Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 Ep13 Drama by Wig

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The Jury is still out on whether or not Nene Leakes or Kim Zolciak’s return is paying dividends. I was once a big fan of both women, Nene’s bullying and Kim’s self centered  grew old and they both seem to suffer from a superiority complex.

So far this season, both Zolciak and Leakes have made a few sparks in Atlanta but it’s Zolciak’s return that has been the most disappointing thus far. There is history between the two.   If we were to believe the early interviews during the first season, the two were close friends.  Perhaps this is why the fights between the two seem personal.

Kim attacks on Kenya (her marital status) and the asinine remark about Kandi making moves on her, makes her seems desperate for camera time.

Last night, she brought the drama without being on camera.

The episode began in Barcelona.  In the van, Marlo, once again anoints herself as the director of etiquette and her first pupil was going to be Kandi.  Marlo is THAT cousin who is extra and knows everything.   Kandi wasn’t up for the lesson.

At one point its time to talk about the ladies who didn’t go Kim and Kenya. Nene goes after Kim and her inability  be away from her husband Kroy. Nene says,  Kim “is the only person [she knows] that has had cancer, thyroids, blood clots, a stroke, and is still walking around here being negative.”

Cynthia made the arrangements in the “fabulous villa”.  Problem was, that they couldn’t check in until  the evening.  Which lead to some spontaneous  sightseeing.  They saw a famous church but Cynthia didn’t check the operating hours, so they couldn’t go inside.

With the Villa on hold the ladies lunch.  Eva, apologizes to Cynthia about the Will mess. Cynthia thinks Eva’s heart is in the right place, but she also says that she believes Will over the women trying to tell her that he’s an opportunist.

While Cynthia is okay with Eva, she is not with Porsha’s heard something from someone else.  Cynthia’s history with Porsha’s heard (she heard her ex Peter was dating employees)  and Cynitha reminder Porsha, how she”heard” that Kandi and Todd was drugging her to have sex.

This was the first non hotel vacation for the ladies from Atlanta.    These ladies are used to room service, nice bathrooms and luxury.    The villa looks as if it was furnished by Ikea, to makes matters worse it has eight bedrooms and six bathrooms for seven women.

Room Fight

Its time, for the ladies to choose their rooms.  While Nene and Cynthia were leisurely about their rooms, the newbies (Marlo, Shame and Eva) quickly find rooms with Kandi ending up with the best room, with the best view and the largest bathroom.

With all the good rooms gone, Nene is clearly annoyed and corners Cynthia    Nene feels the rooms should be chosen by maturity, putting the seasoned ladies on the upper floors and so on  and wants a group meeting.  Cynthia knowing how this is going to go down, tells Nene to go for it.

And it went down as planned, Nene spoke and lobbied, Kandi said “I’m not changing” and wore Nene down.  Kandi said, Nene is the one who gets offended when people mention her age, so why is she using age now?

Shamea’s tosses a lil shade Eva’s way.  Asking Eva, if her boyfriend was okay with her dating women.  ‘Come again?’ Eva asked, ‘I just thought on the block that you dated Missy Elliott or somebody?’ Shamea said.

‘No,’ Eva insisted .Shamea insisting: ‘I mean, you’re a beautiful girl ,it’s not hard to believe.”Am I a lesbian? The answer is no,’ Eva insisted later during a confessional.

‘Did I date Missy Elliott? The answer is no. Have I ever had a girl-on-girl experience? The answer is yes, but still, why are we being messy?’

The Bone Collector Reports

After changing into pajamas, Shamea, Porsha, and Sheree calls Kim to bring her up to date.   Sheree is on it, as she barely lets the phone stop ringing before she tells Kim what Nene has said!    Saying it was dumb that she wouldn’t come on the trip without Kroy. Porsha starts to say something, then changers her mind, saying she’ll save it for another time, and Sheree says “No, that’s what we need to do.”

Porsha tells Kim that she didn’t know that Kim was  a cancer survivor, cause she  was going to say that’s wonderful and a blessing because cancer runs in my family.” Kim shoots back that she’s not a cancer survivor and wants to know why Nene was running her mouth!    Sheree tells her that Nene basically said she was faking her heath issues. Kim is beyond pissed and says , Nene is fucking  scum and I won’t even acknowledge it.”

