Woman lived in abandoned village alone for 47 years after it washed into sea

Elizabeth Prettejohn lived in Hallsands, Devon for nearly 50 years following a devastating storm which destroyed the whole village and forced everyone else to flee.

By; Howard Love and Sam Truelove/UK Mirror

Not everyone can say they have lived in an abandoned village

Not many have done so alone for 47 years, either.

Elizabeth Prettejohn lived in Hallsands, Devon on her own from 1917 and stayed there until her death in 1964.

When she was aged 33, a massive storm hit the village, washing much of it into the sea. Amazingly, nobody died. The 79 inhabitants managed to flee during a lull in the storm and sought safety on higher ground.

But Elizabeth was the only person who decided to stay in what was left of Hallsands, leading a simplistic existence eating eggs from her chickens or fish from the sea, Devon Live reports.

The terrible storm washed away 37 homes, as well as the store and the pub which was called The London Inn.

Elizabeth Prettejohn lived in Hallsands, Devon all alone (Image: Devon Live/British Pathé)

Elizabeth remained stubbornly and heroically in her house right up until her death in 1964 at the age of 80.

Shortly before her death, she said: “I have all my memories here, but it’s no good sitting down moping. It was the dockyard that took all our beach. It blew for four days and four nights. The sea was like mountains. I prayed god that the wind would stop.

“Once I thought of moving to Dartmouth, but this is where I belong with my memories.”

News footage from 1960 shows Elizabeth in her late 70s, still living with her cat and her hens in ‘Sea View’. She can be seen in her belted brown coat and headscarf on a sunny day clambering over the fallen remains of the village.

She is filmed fishing, with her weather-beaten face looking out to sea as she tugs on a crab line. The presenter says the Prettejohn family was the last to leave but that her family has died and she had lived alone “for some time now”.

Apparently she was happy to show tourists around the houses of her former neighbours.

Elizabeth was born in Hallsands at The London Inn and her parents were the landlords of the village pub which was built high above the tideline.

After her death, ‘Sea View’ was bought and turned into a summer holiday home. People continued to stay there – although never in a storm – until the landslide in 2012.

Elizabeth lived alone in the last cottage on the hill for 47 years (Image: Devon Live)
Elizabeth lived a simplistic existence eating eggs from her chickens or fish from the sea (Image: Devon Live/British Pathé)

Roger Stone – great-grandson of William James Lynn, a friend of Elizabeth’s father Philip Prettejohn – tells this story of the storm.

He said: “Williams’ son Jack was the last person to be born in the village. He was seven-days-old when the storm destroyed the village and he was carried to safety in the mawn wrapped in blankets.

“Jack, known as ‘Curly’, spent is adult life living in Beeson and worked as a crab fisherman off the beach at Beesands.”

The early history of Hallsands is unknown, but a chapel has existed there since at least 1506. The village was at a cave known as Poke Hole, and probably was not inhabited before 1600.

The village grew in size during the 18th and 19th Centuries, and by 1891 it had 37 houses, a spring, the London Inn, and a population of 159.

Most residents depended on fishing for a living on the nearby Skerries Bank. In the 1890s, it was decided to expand the naval dockyard at Keyham, near Plymouth, and dredging began off Hallsands to provide sand and gravel for its construction.

Soon, up to 1,600 tons of material was being removed each day, and the level of the beach began to drop, much to the alarm of local residents.

A massive storm hit the village, washing much of it into the sea (Image: Devon Live)
The terrible storm washed away 37 homes (Image: Devon Live)
a local inquiry in response to protests from villagers, who feared that the dredging might destabilise the beach and thereby threaten the village.kely to pose a significant threat to the village, so dredging continued. By 1900, however, the level of the beach had started to fall, and later that year the autumn storms washed away part of the sea wall.

In September 1901, a new Board of Trade inspector concluded that further severe storms could cause serious damage and recommended that dredging be stopped.

