Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: S9 ep 3 sun and SHADE in the Bahamas

By: Brian Moylan/

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Rich Women Doing Things recap for this paid television announcement. “Hello, my name is Elvis, and I am a butler at the Baha Mar Resort and Casino on New Providence Island in the Bahamas. No, Rihanna is from Barbados, which is not the Bahamas. Here on New Providence Island we have an enormous complex featuring three hotels, a 100,000 square foot casino, and more than 2,000 rooms. Yes, that means while some of the suites have their own butlers and some guests are treated to lunch and massages on a private island, you will most likely not get that. You will be next to a cramped pool with about 3,000 other people who will most likely be Canadians in cargo shorts past the knees and Crocs. But don’t worry, all of the fountains shoot high enough that the droplets reach the stratosphere. Doesn’t that sound like paradise?”

While the rich women’s trip to this resort looked magical, there is no way that Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards, or Lisa Vanderpump would ever set foot in that enormous eyesore of a resort if the bill weren’t entirely being footed by someone else and they weren’t contractually obligated to be there. Obviously the resort kept them away from the rabble, so even while they were at dinner, cheek to jowl with a church group from Missouri and a woman from Arkansas who is about to enter her third marriage, it looked like the whole thing was very luxurious.

When Erika gets to her room her three-man gay glam squad, including creative director Mikey, is there waiting for her, brushing out a 70-inch ponytail. Erika tells us that all of these women could afford a glam squad but they’re just too cheap to hire one. I appreciate Erika’s dedication to the character of Erika Jayne. She started out being on the show with a certain level of fashion fabulosity and now she’s stuck delivering it year after year. She’s kind of forced everyone to up their fashion and glam games, as Denise Richards disastrously learns.

The first night in the Bahamas, Dorit invites everyone for drinks in her huge suite. Lisa is wearing a green caftan and looking like late-career Elizabeth Taylor, which is a compliment. Erika is in a gorgeous tiger-print pajama suit and said 70-inch ponytail, which is the mother that gave birth to the litter of all of Ariana Grande’s ponytails. Kyle is in a multicolored flowing dress, Lisar is in the slinkiest leopard-print dress I’ve ever seen in my life, and Dorit is in a stupid red bikini top and sea anemone-print pants with a giant red bandeau in her hair. She really does look like Lisa’s dog Schnooki. Denise shows up in a white tank top and sparkly white shorts feeling horrendously underdressed. The poor thing. Doesn’t she watch the show?

Dorit is the only other woman who seems willing to spend the money on a glam squad. The difference between Erika’s glam and Dorit’s glam, however, is that Erika’s is worth the money. The next day on the private island, Erika looks like an ’80s pinup fantasy in a vintage Body Glove one-piece, a pair of Oakley-esque shades, a silver mesh cover-up, and the ponytail, this time braided. Dorit is in an acid green mesh pantsuit and bikini and looks like she is wearing an electrocuted poodle on her head. How can someone spend so much money and still end up looking so mediocre? Every other woman on the trip looks better dressed than her and at a fraction of the cost.

Anyway, we’re not only here to talk about the fashion (though I do request a GIF of Erika in the water wringing out her ponytail), we’re also here to talk about drama, and it all seems to be revolving around Lisa Vanderpump. Erika and Lisa had a small skirmish at lunch when Lisa told Erika that she thought her note of condolence about her brother’s suicide was “standoffish” which Lisa says is something “you have been trying to get over.”

Immediately Erika retreats back into her shell and tells Lisa that she meant every word and that is how she expresses her sympathy. In typical Erika fashion, she gets mean when she gets mad, but I understand where she’s coming from. She sent a very nice, handwritten note, which is a lot of work for people these days. It was not a text or an email, it was something she had to put a stamp on and (have an assistant) take to the post office. I think it was completely sufficient. She also took a picture of it because she knew it would come back up because Lisa is “slippery.”

Lisa says she thought they were closer than that, which is a sentiment I can understand. As Kyle says, Lisa is wracked with grief and that doesn’t always lead to logical reactions. I can excuse her on this one. Lisa quickly apologizes and says she loves Erika and that she did nothing wrong. It seems healed over.