“Kim  acknowledges it”

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The ladies sit down to the dinner table, where Marlo has placed a tiara in honor of Kenya and a wig in honor of Kim. Shamea brings up “the elders” situation from earlier, and Nene goes off big time ,fussin at everyone for continuing to talk about her age that she brought up.      Nene prays to Jesus to bring her down, before she loses it.

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 Suddenly everyone phones at table goes off!

Its a group text, from Kim!

Kim sends everyone a video made by Kim’s daughter Brielle of roaches in Nene’s bathroom.

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This is scaring the fuck out of the new girl Eva, who doesn’t know she’s signed up for!

Kim’s text continues: “For someone that has two beautiful kids and an amazing husband, she should be worried about karma. But this is coming from the same person who takes handicap spots from a handicap person.”  She had the receipts (a picture of Nene Rolls in a handicap parking space)

Sheree,  “A bone carrier is never off her job”

Nene is at 10 plus,  She wants to know how Kim knew what was talked about on the bus? I think Nene was SO PISSED her eyes shut down. !   How so nevah! with her eyes closed She said “Can’t none of y’all step in my house and say a mutha fucking thing!”  “All my shit is bran new with real tags and real labels!”  and Y’ALL bitches ain’t even got pools”

With her eyes still closed Nene doesn’t back down.  She believes Kim is a fake and faking all her illnesses and say’s Kim is a“She’s a trashy, no-good bitch, she’s always been trash, and she’s gon’ always be trash.

Was it super messy? Yes!

Was it calculated on Kim’s Part?  Yes

Your thoughts






Real Housewives of Atlanta S10 EP12 “Peaches be Trippen”

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The Will/Cynthia drama played a small part in last nights episode. If we were to believe the hype, the blow up would continue with some big reveal, it didn’t happen. Porsha gave us another (what I heard?) he was an opportunist and while he didn’t have strong feeling for Cynthia he was going ride this wave.

What we did learn, there is still a lot of love between Peter and Cynthia. Peter left the party early cause he wasn’t ready to see his ex wife with another man. Cynthia lights up when she sees Peter and wants to be friends.

Kenya”s role this season, is the happy bride. Last night she revealed she was six weeks late and knows of the challenges of being 46 and trying to start of family After one test the fertility clinic is in holding pattern as the urine test was inconclusive.

Poor Porsha, you know things are bad when they drag out Mama Joyce to film with you. They get together for lunch and talked about last seasons drama with Phaedra. Joyce asked all the common sense question we asked last season. With such a serious allegation of drugging and what you knew about Kandi, why wouldn’t you follow up, why would you take Phaedra’s word and run with it? Joyce reminded Porsha, Kandi could have sued her and taken everything AND if it were her,she’d be driving Porsha’s Rolls Royce. Joyce told Porsha, that while Kandi is angry,she has a soft core and will eventually come around.

With Kenya missing in action, Cynthia and Nene seem to be back on. The two met for dinner and discussed the drama with Will. Given a choice Nene prefers Peter over Will. The two discuss the next vacation or Bravo field trip, this time Barcelona Spain. The two review who to invite.

Porsha hosts a ‘No Beef Dinner” as Porsha is newly Vegan. Marlo arrives first, being critical of Porsha’s house. Kim arrives and once again we see the Fucking Red Solo Cup? There are drinking glasses, wine glasses and the ” Queen of Hooterville” arrives with a plastic Red Solo cup!

(I need a moment)


Maybe yall can tell me what’s with da cup?

The topic of course is Cynthia, who was the last to arrive. When she arrives, a lot of the women can’t look at her, which confirms her suspicions. They were just talking about her. Marlo is belching like a 300 pound man. Not sure if she was drunk but at one point she says ,she has to leave to visit a cousin in a Nursing home. Someone said Visiting hours are over. Marlo comes back and says, not this one, its 24 hours. Marlo is clearly lying between belches and Porsha’s calls her on it. You mean your going to see one of your new benefactors, your new boo at nursing home?

Its a girls trip, Kim wants bring Kroy, who seem to have had absolutely nothing going on in his life. Not only is he driving Miss Daisy (Kim)everywhere. He waits for her while she’s at a party fighting with Keny Its rare that you see Kim without Kroy. We know Kenya’s leaving her hubby bubby to fight with da girls AND based on her history WE KNOW Kim isn’t going and she bails.

