Grandma sent to jail for slapping 18 year old grandaughter

Theresa Collier, a 73-year-old grandmother, found her self behind bars in Florida for slapping her granddaughter when the young girl swore at her.

Collier, a church going Irish Catholic, has never been in trouble with the law in her life.

She broke down in tears as she said “My heart’s going like this. I just thought I was going to die. I wanted to crawl in a hole.”

The 18-year-old granddaughter in question, Felicia Collier, had come over to her grandmother’s house to use the computer. Since being expelled from Catholic school in Massachusetts Felicia has been finishing up the school year online.

Collier explained the reason for Felicia’s expulsion. “She said F-off to a nun! I would just crawl into a hole, said Collier, obviously embarrassed by her granddaughter’s behavior.

While she was meant to be working on school assignments at Collier’s house Felicia’s bad language continued.

“She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family. She just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her across the face,” said Collier. “She grabbed my wrists and I couldn’t get out of it and she let one go and she punched me in the cheek.”

The situation quickly escalated when Felicia called the police. What happened next shocked them both.

Collier said “The two officers came to each side of me and before I know it, they have my arms and they said, ‘You’re under arrest,’ and they cuffed me.”

Filled with remorse, Felicia tried to stop the police but she could not convince the officers and her grandmother was taken into custody.

Collier spent the next 24 hours in jail. She said they were the worst hours of her life.

Walter Collier, her husband said “My wife of 52 years went to Catholic Parochial school, went to church, she’s a good strong Catholic and raised four kids and no one ever spoke to her like that.”

“I think it’s ridiculous. We’re hurt so bad, I’m so scared she’s going to have a heart attack or a stroke over this. She doesn’t sleep, she bursts into tears and I’m almost doing it now.”

Though Collier’s arrest might seem quite harsh the state of Florida has a mandatory arrest policy for domestic violence calls. She has been charged with battery.

Lt. Mike Loux, with the Largo Police Department said “If an officer on scene finds probable cause to arrest a person, because they’ve committed domestic battery, then our policy is a mandatory arrest of that person.

“The discretion does not come because the victim does not want to prosecute. It doesn’t come because the victim has remorse for calling police.”

Collier’s first day in court was last Wednesday. Her granddaughter was present and attempted to sign documentation which would allow her to cancel the prosecution. This will not change her elderly grandmother’s charges.

Theresa and Walter Collier have not spoken to their granddaughter since the incident.

To further complicate things, the Colliers only live part time in Florida. The couple had planned to head home to New Hampshire next week.

Now they are unsure if this is a good idea as Theresa does not have her next date for court. Clearly a tough lady she said “What are they going to do? Send me back in.”

KATE HICKEY/Irish Central 5-4-10


5:41 AM,  a very young child (less than a year) has walked through the lobby carrying a small plastic bag of cheerios  and is heading towards the first set of  electric double doors and then outside.  .     The desk clerk, looked around for an adult, and didnt see any nearby,  hey, baby, hey baby,  ( hoping to get the attention of a parent) the child slowed down, but kept walking.

The Child  stood between the electric doors and suddenly the doors close on him, knocking him down.  The desk clerk ran from behind he desk and picked  up the frighten and now crying child, cheerios spilled to the floor.   A women ran out of the breakfast area and took the child from him without saying a word.

Yes, thank you, thank you for caring for my child, the desk clerk said to himself.   The desk clerk walked into the breakfast area , expecting to see several children,  nope, just the two of them.   Hmmm, still no thank you ,the desk clerk said to himself.    He asked the women how old her son was,  10 months she said, how many children do you have, just him-she said in a tiny voice.  His father is out packing the car.     As the desk clerk walked away, he said to himself, one, that is all you need …..   ONE!!!!

Whacked out women slashes her way through an West Hollywood Target Store

A woman with a butcher knife in one hand and a steak knife in the other stabbed four people at a Target store in Los Angeles before an off-duty sheriff’s deputy pulled out his gun and ordered her to the ground.

The wounded include a woman stabbed in the neck as she was holding her infant. The baby wasn’t hurt and all four victims are expected to survive, though one is in critical condition, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The attack took place Monday afternoon at a Target store on the second floor of a shopping center in West Hollywood. Authorities have identified the suspect as 34-year-old Layla Trawick from Antioch, Calif., and described her as suffering from mental illness.