But the essence of Erika’s argument with Lisa dovetails nicely with this whole Dorit Lucy Lucy Apple Juice fiasco. (Why is the dog’s name not Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy? Does no one know how to rhyme anymore? Does no one appreciate parallel structure?) Erika says to Lisa during the fight, “Don’t make me out to be the bad guy.” It seems like everyone one of these women is waiting for Lisa to make them out to be the bad guy and doesn’t want to let her do it.

We all know the basics of the fight: Dorit got a dog from Lisa’s shelter and had to get rid of it and didn’t give it back to Lisa. Dorit was obviously wrong, even though she will never admit it. Lisa has been refusing to talk about it on camera, other than bringing it up privately at dinner with Dorit and her husband PK, a pigeon eating dried puke off the sidewalk.

Kyle makes a joke about the situation at the party in Dorit’s room in front of Lisar who is like, “What is going on?” When they won’t tell her she says, “Well, cheers to keeping secrets,” which is another GIF I could really use. The next day at breakfast, Teddi and Kyle tell Lisa about how Dorit’s dog came up at Vanderpump Dogs and Lisar immediately says, “You guys were set up.”

This is the moment that Lisa Rinna has been anticipating for the better part of two seasons, ever since Lisa embroiled her in that “Muchausen’s” fight with Yolanda Bananas Foster. She knows that Lisa plays dirty behind the scenes and was waiting for the precise moment when she would finally be revealed.

Lisar posits that Lisa told the guys at the store to tell Kyle and Teddi about the dog Dorit dropped off so that Lisa could say, “I don’t want to talk about it,” and she could punish Dorit while still coming off like a saint. That is exactly what happened and both Kyle and Teddi see, in that moment, how Lisa set the whole scenario up.

Teddi says she sees a pattern in Lisa’s behavior, and she’s only been around for a season. Kyle sees this setup as a way for Lisa to “protect her relationship with Dorit, but keep her hands clean.” When they bring it up at dinner with the whole group, Dorit is upset because she thought she and Lisa buried the whole thing.

Lisa is also upset because she says that she has been trying to protect Dorit from this whole mess. If that is the case, she never should have allowed her staff to bring it up while the cameras were on. She also never should have brought it up again on camera with Dorit. She then blames Teddi for gossiping about it and telling everyone, but Teddi didn’t hear about it on camera the first time and she was very careful not to tell anyone else about it. The only reason it came up on camera and Kyle knew was because Lisa’s two Johns brought it up at Vanderpump Dogs. This lands squarely at Lisa’s feet, like one of Schoonki’s organic dog food turds.

Lisar is at the other end of the table telling everyone that it smells like a setup and smiling with the face of a woman who has been waiting two years for her moment and knows enough to grab it like Barbra Streisand clutches a bedazzled white microphone. This seems to be the culmination of something that has been in the works for seasons. It’s a subtext that was started way back during Brandi Glanville’s reign (say her name three times and she shall appear), and it is finally becoming text. All Lisar can do is smile, each toothy tile like a full moon reflected in the Bahamian sea, and all of us waiting for the tide to come in.


Traveling during the Shutdown (Suggestions)

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Its not business as usual at the nations airports. Including Sacramento International.  Some 51,000 TSA officers, along with air traffic controllers, are among 420,000 federal workers required to work through the shutdown, but without pay.

The Transportation Security Administration plans to begin closing a handful of security checkpoints at airports around the U.S. the weekend in response to staff shortages as effects of the three week partial federal government shutdown begin to expand.

This morning, TSA experienced a national rate of 5.6 percent unscheduled absences compared to a 3.3 percent rate one year ago.    Most importantly security standard remained uncompromised at our nation’s airports, Michael Bilello, a TSA spokesman, tweeted on Saturday Morning.

It is likely the unscheduled absences will increase as the shutdown continues.



Arrive Earlier than normal

If you normally use TSA precheck, do not expect them to be open As these are the first casualties of the government shutdown.

If your traveling to a large metro area with three or more airports.  You waiting time may be less at a smaller airports.

Chicago’s midway, may be a better choice than O’hare.  Oakland or San Jose may be a better choice than San Francisco International.   Burbank, Long Beach, and Orange Country may be a better choice than LAX.


(Watch for Updates)







$49 to Denver or Las Vegas “Frontier Airlines Returns to Sacramento International”

Frontier Airlines (2nd) Airbus A321-211 WL N701FR (msn 6793) (Owl) (Jacques Guillem Collection). Image: 936802.