The final scene, the housewives is heading to the airport. Everyone except a late Kandi

With all the hoopla with Nene and Kim returning. I’m not feeling a real contribution to the show. Nene is still funny but Kim seems desperate. The unnecessary fights with Kenya and the that stupid comment about a sexual come on from Kandi makes me want to show her the door.

Next week Barcelona.

Your thoughts?


OMAROSA!!! will not die

Donald Trump with Omarosa Manigault, then the Trump campaign's director of African-American outreach, in September 2016

 As for the state of the country? “It’s going to not be okay. It’s not.” “Its worse than anyone thinks? Omarosa Maigault Newman

Omarosa Manigault left the White House for the Big Brother house and she is spilling the White House tea with cast members and the rest of the world.  Take a look at the video.


Ms Manigault has made quite the career for herself, being a supreme villian on and off Realty Televison.  There are unofficial reports say, she was dragged off  White House grounds, reports the Secret Service has not denied.

After being fired, she said she had a story to tell.  Is her apperance on Big Brother a sample of what to come?

I’m sure the former Director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Adminstration is earning more, MUCH MORE than her cast mates on Big Brother and her presence will result in high ratings for the CBS reality show. 

She shares many similarities with her first former boss. Like Donald Trump, she was a Democrat. She worked with Vice President Al Gore.   She has been routinely called a pathelogical liar, combative, a horrible person.   She is known as the Top Reality Villian of all time.    When she was fired, the black community was silent.


Despite all negativity that surrounds her, Omarosa will not die, NEWS @ 11


Superbowl 52 Justin Timberlake “Doomed from the Start”

Justin Timberlake had nothing to say at the Super Bowl and wouldn't stop saying it

 There are many blacks who gave Justin Timberlake as pass   (He was allowed to emulate the black culture/music) without question.   He had a very rare card that allowed him to appropriate black music and culture.

In 2004, he was one half of the firestorm at Superbowl 38, where he removed Janet Jackson’s costume exposing her breast.  By all accounts Timberlake distanced himself from Jackson, leaving her to take the blame for the wardrobe malfunction. Nipplegate damaged Janet Jackson career and left Justin Timberlake’s unscathed.    Leaving many in the black community calling for his card.

Years have passed and Justin Timberlake hung on to his card.  Welcomed at black events like the BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards where he would support issues that affect black people at the event.   However, beyond the awards he was absent.

Timberlake owes much of his success to the black community who welcomed him.  Today he’s finding himself locked outside in the cold.

In an ideal world his appearance at the Superbowl would have boosted sales for his newest and worst reviewed album of his career “Man of the Woods” that dropped last Friday.

Chris Edwards of the Washington Post said: Timberlake tries to make the world forget about his dud album, and about that alleged purple hologram and — oh, right — about the last time he performed at the Super Bowl, way back in 2004 when he sang, “Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song,” then proceeded to rip away a significant portion of Janet Jackson’s stage costume, exposing her right breast to 90 million unsuspecting television viewers. In the months of pearl-clutching that followed, Timberlake’s career went boffo while the rest of the industry encouraged Ms. Jackson to convalesce in the void — a stark and enduring example of how our culture allows some artists (white/men) to get away with any old thing, while others (black/women) are swiftly silenced for stepping out of bounds.

Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times said : Anyone who admires the skill required to get moving parts to move together could see something in this presentation to commend. But this was music, not civil engineering. And there was simply nothing to enjoy about Timberlake’s show beyond its careful planning. The performance lacked soul, meaning, humor; it had no message, nor was it taking any stand — soft, hard or otherwise.

The singing wasn’t even that memorable, and this was after Pink’s shaky (if valiant) stab at the national anthem, which she did while she said she was suffering from the flu.

Before you get going, allow me to stop you: I don’t need every Super Bowl halftime gig to explode like the one in 2016 did, when Beyoncé showed up with a small army of dancers in Black Panther-style berets to do “Formation,” the radical black-pride anthem she’d released one day before. Yet Timberlake wasn’t forsaking politics in order to provide joy, as Bruno Mars did a few years ago. Or as Coldplay did in 2016. (If you forgot, which you probably did, it was technically Coldplay’s Super Bowl show that Beyoncé crashed.)

Or, indeed, as Janet Jackson might have if Timberlake had invited that always-vibrant performer back this year as a means of rectifying the damage her career took after the 2004 incident — even as Timberlake went on to ever greater success. No, joy was in short supply Sunday.  This was a show about the dull reality of entrenched power: predictable, witless, a waste of the attention with which we all rewarded it. (

Like has album, last night Superbowl’s performance was largely panned. On Twitter there were calls for Bruno Mars and he was accused of lip syncing and controversy about his shirt.

