Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !

Roseville‘s Galleria mall’s Facebook‘s page is getting a fewer thumbs up’s  after a security guard ejected a gay couple for kissing and holding hands last Saturday.   This local story has picked up a  lot of  steam and has received national attention.    A Kiss-In Protest is planned for this saturday at the mall .Continue reading “Same sex Kiss-in at the Roseville Galleria this Saturday Bring a mint !”

testosterone ON BROADWAY

What is :tes·tos·ter·one? says Testosterone is: 1.: a hormone that is a hydroxy steroid ketone C19H28O2produced especially by the testes or made synthetically and that is responsible for inducing and maintaining male secondary sex characters 2.: qualities (as brawn and aggressiveness) usually associated with males :  testosterone ON BROADWAY It was an impromptu stop.  I  needed a money order and stopped at a  checkContinue reading “testosterone ON BROADWAY”

Local Pet Owner Seeks Cat Exorcist

As Seen in Sacramento‘s  Craigslist (pets) desperately seeking exorcist for my cat Seeking pet exorcist to perform exorcism on my evil cat noodles, possessed by the devil itself.   She was so loving until a few weeks ago and now she sleeps on my face to suffocate me.    I  find teeth in my bed and my kids wake up to her scratching  their eyes.  Her fur is coming out in clumpsContinue reading “Local Pet Owner Seeks Cat Exorcist”

2013 Oscars: All About Seth

The Oscars went in a new direction this year in the form of  Seth MacFarlane.  This isn’t first time the show has taken a new direction, however no host for the Oscars has been as controversial. By the numbers the Oscar show is one of  the most watched telecast in the world, it is seen live in over 100 countries. Continue reading “2013 Oscars: All About Seth”


Although a majority of young adults support same-sex marriage,  a bunch of young straight guys still don’t. And to those straight guys, know this — if you vote against gay guys marrying each other, we’ll still get married… only it’ll be to your girlfriends instead. That’s right. As the boys in the video below attest, gay guys make awesome boyfriends! No, we’reContinue reading “LET GAYS MARRY… OR THEY’LL MARRY YOUR GIRLFRIENDS”

Isn’t it rich…………..

Hot Chocolate is hot chocolate, I’ve never gone out of my way for hot chocolate.  Marshmallows or whipped crème it’s Hot Chocolate.   So when my daughter said I must try this Hot Chocolate, I wasn’t moved. My first sip of Classic American Hot Chocolate ($3.75)wasn’t exciting, my daughter said, “Dad you have to get inContinue reading “Isn’t it rich…………..”

Beyonce no like la fotos

Beyonce has demanded a series of “unflattering” photos be deleted. This wasn’t even one of them. Picture: Getty UN-BEY-LIEVABLE. These are the seven “unflattering” photos that Beyonce wants permanently removed from the internet. Maybe she really does think she is the girl “who runs the world .. who runs this motha …” Staff at socialContinue reading “Beyonce no like la fotos”

A Luxury Car that gets 45mpg, is the 2013 Lincoln MKZ for you?

When you think of Lincoln, you think  Towncar and Limos cars that whisk you away from airports or take you to posh events.  But never a car you would own. Buick and Cadillac has abandon grandpa, gone is the floaty numb cars of old.   The Lincoln Motor Company (new name) wants to change your perception onContinue reading “A Luxury Car that gets 45mpg, is the 2013 Lincoln MKZ for you?”