Elizabeth lived in Hallsands until her death in 1964 (Image: Devon Live/British Pathé)

On January 8, 1902, the dredging licence was revoked. During 1902, the level of the beach recovered, but the 1902 winter brought more storms and damage.

Early on January 26, 1917, fishermen – expecting gales on the high tide – haul the boats up to the village street and batten them down. The children are evacuated to Mildmay Cottages.

At 8pm that evening – Spring tides bring huge waves up to roof height and destroy the buildings behind the sea walls from above. The houses collapse into rock cavities created where the sand ‘cement’ has been washed away.

The houses built on the rocks are battered by wind, waves and stones as villagers fear for their lives. By midnight, four houses are totally demolished and none remain totally intact.

\The ghost village of Hallsands (Image: Devon Live)

At dawn on the following day, first light reveals the full picture – the sea is full of furniture.

The sea wall remains intact and that saved lives being lost. Villagers knew the next high tide would take what is left and spend the day trying to salvage the contents of their ruined homes.

The next high tide of January 28 broke the sea wall and the village disappeared.h

Only one house remained – the highest in the village, belonging to the Prettejohn’s family.

The gales raged for four days and nights and the village was no more.

After all this, Elizabeth continued to live in the village, and did so until her death in 1964.

Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son’s porn stash

53 minutes ago A man who sued his parents for getting rid of his pornography collection has won a lawsuit in western Michigan and can seek compensation.

U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney ruled in favor of David Werking, who said his parents had no right to throw out his collection. He lived at their Grand Haven home for 10 months after a divorce before moving to Muncie, Indiana.

Werking said boxes of films and magazines worth an estimated $29,000 were missing.

“There is no question that the destroyed property was David’s property,” Maloney said Monday. “Defendants repeatedly admitted that they destroyed the property.

Werking’s parents said they had a right to act as his landlords.

“Defendants do not cite to any statute or caselaw to support their assertion that landlords can destroy property that they dislike,” the judge said.

Maloney told both sides to file briefs on the financial value of the collection.

“The court does not intend to hold an evidentiary hearing,” he said.

More Room in the rear seat of a Subcompact car than on Southwest Airlines

2020 Honda Fit LX CVT - Honda dealer serving Edison NJ – New and Used Honda  dealership Newark Woodbridge Township New Brunswick New Jersey
US probes large crack in Boeing 737 jet | News | DW | 14.03.2020
The 2019 Honda Fit Interior Dimensions and Cargo Dimensions
Southwest Airlines 737-700 Las Vegas to San Diego – SANspotter

I take Uber/Fyft every day, Due to Covid 19, the ride share companies required passengers to ride in the back seat.

As a lot of you know, I’m a giant man 6.4 over 300 pounds. Airline travel is a challenge. I tend to avoid Boeing’s Mega Popular 737 the staple of most airlines. With the help of seatguru.com, I’ve learned which airlines have the most room.

Doesn’t help my anixity which isn’t based on a fear of flying. It’s my comfort on the plane. I’m envious of the rest of the world with the quiet comfort on their high speed rail.


Airlines narrowed seats, reduced leg room and if you weigh more than 190 pounds, Some airlines like Southwest requries you to purchase another seat.

Who’s Chubby Now?



I resently discovered, I have a LOT more legroom* and I’m more comfortable in the rear seat of a subcompact car than nearly any airline seat. The Honda Fit was far and way my least favorite car before the covid rule change. I swear, my face could touch the windshield. However, in the rear once I’m in its not a bad place. Not a hint of a cramp from Downtown Sac to El Dorado Hills.

* with the seat in its most forward position.

How to make this Christmas THE WORST EVER!

Its sad but true, “Common Sense isn’t Common

There are people setting themselves up to have the worst Christmas ever.

