Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car

I want to thank to good people of Tulare and Visalia, California, who generously offered to help me in an emergency. I use Gig car share in Sacramento and their fleet of Electric Chevrolet Bolts. While I have driven quite a few electric vehicles (EV) I wanted to know what its like living with one.Continue reading “Midnight in Chowchilla or How not to drive an Electric Car”

Hanging on to HIS Mercedes

Just another day on Florida’s I-95 Love is 4 EVA, until it isn’t!  When Junior Francis and Patresha Isidore bought their C class, they knew their love was forever, after all they share a daughter.   Forever meant a joint title. On Sunday, forever wasn’t home.  Patresha message was simple  my car, MY car, MY CAR,Continue reading “Hanging on to HIS Mercedes”

Big Man Rides 2018 Kia Nero

With gasoline prices being what they are, one would question why would Kia bring a small hybrid to market, when Toyota can’t give the Prius away?    However, this is the same company that has just introduced the Kia Stinger at a time when the public are buying SUVs. Nearly two decades ago I rentedContinue reading “Big Man Rides 2018 Kia Nero”

HELLCAT II: Who needs a 4dr American Sedan with a top speed of 204?

Who needs a $65,000 Dodge, that will out run nearly every BMW,Mercedes, Jaguar and most other cars under $200.000 A friend who drives an German car concedes the Dodge would win in a straight line,but say’s Europeans cars are superior in the curves.  How many drag races take places in curvy places. Imagine, being atContinue reading “HELLCAT II: Who needs a 4dr American Sedan with a top speed of 204?”

I Am Your Bitch

      I’ve walked pass them for years……. The large message chairs you find in shopping malls.  The chairs,big black recliners have gone unnoticed for years.  Today with a couple of dollars in my pockets my tush took the cush on a test run. Ohhh Auntie MMMM, magical hands,messaged my legs, neck,thighs,and tush. InContinue reading “I Am Your Bitch”