The First Covid Thanksgiving

Sacramento Covid Cases have increased by 400%. Last week there were over a million new cases nationwide bringing the infection rate to over 11 million in the US. Experts recommend staying home this Thanksgiving. As traveling increases, so does your risk of being exposed to the coronavirus and of possibly spreading it to others. AAAContinue reading “The First Covid Thanksgiving”

Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages

It’s no secret that English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages but there are good reasons to explain their woes that can’t just be put down to the fact that all young Europeans speak English. Linguistics expert Michelle Sheehan looks at five of them in this article from The Conversation. According to a recent survey co-ordinatedContinue reading “Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages”

When will Americans be allowed to travel to Italy again?

Tourists take photos at the Portico d’Ottavia ruins in Rome’s Jewish Quarter on September 15th. Photo: AFPSome travel from the US to Italy is allowed, but only in certain circumstances. Here’s what you need to know. With many people in the US still anxious to get back to Italy as soon as they can, here’sContinue reading “When will Americans be allowed to travel to Italy again?”

Mexico: Riding the buses can be an adventure in Oaxaca

Mexico Life One of the challenges is determining a bus’s destination By: Joseph Sorrentino\Mexiconewsdaily If you’re visiting Oaxaca — a beautiful city and one of my favorites — chances are pretty good you’ll need to catch a bus fairly often. This, as anyone who’s attempted it will tell you, is no mean feat. First you’llContinue reading “Mexico: Riding the buses can be an adventure in Oaxaca”

CoronaVirus “Sacramento” my 10 day Journey

      I’m not an alarmist by nature. You won’t find me screaming “the world is coming to the end” on I street , or fighting over a twelve pack of Ultra Charmin Toilet Paper at the Alhambra Safeway. I’ve survived the Loma Prieta Earthquake, Y2K, Sars, Swine Flu , The Ebola Virus andContinue reading “CoronaVirus “Sacramento” my 10 day Journey”

Introducing Peanut Butter and Jelly Travel

Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I travel the world And the seven seas, Everybody’s looking for something. How many times have you said to yourself, Wow, I’d like to go here one day ?  I really want to travel ,I want to visit here, I would like to goContinue reading “Introducing Peanut Butter and Jelly Travel”

CITYFELLA: I have kicked and grabbed rude Airline passengers!and now I’m taking the bus more.

Millions of people have seen a passenger punching the seat back of Wendi Williams seat on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Charlotte last month. In her video we see him punching the back of her seat. From what we know, as soon as she sat down she reclined her seat . TheContinue reading “CITYFELLA: I have kicked and grabbed rude Airline passengers!and now I’m taking the bus more.”

Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain

This hotel attached to a Rioja winery is one of Spain’s architectural gems. Photo: Wojtek Gurak/ Flickr Spain has its fair share of iconic buildings designed by some of the world’s most prestigious architects. Here’s a look at ten of the best. The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao Photo: AFP The scaly titanium building designed by Canadian-AmericanContinue reading “Top ten amazing modern architectural wonders of Spain”

Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?

Anyone who lives on the West Coast knows there is a high cost for living here.  From Washington to California’s Mexican Border, the West Coast is pricey, this is also true of Canada. The medium price of a home in Vancouver, British Columbia ($1,360 million)  is considerably higher than Toronto, Ontario ($806,000) Canada’s largest city.Continue reading “Is leaving Sacramento and California for a lower cost home enough?”

Sac International grew by 1 million passengers

13 Million Passengers flew out of Sacramento International Airport last year. An increase of one million passengers from 2018  SMF has seen a lot of activity on 2019. Six new airlines. 10 new nonstop flights, eight new routes. 2019 saw the return of Air Canada and Frontier Airlines to SMF.  New to SMF,  Spirit, Contour,Continue reading “Sac International grew by 1 million passengers”