  1. Social Media:  Over share much?  There are people who share and upload every second of their lives online.   Often to their detriment.   Pictures of your vacation while your on vacation can leave your home vulnerable to thieves.   Not only have you told them your gone, but you’ve told the world when your returning.   Can you really trust all of your 400 friends on Facebook and their friends ?    You can share your pictures online when your safely at home.   Tell a couple of trusted neighbors to watch your home.   Remove the gifts under the tree and place them in the laundry room or in the linen closet if there is room .                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yes, Matilda there are some of you who take pictures of the gifts you’ve bought in the store and post them online.   Or take picture of the gifts as you wrap them.                      Image result for not smart gif

Image result for do this

  Tear a piece of paper in half

That is how long it will take someone to break into your car. 

2. Christmas Shopping and cars: If your shopping in the mall, don’t put your packages in the car. (see above)  Put them in the trunk.  If you have a mini van or SUV without a cover.  Get a cart  or two or go home in unload. 


This break in took place in Atlanta. However, car break in’s take place in every city.  It doesn’t matter how upscale the neighborhood is.   Citizens leave their wallets under newspapers and purses in clear sight on the seat.

Image result for only a minute gif

They’re only gonna gone a minute.  Look at the  video, it didn’t take  a minute to break in the cars it took seconds.

Shopping Mall have security and hundreds of  sophisticated cameras, however, they can’t watch 5000 cars.  If you are a victim, there is less than a 5% chance you will recover your items. The shopping mall is not responsible if someone breaks into your car.

Related image

2B. Baby its cold outside:  Thousands of Americans, warm up their cars leaving the keys inside the car as it warms up.   Others, leave their vehicle on while they go into the store leaving the door unlocked and completely unattended.

Few people know its against the law in most states to leave your car unattended with the keys inside.  Inside your car is your address, often a garage door opener, giving  thieves complete access to you home and possibility endangering  unsuspecting  occupants.  Many newer cars have a key fob that doesn’t require a key to be in the ignition to run.   If you car is less than ten years old, an aftermarket device can be installed that will allow your car to operate without the key.   Don’t leave your car with the keys inside, alone with your small children even for a minute.


2.Hotel/Motels  If you are driving a long distance to Grandma’s house and your going to stay over night at a hotel/motel. You might consider investing in a strong black garbage bag and placing your contents in the bag, no one can see inside.   After checking into your room, unload everything (leave the gifts in the black garbage bag)    Unload everything and take all your gifts and valuables to your room.

Image result for car break ins

Hotels/Motels are magnets for thieves.   No neighborhood is exempt. Yes, its inconvenient, so is losing hundred of dollars of gifts..  Like the shopping Mall, the hotel is not responsible for your belongings .

Related image.



3. Cash and Credit:  If your in the habit carrying a lot of cash.   Before you pay for your items.  Estimate how much cash you need plus an additional $40-50 dollars.  Find a section of the store where you can discreetly separate your money and pay for your items with that cash. .  Large amounts of cash may generate the wrong attention.  ATM’s  I tend to avoid them, unless they are in a store.  People assume others inline or sitting in there cars are there to use the machines (not always)  Today, you can buy some mints in a supermarket and withdraw cash without an ATM fee in a relatively safe environment.

Image result for stop gif

Handle your business! Once you get your cash, put it away!

Don’t become the next victim.  Once you receive your change or money from the ATM. Put it away immediately  Put it away!  I’ve seen people walk down the street, telegraphing to everyone …money, money money.

Image result for question mark gif

What is a skimmer? A skimmer is a device that thieves attach to an ATM or a payment machine (at gas stations)  to trick people who are swiping their credit cards or debit cards.

    Image result for gas station skimmer


Often, if the target is debit cards, the skimming device is set up on the ATM, along with a nearby camera or person watching you enter your PIN.



Voter Conspiracy Crazy: Former Houston Police Captain Terrorized Air Conditioner Repairman

Former HPD Capt. Mark Anthony Aguirre charged with holding repairman at  gunpoint in fake voter-fraud conspiracy - ABC13 Houston
Mark Anthony Aquirre

Several months before the 2020 Presidential election, the President believed, thousands possibly millions of fraudulent ballots would be submitted in the November 3rd election.


