MasterClass: Jane is in the Building!

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Pencils up,  Stylists, Television Stars Movie Stars, Rock stars, THIS IS GLAMOUR!!

 Jane Fonda at 79 years old, she is the Gold Standard

This! is how its done!

Nuff Said

Pencils Down




NFL Football in Los Angeles? Whatevah!

Los Angeles is the second largest TV market in the nation.   Professional sports want a slice of that lucrative pie.  The LA Rams left town in 1996 after several attempts to get taxpayers to pay for a new stadium.    So they moved East where St Louis gave them everything they wanted and more.  ( Las Vegas, recently  gave the Raider Organization every thing they wanted to move.)   For 10 years Los Angeles was without an NFL team.


READ: The Citizens of the City of St Louis and State of Missouri on the hook for empty stadium Click the Link below for the rest of the story


In 2016, the Rams returned to Los Angeles where they are temporarily playing in the 93,000 seat Memorial Coliseum until their new home opens in 2019 in Inglewood.  Over 83,000 attended last years opener at the Coliseum.  Despite tickets prices as low as $6.00 less than 58,000 Rams fans were in stands yesterday.

Photo: Jorden Heck, Twitter

The news isn’t any better for Los Angeles newest team the Chargers.   Twelve miles southwest  of Memorial Coliseum is Stubhub Center in Carson the temporary home of the LA Chargers.  After over 50 years in San Diego Chargers moved to Los Angeles  The Chargers will share the Inglewood Stadium with the Rams .  The Chargers share the stadium with LA Galaxy Soccer Team.   Yesterday, in their home opener nearly half the fans supported the  Miami Dolphin in the 27,000 seat stadium.

2016 attendance for the Rams was in the top 10.  However, the team unable to sell out at $6.00 doesn’t bode well for the future, especially when you consider the USC Trojans nearly sold out the huge stadium the night before.

For many, in the LA area there are two teams , The Lakers and The Dodgers.

Its early, fans support winners, in the second week the Rams are 1-1 and the Charges are 0-2.










Marsha! Marsha! MARSHA! Maureen McCormick ‘lucky’ to be alive after years of drug abuse

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She’s been on the straight and narrow for 35 years, but getting there wasn’t easy.

In an ET Online interview released on Thursday, Maureen McCormick said she’s “lucky to be alive” after struggling with addiction for several years.

“I am so lucky to be here, alive, and I feel like my mind is still really good. I feel very very lucky that I came out of it,” she said.

McCormick, 61, told the publication she struggled with substance abuse for “six, seven years,” hitting “quite a few low points.

According to her interview with ET Online, husband Michael Cummings was instrumental in helping her kick her bad habits.

“When we first got together, I was still dabbling, and he said, ‘You know, it’s either me or that, take it or I’m out of here,'” she recalled. “And I realized that I didn’t want to lose one of the greatest things I had ever found.”

Although she said “life has never been so good,” as it is after she got sober, she’s still dealing with a great deal of guilt from her addiction. McCormick said most of that stems from the pain she caused her parents during their lifetime.

“I remember my father saying that he was going to turn me into the police…I wish I could take back all the pain that I caused them,” she said.

McCormick’s journey toward sobriety was a long one, which she spoke about at length in her tell all book, “Here’s The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice.”

The “Brady Bunch” actress who starred as Marcia Brady admits in a new memoir she was a cocaine fiend who swapped sex for drugs, partied at the Playboy Mansion and bedded screen sibling Grey Brady.

“I sought refuge in seemingly glamorous cocaine dens above Hollywood. I thought I would find answers there, while in reality I was simply running farther from myself. From there, I spiraled downward on a path of self-destruction that cost me my career and very nearly my life,” she wrote.

Fresh Not Frozen: Luann De Lesseps husband is engaged to her former friend

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The Dick continues his Dickish (Not a word) ways.

According to #Radaronline Luann De Lesseps current husband  Tom D’ Agostino has proposed to her former friend  Anna Rothschild.

#The Real Housewife of New York filed for divorce from last month due to several cheating rumors.

Click the link below for the Full Story


The Real Housewives of New York S9 Reunion Part 3 “Sex, Bushes and Laughter”

Real Housewives of New York City Reunion, RHONY

New York has set the bar this season.  Perhaps too high for the franchise.  New York gave us a continuing wave of drama mixed with comedy.   There were a lot of spats but most ended in a couple of episode and not dragged out the entire season like the horrific Kandi, Porsha,Phaedra drama in Atlanta.  Then out of desperation production convinced  cast members to lie about timeline. (Cynthia’s divorce)  Remember fans/bloggers will fact check a bitch!