She was yelling ‘I’m bipolar! There’s no witness protection program,'” said Allison McNamara, an entertainment journalist who was shopping in the store. She told the Times about how she felt helpless as she watched the woman plunge her knife into the upper back and shoulder of a fellow shopper.
You could see where the knife was going into his back. The knife had ridges and a tag on it. She was going as fast and strong as she could. Four to six inches were covered in blood. She looked like she was going to stab everyone there,” McNamara was quoted as saying.

McNamara bolted out of the store to safety, along with other customers and some staff.

Deputy Clay Grant Jr., who stopped into Target to buy some paper towels on his day off work, heard screams from a nearby aisle. He grabbed his Beretta handgun, identified himself as a sheriff’s deputy and ordered the woman to drop the knives, he told reporters at a news conference afterward. She ran from aisle to aisle before surrendering.

“She finally dropped her knife, and I was able to place handcuffs on her,” said Grant, 26, whose comments were carried by several news agencies.

Grant said he decided not to shoot at the woman because he didn’t feel his life was in jeopardy. “Her facial expression was someone who was lost, confused, didn’t know exactly where they were,” he said.

The attacker was arrested with the help of private security guards. Investigators are trying to determine whether she got the knives from the store, or whether she brought them in with her.

Trawick is being held on $1 million bond on suspicion of attempted murder, authorities said.

The Sheriff’s Department received numerous calls after one of the victims, who was still bleeding, ran out of the store and people saw the deputy in his civilian clothes with a gun.

“There was a panic in the store,” Mankini said, noting witnesses outside the store initially believed there had been a shooting. “Everyone and their brother was calling 911.”

Sources: AOL News/ Andrew Blankstein LA Times

The Empire Strikes Back

Cue the elevator music………………………

If you live in a dozen or so cities in the state Alameda, Santa Clara and community’s located in the Sacramento Region, your  experience with your utility district is fairly pleasant, your bills are usually lower than your friends in neighboring communities.

There are just a few publicly or community owned utilities in California

Cut elevator music……..






Re-cue the elevator music ( I have a request, the Girl from Ipanema)

In 1923, the citizens of Sacramento County voted to create a power district.  At the moment the last ballot was counted, the privately held PG&E took SMUD to court and fought SMUD for over twenty years, the courts eventually sided with SMUD and in 1946 SMUD began providing power.

round 2

The City of Folsom voted to  join SMUD in 1983, PG&E fought and lost in the courts.

round 3

In 2006, through a ballot measure PG&E spending $11 million dollars successfully convinced voters of the Yolo county cities of Davis, West Sacramento and Woodland to stay with the Empire.

The Empire Strikes Back



he beat her with a stick

He had no other choice, Steve Poizner is trailing Meg Whitman  in the polls by more than twenty points.     The Republican gubernatorial  debate was held at the Tech Museum in San Jose sunday.

For most of the debate Whitman was playing defense……

Sound Bytes

On Whitman’s Resignation from the Goldman Sachs Board Amid Controversy over here Receipt of Preferential Stock Deals as Ebay CEO:

Whitman: “As Donald Trump say’s , I fired them. I didn’t like the management. I didn’t like the culture,and I got off.  I did not do anything wrong.  With 20/20 hindsight,would I do it again?  No, I could see afterwards what the conflict looked like”

Poizner’s Response: “Wow, you really don’t get this, Meg (Goldman Sachs) started to feed you these sweetheart deals, and you made a fortune, and …until you got caught you didn’t think you you did anything wrong. Ebay shareholders sued you and they sued you for a huge conflict of interest….The fact is your judgement was terrible back then.

On Whitman’s support for US senator Barbara Boxer in 2004

Whitman: “I did support Barbara Boxer…She was against new taxes on the internet.”

Poizner: “Because Barbara Boxer took a certain position on the internet tax that would personally benefit her and her investment funds.  is that the way you make decisions about who to endorse?”

On Arizona’s Immigration Law

Poisner: ” I support what’s going on in Arizona. They’ve taken finally the power into their own hands to do something about illegal immigration… Clear Meg Whitman supports some from of ammnesty…Amnesty is a huge magnet and that’s a mistake.”

Whitman:” I understand the frustrations that Arizona has on this law. I have a better plan to stip illegal immigration… I am 100% percent against amnesty.  But I can’t leave this subject without reminding everyone that legal immigration built this country.  In the Central Valley we need a guest worker program that works for the agricultural industry.