Enter sixty three year old Mark Anthony Aquirre, a former Houston Police Captain.

Aguirre, was hired by Houston-based Liberty Center for God and Country who were conducting a civilian investigation into the alleged ballot scheme.

Mark Aguirre search, lead him to one man dressed as an air conditioner tech. After four days of surveillance, he was convinced the tech WAS the THE MASTERMIND who was planning a MASSIVE voter fraud scheme in Texas largest county, Harris County, invovling 750,000 fraudulent ballots that were in the truck.

This led to a chase, where the former captain rammed his SUV into the back of the MASTERMIND’S truck, running it off the road to get him to stop! When the MASTERMIND got out of the truck, Aguirre, pointed a handgun and forced him to the ground and put his knee on the man’s back – an image captured on the body-worn camera of a police officer.

Aguirre directed police to a parking lot nearby where another suspect, who has not been identified, took the truck. Inside the MASTERMIND’S truck were air conditioner parts and tools. Not a single ballot was found.

Citizens Arrest?

Aguirre told police that he was part of a group of private citizens called, “Liberty Center,” What he didn’t tell police, that he had been paid a total of $266,400 by the Liberty Center, with $211,400 of that amount being deposited into his account the day after the incident.

Aguirre, who went to authorities with pre-election claims that a massive voter fraud scheme was underway in Harris County, was instead arrested himself Tuesday and charged for running a man off the road and pointing at gun at his head in an attempt to prove his claims.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said.“He crossed the line from dirty politics to commission of a violent crime and we are lucky no one was killed,” “His alleged investigation was backward from the start , first alleging a crime had occurred and then trying to prove it happened.” Aguirre’s claims of election fraud were found to be baseless after thorough investigation.

Aguirre, was arrested by Houston Police and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.


King Kong & Son

I saw him, as I was limping through Denver International, didn’t think much of it.  Saw him again in the B gates.  Like the Empire State Building,  BIG men stand out in the crowd.  This early twenty something, man was surrounded by a group of twenty somethings. He was my height ,around 6.4 and over 300 pounds with a baby face.

We noticed each other at the gate, we were on the same flight to Sacramento.  I reinjured my foot in Kansas City and was in a great deal of pain.  Like a true stupid ass macho warrior, I limped for 45 minutes from one terminal to the next, my ego wouldn’t allow some teeny tiny person to push Godzilla’s first cousin (me) around in a wheelchair.

At the Gate, I said to myself, what are the odds we’d be sitting on the same side of the plane with the plane leaning to the right.

I’m usually the very last to board,  I dont have to wait for people to settle in, I can walk directly to my seat.   PLUS, I like terrorizing the villagers, (passengers) slowing down and eying the middle seat, wispering enough so they could hear me, is this my seat?  Some people react in terror and others pretend and look forward. I know that they are praying to the gods, ( Oh please dont let him sit here!)   Sometimes, I throw it in reverse, B28? This really gets um.

The reality is, my seat is always an aisle seat, of the right side of the plane near the rear.   I was so busy terrorizing the villagers that I forget King Kong Jr was on the same flight to Sacramento. 

God, has a sense of humor

There he was.  King Kong Jr in 34B, my seat was 34C hooray! (not really!)  As I opened the overhead, I could see the smiling eyes of his friends.  Jr looked at me and then away.  He’s built like me, long legs and broad shoulders which forced a third of my body into the aisle.  It was an intimate introuduction as we were crushed up together with thighs and shoulders touching.  My right foot was killing me.

No one will have coffee or tea on this flight……….

I knew they would have to relocate me because there was no way they were going to get the cart down the aisle. Worse, if there is another large person on the flight, they were going to have to use the other bathroom, this aisle is closed!  Jr was clearly uncomfortable with both hands resting on his knees, he is nervous and didnt want to upset dad. 

A couple of flight attendents had to squeeze through. In the back, they were having a conference and I knew the topic was King Kong and son.   I was hoping they would relocate me to first class where I could take the pressure off my foot. 