As Bravo is preparing us for another round of screaming and glass breaking in New Jersey.

One excellent franchise in its first and possibly last season is on in Bravo’s programming dead zone(Saturday afternoon) The Real Housewives of Auckland is fantastic in its first season, like New York  most of the housewives have a history together and like New York, most of the drama is in waves.  In one episode a cast mate called a black cast mate a nigger.    It was very emotional, but it seems after the one episode the matter was put the rest*   However from what I’ve read.  The Topic may have been too controversial for New Zealand.  Lets hope Bravo brings it back.

Last night’s reunion was fun, there were sparks here and there but it was mostly fun.  Cant remember, when I’ve said that about a reunion.



Andy revisited the Bethenny and Ramona Soft Porn dust up where Bethenny was in a sex scene where she was topless, a hundred years ago. Every now an then a tabloid will release this story.  Toward the end, Ramona seemed genuinely sorry about her conduct.  Of course the Bravo nudenicks showed the clip of Ramona and Bethenny in the pool together hugging where Bethenny is naked.  Bethenny: “Everybody likes to hug when one of you is stark naked,”


I believe Sonja has a direct line to Page Six where no one ever hangs up. Moo-ving ON! 

Tinsley moved to New York to get back into the social scene ultimately to reclaim her title as the toast of New York.  She moved in with Sonja who may have been a little jelly (Jealous) of her youthful good looks.  Sonja was being ultra controlling and treating Tinsley like a child.  Sonja being Sonja says she was being protective of her and looking out for her best interest.  O-kay?

Tinsley, not the best house guest in the world, brought a post teenager (I think he’s 23) over and got her swerve on in Sonja’s creepy bedroom with the dolls.  Tins has a few coins and could have taken the boy where Luann’s mans takes his girls “The Regency”

(Note to self: Next trip to New York I’m gonna have to get a sip in the Regency’s bar)

While Sonja deny’s it, Page Six quotes Sonja verbatim about Tinsley.  In Met-he-co Tinsely announces she moving out. She overhears Tinsley is planning a Fuck You party for her.   It turns out to be a good party and even though Tinsley gives her a five grand gift, Sonja thinks the party is self serving ,benefiting Tinsley

random SEX tawk

Ramona said she believed oral sex wasn’t sex so give her a pass.

Sonja is allergic to Harry Dubin’s sperm.

Sonja ladies light comes on when she’s drunk, and she has a thing for Brunettes

“Run Luann Run”


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Typically the reunion ends with strained smiles.  Not last night, these ladies like each other. Most of these women have known each other for ten years or more. Like the best of friends, they fall out and don’t talk to each other until the friendship overwhelms the anger.   Luann said, she knew the ladies cared about her and was watching out for her
This show ended with Tequila shots and big smiles.
“What a fucking good season.”
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I’m not sure if I will review The Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta.  Both were shit with Atlanta particularly painful.  The return of Nene and Kim may bring me back, we’ll see.   Season 8 of Jersey premiers, Oct 4th (check your listings)
As for the other Housewives……
I strongly recommend The Real Housewives of  Auckland  (New Zealand) see it from the beginning(via Bravo on Demand) Its scheduled on Saturday afternoons (check your listings)    Orange County? Don’t bother, it’s in a desperate need of a casting change.  Then there is Dallas ……Two words  “Lee Ann”




The Real Housewives of New York S9 Reunion Part 2 “Bethenny Let’s Go”


Someone hand Ms D’ Agostino a drink, she deserves it.  
Luann took a chance on love and being a lady she is defending her dick of a husband.  Baby Steps CountessLast night we learned Tinsely may have a drinking problem, she and Scott are moving in together and he may be the one and she’s not into politics.  Are you bored?  Me too!Carole and Adam are taking a break (like we didn’t see that coming?) they are still in love and vacation together but Carole is not a woman who needs a man.

Some of the ladies believe Sonja’s getting played by Edgar “Frenchie” who may or may not be an actor.   One thing is clear,she likes Frenchie’s dick and while Rocco makes her feel good about herself, it doesn’t look like she’s gonna break him off a piece anytime soon.

We know Carole voted for Hillary, as did Dorinda, and Bethenny, everyone else is pleading the fifth.


