Throwback Thursday(2010): Weight Watchers Floor Collapse

Friday Funny From Sweeden: Floor collapses at Sweedens’ Weight Watchers Clinic       Rate This The floor of a Weight Watchers clinic in Växjö in south central Sweden collapsed on Wednesday night beneath a group of about 20 participants in the diet programme.The Weight Watchers participants had gathered in the group’s facilities to see how much weight they had lost. As it turned out, however,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday(2010): Weight Watchers Floor Collapse”

Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons

If you are of a certain age, you likey know one or all of these classic cartoon characters. While most of us were introduced to these cartoons on our televisons. The majority of the cartoons, apperared in theaters as animated shorts, often shown before the feature film. The time between 1928 and 1963 was consideredContinue reading “Wayback Machine: Warner Brothers Cartoons”

Wayback Machine (2013) When Ok Cupid Introduces you to people you know

(2013) If you’ve been in a long term relationship of ten years or more, you have discovered the world has changed.  No more meetings at the malt shop after the sox hop and meeting the love of your life sitting in the booth to your left. Wait, that’s not my life, I just finished watchingContinue reading “Wayback Machine (2013) When Ok Cupid Introduces you to people you know”

When Cigarette Smoke Knew Its Place

There was a time in America, when nearly everyone smoked.  It was sexy, glamorous, and even macho.  Cigarettes were everywhere, even cartoon characters like “The Flintstones” sold Cigarettes and you could smoke everywhere. In the 60’s  the US Surgeon General placed a health warning on every pack of cigarettes.  Slowly, smoking wasn’t sexy or glamorousContinue reading “When Cigarette Smoke Knew Its Place”

Throwback Thursday: Grandma goes to jail for slapping fowl mouth Grandaughter

This story dates back to 2010.  Teresa Collier’s grandaugter had some anger issues.    Issues that got her kicked out of Catholic School after telling one of the nuns to fuck off.. Month later the grandaughter went off again, this time in her home,  telling everyone in the house to fuck off.    Losing it,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Grandma goes to jail for slapping fowl mouth Grandaughter”

The narrow band of AM radio

Before streaming, before DVD’s, CD”s, cassettes and Stereophonic sound there was AM radio. Every home had an AM radio. AM is where you heard preaching on Sunday. a place where you listened to sports, and every form of music from Classical to country was available on the AM dial. At 10 years old, I becameContinue reading “The narrow band of AM radio”

Normal? The Ricki Lake Show

                   For eleven years we waited for the door bell.  The door bell was an indication someone was about the get busted.   The Ricki Lake Show came on during the early nineties when talk shows were in vogue.  Everyone wanting to be the next Donahue or Oprah.Continue reading “Normal? The Ricki Lake Show”

Throwback Thursday 2016: 20 things no man over the age of 40 should ever wear

This 2016, article pissed off a LOT of MEN.  Three years have gone by, are you still THAT fashionista from 2016?     From/UK Telegraph It’s always difficult to know what’s acceptable to wear once you hit middle age, but a survey of 2,000 men has resulted in a definitive list of clothing to giveContinue reading “Throwback Thursday 2016: 20 things no man over the age of 40 should ever wear”

Janice stole my look

There is something about a bright shiny look.  Sequins, silk, lame. Worn properly its fantastic, improperly in tube top or casually applied to clothing is often beyond scary. I was always a big boi.  I was big baby, I came into the world weighing 137 pounds 4 ounces with size 10 feet.  My mother  screamedContinue reading “Janice stole my look”