One of the flight attendents tapped my on the shoulder and directed me to an empty row being us.  “How did that happen? an empty row ?  She saw the pain on my face and encourged me to put my foot up, the problem was we were on the right side of the plane and I couldn’t comfortably rest my right foot.   Meanwhile, Jr is doing a discreet happy dance, I could see the seat bouncing in front of me.

We arrived at Sacramento’s Terminal “A” on time.  I waited for to everyone to leave before attempting to stand.   The flight attendant wanted to call for a wheelchair, but I’m still a warrior, (a weakened warrior). This is terminal A, I said too myself, ” its a small terminal, I wont have too walk far”  

God has a sense of humor…….

We were at the tip of Terminal A,  the corridor went on forever, with several twist and turns  “My god, this is long-where are we Atlanta?” the flight attendent quipped.    Finally freedom, I stopped, I couldnt walk anymore.  Within a couple of minutes. There were three people with wheelchairs……..

God has a sense of humor………..

Three people, a strong looking women, a tallish man and a small man.  The small man won.   Carol Marrow, tell him what he’s won.  King Kong with bag, nearly 380 pounds AND luggage.   This is ridiculous…. I said to myself.  The Ultimate Insult.  A tiny man pushing me.   It looked like I was in a magic chair.  No one could see him behind me ,he had to look around me to see where we were going.   In my head, I’m screaming  This is embarressing, lets me walk! My conversation to myself continued. Then I moved my right foot.   My inner voice said shut the fuck up! 

The hundred and thirty pound man was strong, very impressive, we were moving at a rapid clip.  “I asked him how he was doing?” he said fine!!       Two minutes later, we were slowing down.  I asking him again.  I kidd you not- his voice changed, he sounded like “Mickey Mouse, “When he said ” I’m okay”

At baggage claim, he was free of King Kong I forgot to tip him. 

  I saw Jr, and his entourage as they were leaving the terminal. I smiled at him and he waved at me.  In my head, I said bye son.  It’s been interesting.


Men will associate sex with happiness more than women: Study


Talk about a happy ending … for men at least.

Men were 250% more likely to associate happiness with sexual intercourse than women, according to a new study.

This is based on the answers of 1,147 male and female respondents in a large-scale survey. Of all male respondents, 20% used the word “Sex” as a word to associate with “Happiness”. In comparison, only 8% of female respondents choose this word.

This suggests that men find sex to be more important for their happiness when compared to women.

associate sex with happiness gender
  • Of all male respondents, 20% used the word “Sex” as a word to associate with “Happiness”.
  • Of all female respondents, only 8% used the word “Sex” as a word to associate with “Happiness”.

This is visualized in the chart above, where male respondents showed a likelihood 2.5 times bigger than those female.

Sex is strongly correlated to happiness

It has been proven by other studies that sex is correlated to happiness.

Therefore, the topic of sex is relevant when focusing on happiness and well-being.

More sex doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness

In another interesting study, researchers found that doubling the amount of sexual intercourse did not lead to enhanced happiness.

The researchers suggested that the increased frequency of sex doesn’t lead to increased happiness, because it may lead to a decline in wanting for, and enjoyment of, sex.

In other words, trying to increase the frequency of sex can result in a decreased sex drive.

However, none of the studies mentioned so far discern between men and women.

Differences in men and women when it comes to sex

There is a persistent stereotype that men think about sex every seven seconds. This would result in more than 8,000 sexual thoughts on a normal day, taking into account 8 hours of sleep.

However, this stereotype has been debunked by studies, most specifically this one.

The study found that men are indeed more frequently thinking about sex, but men were also more frequently thinking about other need-based cognitions. By comparing the number of sexual thoughts with the total number of thoughts, the difference between men and women was found to be much smaller than what is stereotypically expected.

Men find sex more important for their overall happiness

Our study set out to find how people from around the world would describe happiness, without being able to actually use the word itself. Therefore, we asked each respondent which words were most associated with “Happiness”.