Killer Diller Low Airfares are coming to Sacramentio

After a five year absence Frontier Airlines is returning to Sacramento International August 1.   With four week daily flights to Denver and Las Vegas beginning August 12th.

When Frontier left Sacramento, they were a discount Airline, similar to Southwest.

What is returning is a different airline an “Ultra Discount Carrier”  their fares are almost much lower than Southwest. The trade off is. Everything thing else is extra and they can add up quickly. Bring any backpack or carry on is $30. If you don’t prepay there could be a five to ten dollar surcharge. In fact you may find surcharges on anything isn’t paid for in advance.

Learning Curve

Most people aren’t prepared for Spirit or Frontier. That’s why they along with Allegiant have the most customers complaints of nearly all the  other Airlines. Prepare yourself for non reclining hard seats. With small tray tables. If you over 5 10 Its gonna be tight. If you are a wide body. It could be complete agony as the seats are smaller. Frontier is bare bones. Its gonna be crowded and uncomfortable. However if you pack light and prepare yourself for angry co passengers. The low, low, low fares might be worth it.  I know someone who flys Frontier exclusively.  She understands the culture and takes advantage of the airlines super low prices.      

This was my expericece in 2016 Click the Link Below for the full story.

Frontier is based in Denver, from Denver you can fly nearly anywhere in the country.

$49.00 to Denver or Las Vegas?  Sacramento says hello!



Early Morning Flight out of Sacramento International Airport? Plan Ahead!

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For years, flying out of Sacramento International was simple.  There was no reason to show up a couple of hours ahead.   The traffic WAS minimal.   Well that was so 2016.

For years, there were few non stops east of Denver.  Today there are non stops to Charlotte, Orlando,  Newark and Houston.    Southwest plans non stops to New Orleans and Alaska just announced a flight between Sac and Kona Hawaii, this winter.   The result is more traffic .   .

More than a million travelers flew in and out of Sacramento in  May.  Air Canada returned to SMF with flights to Vancouver. Frontier returns in August .

If you have a flight that depart before 6:45am leave early,.  With only two northbound lanes on I-5 the traffic backup begin about 4:30am.  Sometimes beyond the 99 split. over three miles from the airport.

Once in the airport, parking and shuttle are very efficient.  However, if you are traveling through terminal A, (which is currently under constructuion) again plan ahead.   The Terminal was constructed before 9/11 and the early morning security lines are the longest in the airport with lines often backing up over the bridge that connects the terminal with the parking garage.

A fix is on the way, and should be completed by next year.  The airport has advised early morning travelers on United, American, Delta to arrive two hours ahead.

Travelers with flights  departing between 8am and 6pm should not have any delays, with security waits average less than 20 minutes*

Sacramento International Airport remains one of the easiest airport to travel in and out .

The current bottle neck is an easy fix by simply increasing the number of lanes entering the airport from one to two.

*as of this date


SMF Reset: 10 million passengers needs a full service airport hotel

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If you flew into Sacramento International Airport monday night and needed a hotel room you soon discovered there weren’t any hotel rooms available within a six mile radius of the hotel.

This isn’t uncommon. There are nearly 1300 rooms south of the Airport.  Many of those hotels  are full Monday through Thursday. Nationally the average occupancy is 68%  Year to date occupancy at some of the Natomas area hotels is as high as 83%. The average weekday rate in Natomas is $169.

Hotels north of the airport in Woodland are often full during the week.  The new Fairfield Inn in Woodland (15 minutes north of the airport)  report they often sold out on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Currently there isn’t a hotel at Sacramento International. The Host hotel was demolished in 2008, make way for Terminal B.

In 2015, a southern California developer Sonnenblick planned to build 150 room Hyatt Place hotel near Terminal B.  Sacramento County was recently advised the developer was no longer available to fund the project.

Perhaps its time for the County to hit reset button

The Hyatt Place with 150 rooms and 3000 square feet of meeting space was too small for the airport.  A larger hotel is needed. The reality, no major chain is lining up to build a hotel at the airport.

A 300 to 400 room hotel,with a minimum of 22,000 square feet of meeting space might serve as an catalyst for the airport to attract new airlines.  No California Airport, (Lax, San Diego or Bay Area Airports currently have a hotel on site.

