side?

  On the corner of Larabee and Division Streets in Chicago, a woman named Andrea stands in front of her home, a quasi-public housing development with a surreally pristine, Ikea-esque veneer. We’re only steps from where, in 1997, 9-year-old Shatoya Currie was raped and nearly killed at the Cabrini-Green housing projects, the last of which was tornContinue reading “Rich and Poor Living Side by Side?”

We’re back! Police calls increase as Chico State Students return

    Alcohol-fueled fights downtown   Huge house parties.  Girls and guys gone wild, means the kids are back in town with no home work .  Chico State‘s Reputation as a party school is intact. Chico, California is 82 miles northeast of  Sacramento.  Nearly 90,000 people live in the city.   16,000 Students attend the University On aContinue reading “We’re back! Police calls increase as Chico State Students return”

Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook

Think before you post! Don’t overshare and other important rules for avoiding regret later on. Breaking up with someone has never been easy, but in this age of status updates, checking in and documenting your every move online, it’s only getting harder. Not only do you have to find a way to remove your ex fromContinue reading “Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook”

Gay Talk Show in Sacramento? “The Swirl”

Talk radio in Sacramento for the most part is to the right and this is true for most parts of the country.  Liberal’s aren’t funny, they seem to forget radio is ‘ENTERTANMENT”   This is also applies to Christian Radio.   The conservative host understand this,  you can almost  can hear a wink in their voices as to say, IContinue reading “Gay Talk Show in Sacramento? “The Swirl””