Between the Lines If we could move the crime ridden Greyhound Station from downtown which seems to be the hangout of the poor and unsightly.  Downtown Sacramento will be a nicer and safer place. So lets move them to Richards Blvd……….. Near the new planned housing retail community “Township 9

I Scream

When friends visit from out of town, I often go into a mild panic. Where to take visitors to impress, a local restaurant and not a non national chain restaurant. This time its dinner. Old Sacramento???…its okay but too touristy.(When I lived in San Francisco, I refused to take anyone to the Wharf-with those tiredContinue reading “I Scream”

Would you like Cockroaches in your soup or on the side?

A can of Raid vs Reputation….. hmmmmmm????? Reputation….. La Bonne Soup’s typically has (or had) long,long lines during the lunch period it has built a reputation for great soups and sandwiches. The popular 8th Street Restaurant was closed yesterday (Wednesday) by the Sacramento County Health Department. La Bonne was just awarded the coveted #1 inContinue reading “Would you like Cockroaches in your soup or on the side?”

Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.

The egg, easy,medium,hard,scrambled, sometimes poached and boiled. Difficult to ruin and the center of most breakfasts. When choosing a place for breakfast, my friend and I prefer non-chain restaurants, where many of the items (eggs,potatoes,pancakes) is poured from a box and where the meat is sliced so thin that it can only be eaten withContinue reading “Review: MARKET CLUB unglamorus and straight foward-just good food.”