At the end of the day, there were people who hoped for vindication or acknowledgement of  Janet Jackson by Justin Timberlake.   Yes, she has been banned from appearing on the Superbowl,  but what if?   What would it have done for Justin?  Unfortunately, that act requires courage and integrity.


RHOA: s10 ep “All About Will”

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The Real Housewives Season 10 has been dragging along for a while now.  There is a build up and then it goes nowhere.  Some of my blogging friends thought last weeks episode with Kenya was contrived at best.  Some of Bravo’s editing shade thrown Kenya’s way.


Porsha and all that trunk is still a Vegan and has a vegan chef.   Porsha has invites Kim (your a disappointment this season) Zolziak whos continues to talks about Kenya’s marriage.  Her hubby Kroy needs a hobby or a job at Home Depot as he seems to drive his wife Miss Daisy around Atlanta.

Kenya is buying her Husband, Husband, HUSBEND! Weights so he can work out in Atlanta.  He loves New York and she thinks the ATL is a better place to raise Kids.

Will visits the Lake Bailey House, where Cynthia is making home made Sushi.  After all these months they seem to be working out the details of their friendship slash relationship?

Kandi has having a big party to celebrate her Essence cover.


Introducing the Next Top Housewife? 

 We meet the beautiful Eva Marcille who won “America’s Next Top Model” many years ago.   We meet the newest housewife with the oldest, Nene, they met in Los Angeles. Eva is planning to move to Atlanta AND her boyfriend is running for the mayor of Atlanta.
 (remember this you will need it later)


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The Event is Kandi’s Essence party. 

Everyone Atlanta is there, Porsha, Kim, some of the ladies from Bravo’s Married to Medicine, Peter (Cynthia’s Ex) is there.     Eva knows Kandi, with Gregg at the wheel the three drive to the event.  In the car we learn ,Eva met Will recently and he introduced her to someone that he described as his girlfriend , this girlfriend who was just wonderful with his daughter.

It’s ON


Nene got some hot fresh and juicy information and the news is slowly released.    Someone HAS to tell Cynthia along away from the group.(wink)

Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, Nene Leakes, Eva Marcille, and Kenya Moore

“Its Kenya”

Everybody follows Kenya, like they were following Beyonce and listens intently as Kenya shares the news about Will.   Eva explains to Cynthia that she only met Will two months ago, but he was with a woman he called his girlfriend.  This is around the time Will and Cynthia was going on their second date.   While she took the info well., she seemed shaken.

Will comes out and sees Cynthia looking upset, so for some reason Kenya pulls him aside to tell him what Cynthia heard from Eva.

Will says that he met Eva seven months ago and that he didn’t have a girlfriend.  He pulls Eva aside to talk .   Will is very defensive from the jump and did his best to avoid the one question Eva had for him .  Did he introduce that woman to her as his girlfriend during the time period he was beginning to date Cynthia?

Eva did not change her story.  They met one time at a political event for her boyfriend and that was a few months ago.   Eva was okay , but you could tell she was a bit stressed to find herself in the mess.    Mr Will was lookin bad and kinda smiled when he said  “Everything was perfect with [Cynthia and me] until this came along and I think that hurt me because of the perfect gentleman I was to her.  He also said he wasn’t going to vote her man in the election.

So be continued










RHOA: S10 ep9 Elephant in the Room


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Let’s just start if off.  Kim Z  told Sheree that Kandi propositioned her back in the day AND that she and Todd like threesomes.    Forget anything else that happened on the show this has Twitter and social Media on fiya!

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Careful Kim,  Kandi is still counting all the Ed Sheeran the “Shape of you” money.  Remind us, what football team your husband is playing for?

 A lot of things in this episode doesn’t make sense….

Porsha is auditioning for a role.  Cynthia is holding a back to school supply drive.  Kenya and her sister is there and Will shows up.  Cynthia has a serious crush on Will.   Sheree son Kairo makes lunch for her and then TYRONE calls from prison and he’s gonna make everything all better when and if he gets out of the BIG HOUSE.   Sheree is all in for Tyrone. She has seen all the papers and believes her man is innocent.