Our findings suggest that sex is much more important for men’s happiness when compared with the happiness of women.

Commentary from the team:

hugo huyer tracking happiness

Hugo Huijer, Founder of Tracking Happiness

It’s clear that our happiness is influenced by the quality and quantity of our sex lives. However, the difference between men and women has never been studied like this before.

Still, the conclusion that male happiness is more dependent on sex compared to women can be found in other studies as well.

For example, an in-depth analysis of prostitution in the UK found that the majority of prostitutes in the UK is female (58%). Assuming that this market is subject to supply-demand economics, this suggests that men have a higher demand for sex. The study found that there is a higher demand for female sex workers.

Additionally, internet traffic to adult sites consists largely of men. According to Statista, approximately 70% of traffic to a well-known large adult website is male.

These findings can all be explained by the results of our study: sex is more important to male happiness when compared to female happiness.


If you’re looking for more information on how the study was performed, this article provides an overall introduction to this study. It also includes links to other result articles that are relevant to this study.

Want to know more details? Like who was surveyed, what are the demographics of the respondents, and how the study was performed? Here is a link to a document that explains it all (opens in a new window)


A study suggested by Psychology Today noted women are less likely to orgasm during sex, which could explain the rift between both genders. That survey queried 24,000 college-aged women and revealed that 40% of them climax during sex while 80% of their male counterparts

So why do men associated happiness more with sex than women?

The Psychology Today report also noted a double standard for lovemaking in men and women. Unlike men, when women engage in casual sex, there’s a stigma attached.

This result suggests that females are half as likely to orgasm during sex compared to men.


Closing words

Men find sex to be more important for their happiness when compared to women. This is the result of a word-association study amongst 1,147 male and female respondents.

UGANDA: Top tourist things to do and see around Kampala

Take a stroll or ride around Kampala and you will be guaranteed a memorable sightseeing adventure.

Top tourist things to do and see around Kampala

PIC: A view of Kampala’s skyline at night. In addition to Kampala’s historic buildings and rich cultures, there are so many interesting things to do and see. (Credit: KCCA)


Uganda’s national and commercial capital city Kampala was historically known as the hill of the impalas and derives its name from the vast numbers of impalas that once roamed the now biggest city in Uganda.

In addition to its historic buildings, and rich cultures, there are so many interesting things to do and see in Kampala. Tourist activities in Uganda often times include a Kampala City Tour. Here is what you can explore on this tour.

Independence Monument

Following Uganda’s Independence from the British in 1962, the Uganda Independence Monument was set up and it is located in the center of Kampala City, just next to Sheraton Hotel. Visit this monument while in Kampala and take pictures.

Uganda Museum

In 1908, Governor George Wilson called for all articles of interest on Uganda to be procured and that is how the museum was founded. The collections in the Uganda Museum include playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry among others. The Uganda museum is the oldest museum in East Africa. The museum is a great place to visit while on a Uganda safari.


Have you tried out the ‘rolex’ before? Last year, a Rolex Festival was held at the Uganda Museum

Baha’i Temple

The Baha’i temple in Kampala is the only Baha’i temple in Africa which makes one of the unique Uganda tourist attractions. The temple welcomes anyone who would like to visit or even participate in prayers. The temple is located on top of a hill in a very serene environment perfect for relaxing and reflecting.

Kabaka’s Palace

The Kabaka’s palace is the official residence of the King of Buganda Kingdom (Kabaka). It is located at the pinnacle of Bulange Hilland had existed for centuries. The guided visit to Bulange will cover the Lukiiko Hall, the gardens and monuments and the Central Broadcasting Station (CBS), Zakariya Kisingiri’s house, one of the oldest and magnificent houses in Buganda located along the Royal Mile, ‘Lukoma Nantawetwa,’ Kabaka’s round about (junction) on Rubaga road, Mengo and the ‘Empukku’; former Idi Amin’s Amin’s torture chambers cave inside the Lubiri.