Bethenny Frankel, RHONY Reunion

Bethenny pulled our heart strings last night and  may have broken our hearts.

Bethenny is very tight lipped about her personal life and the vaults seemed to close a few seasons back, after her painful breakup with Jill Zarin.

Last night Bethenny let us in and what we learned was sad and shocking.   Carole opened the door, she witnessed  some of the horror that was Bethenny’s life. Carole was present when Bethenny called her child and the child’s father placed the phone down on the furniture not allowing Bethenny to speak to their child.  She also there when the loving father again denied her access to their child by turning the tablet towards the wall not allowing the child to see her mother.

Bethenny was with Jason Hoppy for less than three years and spent nearly four years and three million dollars in legal fees to divorce him.

In a normal dissolution of a marriage the two lick their wounds and exits through separated doors.

Her ex’s goal seemed to be to block any form of peace and happiness in Bethenny’s life.

Last night she said her life was torture.  When Andy Cohen asked her was it her decision to keep her cast mates in the dark and did it have any influence on the way she interacted with them this season. “I’m sure it does because it is indescribable and inexplicable,” she said. “And if someone wants to talk about a war zone in Israel, how are you going to explain that to someone? It’s like, I’m not comparing this to actual war, but in my personal life, you can’t even imagine the torment this has been. You can’t even describe it. I just stifled it in because if I let any of it out, I’m just going to totally break down.”

Bethenny told Andy she has chosen not to focus on what Jason might say to their seven-year-old daughter Byrn when she’s in his custody,  “I can only worry about my side of the street,”  “My message to my daughter is everybody loves you.”


The other ladies knew there were problems  (News of Bethenny and Jason’s marriage/divorced is always is constantly in the tabloids) what they learned perhaps for the first time, the real impact it has had on the woman of steel.

Jason Hoppy not only stalked Bethenny, he went after her boyfriend.   Dennis Shields said  Hoppy would CC (forward ) emails he sent to Bethenny   Dennis’s accused Hoppy of sending him 49 emails in 70 days.    On every email Hoppy reportedly calls Bethenny old, ugly and irrelevant and accuses her of having a “revolving door of men.”  
Jason was hit not once, but twice, with charges of aggravated harassment and stalking,       Andy asked Bethenny, what happened in the marriage to warrant Jason’s behavior.    Carole said  “He’s obsessed with her. It’s like an obsession,”  “And I guess when someone walks away and you no longer have control…”
                                                                People Magazine Aug 8, 2017
Jason Hoppy was back in court on Tuesday, where his request to dismiss the harassment and stalking charges brought against him by ex-wife Bethenny Frankel was denied, a spokesperson for the New York District Attorney’s Office confirms to PEOPLE.
The spokesperson added that Hoppy was offered a plea deal known as a family adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. The case has been adjourned for possible trial on Sept. 27. 

A source with knowledge of the situations tells PEOPLE that if taken, the deal would maintain the restraining order issued in January in place for another year. If there were no incidents within the year, the case would possibly be adjourned without incident.

Hoppy, 46, was arrested on Jan. 27 after the Real Housewives of New York City star claimed he threatened her after showing up at their 7-year-old daughter Bryn’s school.

An NYPD spokesperson previously confirmed the encounter to PEOPLE, noting that Hoppy approached Frankel and “tried to provoke a fight.” The spokesperson added that Frankel alleged Hoppy had sent her “numerous emails and FaceTime calls numbering in the hundreds after a cease and desist letter was sent on Nov. 22, 2016.”

In January, Hoppy was charged with one count of harassment in the second degree, one count of aggravated harassment in the second degree, and one count of stalking in the fourth degree. A restraining order was also issued against him at his arraignment. (He denied the charges at the time, with his former attorney Robert C. Gottlieb telling PEOPLE in a statement: “There are no words to express how saddened Mr. Hoppy is over his ex-wife’s unjustified actionsHis only concern is his daughter and intends to vigorously fight these false charges.”)
Less than two months later, on March 13, Hoppy appeared in court and rejected a plea offer. During a court appearance on June 27, Hoppy was arraigned on additional charges — including one count of stalking in the third degree, another count of stalking in the fourth degree and some additional conduct. 


Frankel and Hoppy first announced their split in December 2012 after three years of marriage and months of rumors that the two were on the rocks. Their divorce was finalized four-years later in July 2016.