Poizner hit hard, and Whitman’s inexperience is clear, however, what I have are transcripts, I did not see the debate.

If Poizner appeared too aggressive, it could backfire for him as it did Rick Lazio, when he debated Hillary Clinton in the New York Senate Race.

He may get traction from Goldman Sachs and Barbara Boxer.   As this morning (monday) Poizer is on the airways.     Meg Whtiman has avoided press conferences,on the net  she is being called “Runaway Meg”.   Her avoidance could backfire, (anyone remember Sarah Palin?  Of the three candidates, she is the most controversal  and  the press has questions and they aren’t going away..

The argument over who is more conservative is laughable as both candidates are from the liberal Bay Area..    Poizner is going for broke, has painting himself so far to the right, (his support of Arizona’s Immigration law )if he wins the primary, this positioning will hurt him in fall. .

Whitman’s initial  media blitz was very successful, she risks overload.    Californians needs to get to her  She needs to address those difficult questions as her opponents has..   In the debate.  Her statement “legal immigration built this country was brilliant” are there more gems?

Her positions isn’t as polarizing as Poizner, however, she is up against Brown,who was born into politics, its in his blood.   The last seven millionaire/billionaire self financed  candidates have failed in this state.

All will be revealed in November


Sacto Schools ok with same sex prom companions


By Ed Fletcher, Sacamento Bee 05/03/2010

A high school prom is a rite of passage that should be a source of joy, not worry, anxiety or fear, regardless of the student’s relationship status or sexual orientation, say local school administrators.

To make the prom inclusive, schools have developed policies to encourage students to come as singles or with friends, and education officials hope that also makes same-sex couples feel welcome.

The measures in place in schools in Placer County, the most right-leaning of Sacramento’s four-county region, are representative of what other school districts do for school dances.

There’s a good chance a same-sex couple wouldn’t be noticed, said school administrators interviewed by The Bee.

That’s a marked difference from the experience of a Mississippi teen whose school in March canceled its prom to avoid a legal confrontation over allowing her to attend the prom with a female date.

“If it were a gay couple, we would be fine with that,” said Steve Williams, a spokesman for the Roseville Joint Union School District. “We treat (our students) the same.”

Officials from Roseville Joint Union, Western Placer and Placer Unified school districts each said they welcome all students and that same-sex couples attending school dances did not encounter any problems or resistance.

Officials from San Juan and Folsom Cordova school districts cited similar policies allowing students to buy single tickets or as a group.

But interviews with students provide a more nuanced picture.

Last year’s homecoming dance was a coming-out party of sorts for Del Oro student Taylor Donnot and her girlfriend, who also attends the Loomis school.

It was their first formal dance as a couple, and like most other attendees they were doing it up. Her date wore a formal black dress. Donnot added some pizzazz to her black slacks and dress shirt with a matching rainbow tie and suspenders.

She said school administrators and teachers were great: “They just wrote the names down like it was no big deal.”

But once the dance started, the looks, laughter and comments were impossible to miss, she said.

“Since I’ve been ‘out’ for so long, it didn’t faze me. But it really hurt my girlfriend,” Donnot said. “Words hurt no matter what, but I just try to shake them off.”

She said her experience attending her junior prom in March was noticeably better.

“You could still hear people whispering, but it wasn’t as bad,” she said.

Del Oro’s student body president, Emily Hentschke, said the campus and some of her friends are split on gay rights issues.

Hentschke said she thinks gay students should be just as welcome at the prom as straight students. A handful of the girl-girl couples have attended, she said, but she can’t recall any gay males attending as a couple.

“It’s really sad that they have to hide it or feel like they can’t go to a school event because of it,” Hentschke said.

Hide it is exactly what 2005 McClatchy High School graduate Morgan Hollis did. She knew it. He knew it. Many at the school knew it. But for the sake of appearances she went with a male friend to her senior prom.

Because many homosexual youths shy away from attending their high school proms, the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center hosted its second Gay Prom earlier this month.

Just under 100 teens – most of them gay – dressed up to dance to Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson at the April 24 event, said Hollis, the event’s lead organizer.

“We tried to make it as close to an actual prom that they would have at school,” she said.

Louis Gomez, a manager at the center, said it’s important that kids have a safe space.

“We want to provide a prom for the queer youth,” said Gomez. “We want to make sure they can experience a prom in a same space like everyone else, without the fear that they will be rejected.”