Owino Market

Visiting downtown Kampala takes you to St. Balikudembe (Bartholomew) market popularly known as Owino. This market is perhaps the busiest in Kampala and is usually filled with a lot people. Be advised that this place also attracts pickpockets so remember to be on your guard as you traverse this part of Kampala city. Booking with a tour company in Uganda ensures that the tour guides show you around without any trouble.

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda

The Uganda Parliament building is located along Parliament Avenue in Central Kampala. Visiting this can only be done on appointment and prepare to be thoroughly checked by security personnel at the gate.

Art galleries

For travelers who love art, Kampala is just the kind of city for you. There are plenty of art galleries where you can find exquisite art pieces for your enjoyment.  You can visit Afriart, Makerere Art Gallery, Umoja Gallery among many others.

Kabaka’s manmade lake

The Kabaka’s lake was established by Kabaka Mwanga between 1884 and 1888. It is the largest manmade lake in Africa and runs about 200 feet deep. Initially, the Kabaka intended for the lake to link his Lubiri Palace to Lake Victoria and it is said that he even actively took part in the digging process to set an example to his subjects.

Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs is a world heritage site which you should visit while you are in Kampala. The cultural leaders (Kabakas) of Buganda Kingdom are buried at this site. Currently, three Kabakas are buried at the site. Kasubi Tombs is undergoing reconstruction and is therefore closed to visitors. It will be reopened to visitors as soon as reconstruction is done.

Explore Kampala by boda boda

Moving around Kampala city by boda boda motorcycles is the fastest way to traverse even the most congested of locations around the city. The experience of riding on a boda boda is quite rewarding and affordable.


Nakasero Market

Nakasero Market located within central Kampala is a one stop source for food stuffs especially the locally grown kind. People flock Nakasero market to but all kinds of vegetables, fruits and so much more. Make it a point to visit this market when you are in Kampala. You will love it.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe

Saint Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe is the provincial cathedral of the Church of Uganda and the diocesan cathedral for Namirembe Diocese, the first diocese to be founded in the Church of Uganda province, in 1890. Between 1919 and 1967, the Cathedral served as the provincial cathedral of the Church of Uganda, Anglican Communion.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga

Kabaka Mutesa, the 30th Kabaka of Buganda, who reigned from 1856 until 1884, once maintained a palace on Lubaga Hill. When fire destroyed the palace, he abandoned the hill and relocated to Mengo Hill. In 1889, his son Mwanga II of Buganda, donated that land to the French Catholic missionaries (White Fathers) who were setting up the nascent Catholic church in the country, at that time. In 1914 the missionaries began constructing a modern cathedral at Lubaga (Rubaga). Construction was completed in 1925 and St. Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga was consecrated on 31 December 1925.

The Uganda National Mosque (Gaddafi Mosque)

The Uganda National Mosque is a mosque located at Kampala Hill in the Old Kampala area of Kampala, Uganda. Completed in 2006, it seats up to 15,000 worshipers and can hold another 1,100 in the gallery, while the terrace will cater for another 3,500. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya commissioned the mosque as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of the Muslim population. You can visit this mosque but you have to be dressed decently.

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine was built in honor of the Uganda Martyrs killed by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda between 1885 and 1887 at Namugongo after their refusal to renounce Christianity. People from all over the world congregate at Namugongo every 3rd of June to celebrate the lives of the martyrs. The shrine is located approximately 16 kilometers north east of Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

New Vision.com

Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian

Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian

Ten English words that make you sound cool in Italian

If you want to impress at Italy’s cafes and bars, here’s how. Dropping a few English words into your Italian conversation may seem like an odd thing to do, but for some Italians these ‘anglicismi’ are the height of cool. Here’s how to use them.

By Clare Speak/The Local

Pick up any fashion or gossip magazine in Italy and you’ll notice almost every page has been liberally sprinkled with English words. But it doesn’t stop there.

Just as certain English speakers believe that dining al fresco sounds fancier than eating outdoors (we don’t recommend using this phrase in front of Italians, by the way), some Italians also seem to believe using an English word here and there will make them appear more sophisticated.