There are few rooms available near the airport to house airline crews.  For years, airline crews stayed at the Doubletree and Red Lion hotels near Arden Fair.  As airline traffic increases, the need for more hotel rooms also increases.  In this marketplace a large or medium hotel isn’t likely to happen without a subsidy from the City/County.

Passenger volume is up at Sacramento International. This year several new routes are planned including six new non stop flights to the East Coast. With American,United, Alaska and Southwest adding flights.

Sacramento is the largest airport in the valley, however there are still locals making the trek to Bay Area Airports .  Sacramento it will have to be creative to compete with the Bay Area Airports.  Sacramento economy is growing.  Last year, more than 10 million passengers airport and the forecast is that growth will continue through 2018, perhaps a reset is needed.




Lay off the French – They are not that rude

Lay off the French - They are not that rude

France’s foreign minister and tourist chiefs think the renowned French rudeness to visitors is a problem that needs resolving but are they really unwelcoming and unfriendly to visitors? Surely it’s time to put that cliché to bed, argues The Local’s Ben McPartland

This week the French government gave the world another chance to cement the age old stereotype of the French being a nation of rude and impolite snobs who couldn’t give two hoots about the millions of tourists who come through the arrival gates each year.

It came when Foreign Minister launched a multimillion euro campaign aimed at encouraging the French, in particular those in the service industry (like those notorious Paris waiters) to be warmer to tourists.

“To put it diplomatically, we have room for improvement here,” Fabius said. “When we come up against a foreign tourist, we are all ambassadors for France.”

His announcement lead to headlines on websites in America along the lines of “France has become so rude to tourists, that the country’s foreign minister has been forced to step in.”

But are they really that impolite to visitors (alright, Paris taxi drivers aside)?

France Strikes Back
“Twelve Things Tourist Do That Annoy Parisians”


Surveys that went with the detailed report from the “tourism promotion council” suggested France does indeed have a problem.

It may be the most visited country in the world but it doesn’t score highly in visitor satisfaction surveys.

One tourism expert asked to comment on the story on US television this week said part of the joy of coming to France was experiencing the locals’ famed rudeness.

It appears the reputation has been blown out of all proportion.

OK, we’ve all got stories of being a victim of the bad-mannered, impatient waiter or the store worker who can’t see or hear you, or of the Parisian pushing past you to get on the Metro.

One frustrated waiter came to serve me on a café terrace in Paris and told me to hurry up and order because it was cold outside. (I ordered four hot chocolates and then ran. Or that’s what I should have done.)

While no waiter or barman in the UK or the States is likely to ever say something like that, neither would the vast majority of their counterparts in France.

Language – or lack of it – has often been the root cause of rudeness, whether perceived or real.

The French, mainly the older generation, don’t have a particularly high standard of English and for various reasons – often because they are too self-conscious  – they don’t feel like trying out the language of Shakespeare with tourists.

And then there’s the tourists, the vast majority of whom are pretty rubbish at French, and just presume that these days everyone speaks English.

You can’t blame the French – the older ones will remember not so long ago when their language was top dog in Europe – if they get a little upset over this assumption.

So while Fabius says improving the reception given to foreign visitors must become “a national priority”, perhaps tourists should make it their priority to learn a bit of French.

Another part of the problem is that many visitors’ negative experiences have occurred in the capital city, where, like most capitals, the locals are a bit more stressed out less likely to care about visitors.

But the whole of France seems to get tarred with the same brush.

Just as there is a geographical difference there is also a generational one, with younger French people being a different kettle of fish to their parents and grandparents.

For a start their English is better and they enjoy speaking it, even think it’s cool and are often only too keen to practice it with foreigners – even in Paris.

They are often well-travelled and well-connected and have had their eyes opened to how people treat visitors in other countries.

The tourism promotion council’s report said the French “had a difficult relationship with service.”

But different nationalities value different kinds of service.

If it‘s all about being welcoming and polite then the Americans have it nailed and the French are lagging but that doesn’t mean its quality service.

Being asked every two minutes “Would you like more water sir” or “is everything ok with your meal sir?” by a young American waiter desperate for tips, isn’t exactly good service.

French servers are much more likely to leave you alone to be asked questions by whoever you are having a meal with.

Another problem is that the French are often perceived as being rude when they are just being, well, French.

In general our Gallic cousins – especially in Paris – are less open to small talk and banter with complete strangers as Anglos are.