A source close to Frankel tells PEOPLE the Skinnygirl mogul has been “so free and joyous” over the last eight months with Hoppy’s restraining order in place.

“You can see it on the show,” the insider said. “She has been lighter and happier.”

Another source tells PEOPLE that Frankel got “very emotional” about the case when asked about it at the RHONY reunion taping last month.

“Even people in the control room were crying when she was talking,” the source said. “The rest of the cast was stunned.”


Next Week The Finale 

Last Week  “All About Lu”

The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Reunion Part 1 “All about Lu”

#RHONY’s  season 9 was the best season ever.  The secret sauce is the cast.  Women who have known each other for many years.  Most of the drama between the women worked itself out in a few episodes.   None of that drawn out drama than fans suffered through last season in #RHOA and the Lime disease in #RHOBH and don’t get me started with #RHOP (Bravo please put that one to rest)

You cant have everything, Women getting along doesn’t make a drama filled reunion.

Usually the first hour or so of the reunion is very tense with everyone cocked and ready.  I didn’t get that feeling last night.  In fact this could have been part three with one exception.  We learned Tinsley and Scott are six months a couple and  Ramona is dating , in fact all the women have men in their lives.

The biggest squabble of the season was Ramona and Bethanny. With Ramona attacking Bethanny at every turn.  Last night it was short lived with a lot of the ladies being sympathetic toward Ramona.  They touched on Ramona’s damaging Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires and Ramona being rude to the staff in Mexico and rude to Bethenny’s staff.

Sonja is still Sonja lovingly delusional.  She tells the ladies she is seriously looking at a three bedroom place and her townhouse isn’t up for sale.    During the season she told us she was 10 months sober until of course Mexico. Well ladies and germs apparently Sonja was tore up in Vermont and been sipping all along. Dun! Dun! Dunnnnnn!   Mortimer came to her defense and said she has never seen her have more than a little to drink.     The ladies also made it official, it is Sonja who serves the Tea to The New York Post about all the housewives including Tinsley.

Dorinda (LadyM) queen on the quips.  Wasn’t happy with Sonja at the beginning of the season.  Sonja was talking shit about LadyM .   Even though her mother wanted her to follow in the footsteps of Michelle Obama  Dorinda went low, she wasn’t going to wait all season to put Ms Sonja Morgan in her place.  How was LadyM doing? “Not well Bitch” and she got Sonja to Clip it!   Don’t “F” with LadyM she has three friends to help her get stuff!

” Lu “

Bravo made it clear, the Reunion was filmed three weeks before Luann filed for divorce.

Luann is a tough broad, but she is human and you could feel her pain and fighting back the tears.

Andy asks her about married life.  Luann says she loves being married.  When he asked her if she misses being a countess.  She says she loves being Mrs D’Agostino.

The ladies are supportive, but you can see their discomfort, even Tinsley. EVERYBODY, knows Tom is a DICK and cheating.  Luann knows Tom  is fucking around. They are in Page Six daily and Luann and is hanging one by whats left of her fingernails.

When that dammed Andy (we love him) dug deeper asking Ramona what she knew last season and kept quiet about it.   Ramona spilled (unlocking the vaults after a year) she said “When Tom was at the Regency, the reason he was at the Regency kissing another girl was he had a huge fight with you and was pissed at you. Then he went to L.A. and started kissing that girl again And he laughed and said you deserved it.”   Then she went on to say “He met a woman from Philadelphia who was recently divorced at the Regency bar and he went up to the hotel room with her and he said he had an open relationship with you,”  “But nothing happened.”  Luann came back and said nothing happened the woman’s boyfriend was there.

At one point I wanted to say stop, this is too much and then they showed the scene where he was talking to Missy and unplugged his mic.   Luann lied when she said she “just saw the Mic.

This is reality TV but her pain, her vulnerability (which we rarely see) was front and center.   She revealed that NOT everyone in her family welcomed Tom with open arms ( They have TV’s darling) and that was especially tough on her son Noel who is protective of her.

At one point she said  “It’s either I accept him for the way he is—I’m not going to change him at this point.”  She also slipped and said she was staying at a hotel (at least the night before)    Luann, the countess has always had a think layer but last night it cracked.


Tinsley showed promise last night, she wasn’t Jules thank gawd.  hmmmmm

Did you notice the price tag on Ramona’s Shoe?

Next week well see how well Tinsley holds up.

Would love to hear your thoughts about Lu


Last Week