In fact, it’s more than just the occasional word. The use of these anglicismi increased by a massive 773 percent between 2000 and 2009 according to translation and editorial company Agostini Associati. Now,one Italian language expert estimates there are 3,500 such words being dropped into the Italian language.

But beware – just because someone has thrown a random English word into conversation, don’t assume this means they speak your language. They’re likely to be horrified if you take their use of one English word as an invitation to start chatting to them in English. 

And some of these words are used in ways that leave native English speakers perplexed.

 Some more traditional Italians rage against Itanglese and the anglicizzazione of their languageparticularly when such words then eclipse perfectly good italian terms. 

 Still, it looks like at least some of these English words are here to stay. So here’s a quick run-down of jst a few of the English words and phrases you’re likely to hear used around Italy – and what they actually mean to the Italians saying them. 

Trendy – This word may now be embarrassing “dad-speak” as far as native English-speaking kids are concerned, but in Italy it’s being preserved, like a linguistic time capsule. Describing something as “trendy” remains very much alla moda among fashionable young Italians. 

Strong – another adjective beloved by young Italians. For reasons that remain a mystery, “strong” is often dropped in the place of forte.

Snob – This English noun somehow became an adjective in Italian; for native English speakers it can be jarring to hear a stuck-up person described as being “molto snob.”

 Privacy – This word is so commonly used in Italy that some Italians will insist that it is in fact, Italian, and that no alternatives are available. 

Baby – Not used to describe an infant, or bebè, but curiously deployed by the Italian press as an adjective, meaning “teenage” or “youth”. For example, groups of teen troublemakers are often described as a “baby gang” while 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is a “baby attivista”.

Job – We’re not sure how this one came about, or why it’s preferable to lavoro, but you will hear younger Italians say things like “sto cercando un job.

Tax – Flat tax, sugar tax, plastic tax. Some Italian political commentators have jokingly asked if the English will be paying these new levies, being added to next year’s budget. . 

It is a little hard to understand why these names are used, when the Italian tassa is almost the same. But Italian politicians are notorious for dropping anglicismi – see also “spending review”, “jobs act”, and “fake news”. Why? Perhaps they’re just trying to show off, but some say it’s because many politicians associate the English language with modernity – and capitalism.


Alton Ashby spits near a Geek, RUDE!

Geeks are nice and most know a lot of about electronics. I simply cant imagine why anyone would spit near a geek.

Well, that’s not totally true. Last Saturday, fifty one year old Alton Ashby entered a Vero Beach, Florida Best Buy Store.

He reportely walked up to the Geek Squad (a collection of two or more Geeks) counter without a mask….. One member of the Geek Squad, offered Mr Ashby a mask. They told him he needed a mask to be served. The Geeks, called a manger and intially he complied, then he took it off and started sneezing, just acting a complete fool. (just keep reading you’ll see)

Mr Ashby was kinda nasty. Home cheese, spit all over the Geeks clean counter and didn’t stop there. He spit, sneezed AND coughed on other counters (just cuz) BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Then took a swig of coke he brought into the store and started spiting throughout store! Best Buy Employees asked him to leave the store. NAS-TEE! man refused, kept spitting and wiping his hands on the coffee shelves. They called 911

The Indian River County Sheriff caught up with Mr Ashby in his Red Caddy not far from the store. When they asked him what happened? He told the Sheriff he was upset by the service he received by the Best Buy employees.

The RUDE and nasty man was arrested for disorderly conduct. The Palm Bay Resident was freed from the Indian River county jail after posting a $500 bond.

 A Best Buy employee told police, that customers left due to the incident and that workers had to sanitize multiple areas of the store.

Ashby reportedly told police ,that he was “upset and is going through a lot this year and got carried away at the store.” Ashby is scheduled for a January 5 arraignment on the misdemeanor charge.


Maskless man accused of coughing, spitting at Best Buy


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