School administrators preach the same thing – regardless of the students’ sexual preference, or whether students have a date.

“Come with a group of friends and have a good time. It’s a healthy thing,” said Mike Garrison, the principal at Rocklin High School. “You hear about people that don’t go to the senior ball because they didn’t have a date. It’s a good thing they get to go with their friends. They don’t have to be upset about it 20 years down the road that they didn’t go to their senior ball.”

20,000 people with no where to go

In the seventeen years I have lived in Sacramento, Arco Arena has been topic one, overshadowing budget shortfalls, service cut backs, under performing schools.    There are many who believe the cities image would be devastated if the Sacramento Kings left Sacramento.     Despite its short comings, Arco Arena  averaging  200 events a year ,is one of the busiest venues on the west coast.

Saturday night May 1 I’m in downtown San Jose on Santa Clara Street looking for an freeway on ramp.    As I neared the freeway, the traffic stopped, impatient drivers began making u-turns as we inched forward, I thought to myself, there must be a traffic accident ahead, its was 10:42pm.

Another impatient driver in a red Chrysler in the right lane ,abruptly cut in front of me to make a u-turn, forcing me to brake.  Suddenly, there were many cars stuck in the middle of the street.

I have heard about grid lock, but never experienced it……  For some strange reason, cars in the right lane was inching forward.   Changing lanes was futile, there where cars in the middle of Santa Clara unable to move, and drivers in the right lane unwilling to allow other vehicles in.     As the cars inched forward,  I saw flashing lights, it was the San Jose Police, directing traffic away from HP Pavilion.  Allowing taxis and limos to turn on to a small street but forcing other cars to turn around, after 5 or so minutes it was gridlock on Santa Clara.

Suddenly there were thousands of people on both sides of Santa Clara, walking to the surrounding parking lots…  Many walking between cars.   Unable to move, I turned my engine and lights out and watched smiling Eagles concert fans walk pass me.   It was now 11.25pm.  Even though functioning  lights and crosswalks, the concert goers had priority and we were forced to sit.

The clouds grew smaller and the officer  started picking up the orange cones in the street.  We continued to sit,waiting for instructions, as he loaded the cones on to the hood of his car, the car to my immediate right, pulled forward and drove around the police cruiser.  the officer oblivious to the waiting cars, focused his attention to the cones.  When I pulled in front of the arena(one block away) it was 11.46pm.

There seemed to be a light rail station across the from the arena, but no one was walking in its direction, also absent were buses.

I have seen the future and it isn’t pretty. 20,000 fans looking for their cars.

Sacramento’s Regional Transit doesn’t serve Arco Arena, Hughes Stadium, or the Sacramento International Airport.

The Arena in Sacramento is Natomas works for most locals. Easy parking, easy access to two freeways where it is……

When the discussion of an Arena near the amtrak station and public transit, I was encouraged…    I’ve lived in San Francisco and New York  where public transit is part of the culture.     The Att ballpark is a block away from Cal Trans for those who live in San Jose and the Peninsula.  Penn Station and Subways are below Madison Square Garden.

But this is Sacramento, home of the drive through  and where many feel it is beneath them to take public transportation.

Unlike San Jose, there is only  J Street in and I street out of downtown, the only alternative would be city streets to  the other freeway on ramps one to two miles away.   The other wrinkle, is while the new arena will be larger , there will be fewer spaces.

Perhaps in the three to six years ,  2.6 million people will have changed their driving habits and embrace public transit.    Who knows in the next three to six years, the economy here in Sacramento, will have fully recovered.  Like San Jose’s VTA, Regional Transit isn’t 24 hours.

Cynical or common sense?

When the Cal Expo site was being discussed,citizens questioned the impact of the Arena on busy business 80. The Stadium Boosters and our leaders didn’t have a response.    Now the downtown site is back into play, the leaders say, this will be the best thing to happen to downtown.     The issue of traffic is silent… There are no studies on effect of traffic will have  on the existing businesses.

There is enough room at the current Arco site to build another Arena along side.

Built in 1988, there had been no significant changes to the Arena. No event signage,  nothing.     Close remodel and expand this 22 year old relic.   Currently the team is struggling to fill the seats.  Move the team south for a year to the new and underused 10,000 seat Stockton Arena.