There was a time when Sheree, Kim and Nene were the three Musketeers.  They all go back to the very first season ten years ago.   Sheree wanted to recapture the old days and the three were going to meet for dinner.  Apparently everyone is all in except for Nene who stood them up.    Which takes us to the main event.

“Welcome to the elephant room.”



Nene hires a medium. Her goal seems to be to have the medium call out the hostile (the elephants in the room )women in the group which wouldn’t include her.   Right?

The medium doesn’t hug and she wants everyone’s cell phone.  As Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia arrives we see the other women arrive to Sheree’s house on route to the meeting.  Very odd editing.

When  Kim enters the room the lights briefly goes out.   So now we have Porsha, Sheree and Kim who refuses to give up her phone just in case there is an emergency?   The fact that she has a unemployed husband, and adult daughter wasn’t lost on the women.   Kim’s energy was negative and rude.  She talked when the medium was talking,


The medium had interesting reads  the women.   She basically said Nene does care for people but she’s not a little girl….my read GROW UP!  She tells Cynthia that when people say things to her, she doesn’t always want to listen, but this is a time when she needs to.    My take, watch Will.    And told Kenya, she wouldn’t be around long.   Not that she was going to die. Perhaps she was leaving town.  New York with Hubby?

She didn’t get around to the other Women.  She tried to work with Kim but Kim refused and the medium left.   Kim didn’t like the mediums words,   My take, let me get my ass out of the room before I have to hurt this bitch.

Cynthia attempted to repair Kenya and Kim and when Cynthia said Kim came for Kenya at Nene’s party.  Kim told Cynthia, “I need you not to talk unless you know.” ” Just be gorgeous” .Just be a pretty face”

Nothing was solved between Nene and Porsha.   People just got up and left. They’ve seen this movie and knows how it ends.    A serious Kim stayed back to ask Nene, why she stood them up for dinner?   I think Kim wants a friendship with Nene, but Nene was being classing Nene.  Darting and saying Kim wasn’t being supportive.  Kim being Kim asked Nene if she was using drugs?


Tacky Observation:  With Kim accusation about Kandi.  Wasn’t she sitting awfully close to Porsha?  There wasn’t daylight between them and she was giving Porsha all kinds of attention, fixing her hair…   Hmmm   Just sayin!     Yall seen it too, don’t play!

What do you think of the season so far? 

Do you believe Kandi offered to do Kim Z? 


Republican Party: Hero’s Needed !


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Winning the Battle and Losing the War

More than 30 Republicans have announced they planned to retire by 2019. The latest, is California’s Darrell Issa.   Issa was first elected to Congress in in 2001. For many years his  district representing Western San Diego Country was considered safe district for the Republican Party. The demographics have changed ,there are more Hispanics and Asians in his district then ever before.    In 2016’s general election Issa beat his Democratic challenger Doug Applegate by 1600 votes.

The challenge for many Republicans in 2018.  Incumbents will need to alien themselves with Presidents Trumps to survive the primaries and then broaden their appeal to win the General Election.


The General Election

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The Current GOP is viewed as Racist,Sexist, and Cruel by  Millennials.  This large demograpic went to integrated Schools, they tend to support LGB issues. While there are not enamored with the Democratic Party, they are more likely to vote with the Demos.

The Republican Party Needs a few Superheros 

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31 Republicans not seeking re-election in 2018. That number will likely grow, as Republicans in competitive districts have to make decisions about whether to run in an election year where their president has a low approval rating.

Choosing Party Over Personal Political Aspirations

President Trumps words, tweets is having a profound negative effect on the nation and his party.   His adminstration has alienated nations and racial groups throughout the world.  America is no longer viewed as a welcoming place.   The White Houses isn’t welcoming to many Americans.

The GOP is in desperate need of Superheros.  George W Bush and Arizona’s John McCain and Bob Corker, Jeff Flake cant do it alone.   The party needs SUPERHEROS Men and Women who will say Donald Trump’s views do not reflect the Republican Party.   Proud Republicans who will say his positions on Muslims, Mexicans, Gays, and the Poor is not who they are as a party!   The GOP dangeriously is teetering near edge.

Memories are long and the pain is deep.  The recovery is likely long,the healing process may take decades.

The Trump Administration’s basement doesn’t appear to have a bottom. Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House of Representatives response to Donald Trumps latest faux pas was to say it was “Very unfortunate and unhelpful”.   The future of the party isn’t promising.