Guest Post #20: Ezra Roati- Moving to a New City


Rodfather Minute: 30 Second Blessing

You woke up to another day of traffic.  To a day filled with stupid Insensitive people.   You left home angry, because your relationship has hit a BIG BUMP.  Today is much like yesterday, you woke up to a day of worry and concern, bills, family, work.  I feels as if the world as swallowing  you up!

Take a minute.  One minute. Look around, feel the sun, look at the colors.  Thank God for allowing you be here on this day, this moment.

Too Busy…… You don’t have a minute……   Carry on.

“Silly White House” Part 161W “Hiding the USS John McCain Warship

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They’re a chuckle a minute. Those silly willy staffers at the White House.

The Wall Street Journal first reported there were conversations about keeping the USS John McCain out of King Trump’s sight while he was in Japan.  WSJ reported a tarp was put in place to cover the war hero’s name.

With McCain’s names on their uniforms,, they gave the sailors on the ship the day off.

The Navy said, No way, these are all LIES!!!

But the WSJ had receipts and pictures, some in full color HD of the tarp blocking McCain’s name. Finally, Officials acknowledged there was a tarp and was ordered removed.

The Navy was protecting the Prez.  Knowing his deep dark love for John McCain.

Donald Trump had no knowledge and wasn’t harmed in the skulduggery


Council members Angelique Ashby Jeff Harris say no to Mayor Steinberg’s U plans

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Mayor Steinberg will need  to convince five council members to support his controversial  plans to issues bonds from Measure U or Uoops.

Risky and Bankrupt were just some of the words used at Tuesday’s City council meeting.   He has two firm no’s from District 3 Council Member Jeff Harris and Angelique Ashby  representing District 1. Who believe his scheme could possibly bankrupt Sacramento.

The Mayor has a problem. He wrote a check to the neighborhoods and the  Business community last year with Measure U that can’t be cashed.

His plans to use bonds supported by Measure U’s tax revenue seem to be depended on Sunny weather.  An unseasonable storm could put the City and its assets at risk.

Business is clearly unhappy and he will have to give an extraordinary good explanation to the neighborhoods it he wan’t their  support his should he decide to run for a second term next year.

Its May, and the forecast for the Mayor is “Stormy Weather”



Throwback Thursday : 2010 Channeling Lucy or when Jacuzzi’s Attack!


Weekend in a small town visiting a close bud.

A free deluxe room in a small town with a whirlpool…

A large whirlpool….   I know there are Jacuzzis in heaven.

I fill the whirlpool with water……    Arrange, remotes, Gatorade,  within fingers reach…

Excited, I dive in the whirlpool….   Water being too hot, I dive out.

Cold water to the rescue.


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