The NBA is struggling, teams are calling 2011-the make or break year.  Clear minds within the state are questioning the swap… They would have to make major changes to Arco. to use it as an exhibit hall,..are the needed modifications part of the complex swap?   A  Remodel would be less than rebuilding, skilled architects redesigned the forty four year old  Oakland Arena adding nearly 5000 seats,  Oklahoma City’s  Ford Center is being remodeled, and the world famous 40+ Madison Square Garden is being remodeled.

But is the arena enough? , there are many under performing  teams struggling, up for sale in some of the newest arenas, some cant pay their rent.   Currently the Sacramento Kings is one of those under performing teams, in the Kings favor, they are the landlords.     If it isn’t broken…….


Mayor urges Sacramento to shun Arizona over immigration law

By Ryan Lillis
Published: Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2010 – 2:08 pm
Last Modified: Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2010 – 2:22 pm

Mayor Kevin Johnson is urging the city of Sacramento to sever economic ties with Arizona over that state’s new immigration law.

In a posting on his blog today, Johnson wrote he applauded moves by California and San Francisco officials to distance themselves from Arizona.

“I fundamentally believe Sacramento should do likewise, severing any economic ties to Arizona in expression of our city’s belief that justice is not an arbitrary weapon wielded according to skin color and appearance,” Johnson wrote.

Arizona’s law requires local police to demand proof of legal status if officers suspect a person is an illegal immigrant.

Johnson said he would begin working with the City Council on the issue. The mayor has e-mailed council members to gather their ideas and gauge their interest in his proposal. Severing ties with Arizona would likely require a resolution passed by the council.

It was unclear today what, if any, economic ties Sacramento has with Arizona.

Johnson wrote that “immigration must be managed with thoughtful, fair and productive protocols,” but that the Arizona law “contradicts the foundation of American justice on multiple levels.”

Johnson wrote that he had “deep personal sadness” when he was traded from the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers to the Phoenix Suns in 1988 because Arizona had rescinded a holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a year earlier.

“I still have many friends in Arizona and know the state is not a land filled with hatred,” Johnson wrote. “But sometimes Arizonans need a reminder of their foolishness. If we shun them, maybe they will get it.”

© Copyright The Sacramento Bee. All rights reserv


Cailfornia Insurance Commissioner Steve Poiznier wants to be Govenor




Who is He?

Born 53 years ago in Houston Texas, he earned his bachelor degree from the University of Texas, he earned is MBA  from the Stanford Business School.. Poizner founded and served as CEO of Strategic Mapping Inc a softwares company that developed a program to display geographic date on digital maps..  He also founded SnapTrack Inc, which pioneered technology that put GPS receivers into cell phones, he served as CEO until he sold the company to Qualcomm in 2000..  Steve Poizner and his wife Carol and their daughter lives in the San Francisco Bay Area (Los Gatos)

Polictial Background

In 2004 he unsuccessfully ran for the 21 district of the State Assembly. In 2006, he ran and was elected to the office of insurance Commissioner. He is a life member of the council on Foreign Relations.  In 2008, President George W Bush  to serve of the Honorary Delegation in Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel. Mr Poizner also co-founded the California Charter Schools Association. 

Why Should you vote for him…

 Steve Poizner says he is the only true conservative in the race.  He has a plan to close the State’s 20 billion  General Fund budget gap. A plan to create jobs , social issues ,Education,Government Reform,Immigration,Public safety,Reduce State Spending and a comprehensive,long term solution to the states water problems,

The Big Three

He voted in favor of Proposition 8 and as governor  will oppose efforts to legalize gay marriage. Believes marriage is sacred and that it should be defined as being between one man and one woman.

opposes AB32 and believes the governor should have to power to get water to where its needed. He would explore every legal option and will take California’s case to the US Supreme Court if necessary to ensure that Californians  who need water have access to it.

As governor he would  cut taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants. Hold employers responsible for not  following the law. End Sanctuary city practices and secure our borders.


Mr, Poizner has been endorced by conservative Rep. Tom McClintock. As Insurance commissioner he has gone after big insurance companies and has cut spending in his department.


The large GOP endorsements and contributions has gone to his opponate  Meg Whitman.who once had a commanding 49 point lead over Poizner.  Recent ads has reduced her sizeable lead however she has considerable more money to spend between now and June 8th.


Sources: Wikepedia, , Sevte Poizner for Govenor, San Francisco Chroncile.

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