In France, relations always start off an a very formal basis, almost professional whereas often strangers in Anglo countries appear like they’ve known each other for years.

So while the French may appear standoffish and aloof to foreigners, well for them they are just being themselves.

And that’s fine. Isn’t it?

Sacramento International Airport and the Great Wall of Denver

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By CityFella.

Sorry Mayor Kevin Johnson, the most significant building in the Sacramento region is Terminal B at the Sacramento International Airport.   It is the first impression for millions visiting Sacramento for the first time. It a breath taking building filled with award winning art.

A few days ago ,USA Today named Sacramento as having the 1oth best airport art in the country

The Top 10

1. Denver International Airport  2. Albuquerque International Sunport 3. Philadelphia International Airport 4. Pittsburgh International 5. San Francisco International 6. Mineta San Jose International 7.Albany International Airport 8. Austin-Bergstrom International 9. Chicago O’Hare International 10.Sacramento International Airport.

Sacramento International Airport is ranked 4th in North America for customer service by Airports Council International (ASI), the international trade association for commercial airports. The awards were determined by the cumulative results of Airport Service Quality (ASQ) surveys collected in 2014. ASQ Awards recognize the best airports based on passenger surveys, and are the only global survey measuring passengers’ satisfaction while still at the gate.

With over 8 million passengers annually. A replacement was well overdue and the new terminal is likely to meet the needs of the metro area for years to come.   The original terminal goes back to the late 60’s when the metro population was 600,000.

The new terminal cost a little over a Billion (with a large “B”)  to build.   The downside to the large “B” is higher fees.  Northern California’s low cost airport is now one of the more expensive.

I often travel to Chicago and to cities on the Atlantic Coast.  Because of the limited availability I traveled out of the Bay Area Airports.  Then a few years ago Jet Blue began offering non stop to New York’s Kennedy Airport.  I was overjoyed, I could fly from Sacramento avoiding the nearly two hour drive to Oakland followed by the hunt for  low cost off airport parking.

Yes there are other options from Sacramento. I once took Southwest to New York . Greyhound was faster,five legs. The good news was I didn’t have to change planes. The bad news,  I didn’t have to change planes.  If your traveling east from Sacramento, there aren’t many direct flights beyond the great wall of Denver and your likely to be funneled through Phoenix, Dallas or Denver.

When Frontier left Sacramento, it left me with fewer options. In the last few years most of my east coast travel was via Oakland and San Francisco.  Oakland is now the discount airport with Allegiant, Spirit, and Norwegian Air.

There is good news.  In addition to New York  you can now travel non stop from Sacramento to Charlotte,DC, Philadelphia*, Hawaii and  Boston from Sac International.   The bad news is few Sacramentians are aware of it.    Its the secret the airport and airlines are keeping to themselves.

Once again, I was happy when Jet Blue announced non stop service between Boston and Sac.   Last October, it was four legs and a long day on US Air.   I shared this information to friends on Facebook and other social media.  The response was disbelief.   Most if not all were unaware of Jet Blue’s flights to New York.  Nearly all the people I spoke to drove to the Bay if  they were flying east.

At a recent large meeting in Placer County few were aware of the non stops out of Sacramento.   Now this was not a scientific survey, but it occurred to me,  I have never seen any print or advertising from Sacramento International or from any of the airlines advertising non-stop service.

For years, you would see billboards on the east side of the Bay Bridge advertising the non stop destinations from Oakland.   The current ad,  “Easy as SMF” maybe missing the mark.  The airport would like to attract travelers more travelers  from the East Bay and Stockton.  However, in addition to the new terminal, perhaps a new approach is needed.  “Easy as SMF with non stops to……….”

Meanwhile in Oakland, the airport is currently offering five days of free parking on flights to Hawaii and Europe (until 4/14/15)  There are many new International destinations from the airport.  I’m planning a flight to Stockholm in a few months on Norwegian.

As Sacramento was courting Virgin America with yet another flight to Los Angeles.   Reno (a much smaller airport) will offer non-stops to London this winter.

Terminal B is a masterpiece, it elevates the entire region.  It was a billion dollars well spent. In less than two years, a much needed Hotel will open between Terminal A and B.  Parking begins at $10 per day and in the near future, light rail will bring passengers to the airport.