It’s down to two choices Skippy or Jif

A LOT OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY ARE UNHAPPY WITH ONE OF THE TWO PEOPLE we have to choose from this November. If your familiar with politics this happens EVERY four years. Two basic choices, there are other candidates running for President, but the system IS rigged. Most Americans will choose Skippy or Jif.Continue reading “It’s down to two choices Skippy or Jif”

Austria has go ahead to seize Hitler’s birth house

The Austrian cabinet has given the go ahead to expropriate the house where Hitler was born in the latest in a long-running dispute over the controversial building. The government began leasing the house in Braunau am Inn, a town near the German border, from its owner in 1972 and turned it into a center forContinue reading “Austria has go ahead to seize Hitler’s birth house”

Sextortion 101: How Tinder introduced me to your wife

It’s scarify easy to find out personal information about the people you meet on online dating sites, leaving many individuals open to sextortion. By:Vivienne Mitchell/ An Email IF YOU’RE reading this, you’re probably wondering how I found out your name. Well, first of all, let me make one thing clear: I am not a hacker.Continue reading “Sextortion 101: How Tinder introduced me to your wife”

The day After New York

Forget the second or third largest state. New York was the ‘If you can make it here?” State! An outsider, who entered politics in the seventies. Running for the President of the United States in his seventies.  His  views and opinions are considered extreme by members of his own party.  During the early months heContinue reading “The day After New York”

Getting off (line): What’s lost in the age of internet porn

We’re an army of unmanned drones, piloting our libido through the ether” By: Mark Slouka/Salon It’s a rhetorical question – I don’t need a show of hands:  How many men have recently “lain with a woman,” as the prophets might say, and found themselves unmanned because they’d been partaking of too much porn?  Or foundContinue reading “Getting off (line): What’s lost in the age of internet porn”

Black Friday in Denmark: The new Halloween?

Danish newspapers advertise Black Friday sales. Photo: The Local The Growth of the American shopping ‘holiday’ Black Friday is expected to reach new levels in Denmark this year In recent years, it has become the norm to see children (or even adults) dressed as wizards, vampires or superheroes in the last week of October inContinue reading “Black Friday in Denmark: The new Halloween?”

Woman missing and presumed dead for 10 years found ‘living in internet cafe’

The 24-year-old left home after a fight with her parents, but now they’ve been reunited after a decade Screens: But a woman was allegedly living in internet cafes in China for a decade A woman who vanished 10 years ago and was presumed dead has reportedly been found living in an internet cafe. Missing forContinue reading “Woman missing and presumed dead for 10 years found ‘living in internet cafe’”

France: The baby-making champions of Europe

The French birth rate is now the highest in Europe, according to a new study, after it knocked Ireland off the top spot thanks to a number of reasons. But will it stay that way? France has overtaken Ireland to reach the top of the birth rate league in Europe, according to a report released lastContinue reading “France: The baby-making champions of Europe”

United Airline Crew Stared as disabled man crawled off plane

D’Arcee Neal ordered a wheelchair before he left San Francisco. The wheelchair would be waiting for him in Washington.  He waited for the passengers to disembark the plane and then another 15 minutes as airport employees searched for an aisle chair — a narrow wheelchair that fits in an airplane’s aisle. Needing to use theContinue reading “United Airline Crew Stared as disabled man crawled off plane”