Hotel Confidental-Hysterical Blindness

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12:23 pm   A very friendly guest approached the counter.  Hey we would like to stay another night.   Sure, the agents says with a smile.  We want to move to a higher floor he says.   That wont be a problems, she replies, oh  wait a left a deposit. so we will  have to inspect that room first.  Okay the man replied.  I have to go out to my truck.

One of the housekeepers noticed a large dog in the room  as she passed by.     Hey Sherri there is a large dog in 107.   a dog ? she replied.  yes looks like one of those Rottweilers!    107 ? Sherri said to herself .. isn’t that the room that man was in.   Sherri walked to the room…. The guest was in the hallway.  sir, do u have a dog in your room?

No…he said, 

Just as he said that, a man with a large black Rottweiler returned to the room .  We’ll he’s not really a dog, he is a service animal.        Do you have papers Sherri asked in a sturned tone?  Yes, he said, there in the truck I’ll be right back,.  Sherri walked into the room, and the smoke was thick,  beer cans on the tables with cigarettes on top of them.      The man returned, holding on to the walls., I can’t see my blindness returned.  Sir you can see!  you were just fine a minute ago..   No it comes and goes….where are you he asked?    You know where I am.   Sir, we are a non smoking hotel…   No one smoked in the room.  Sir there are beer cans  all over the room, you were using them as ash trays.   I don’t remember that, and what if I wasn’t the one smoking?  I doesn’t matter we have to charge you the two hundred and fifty dollars.   What! he asked?  thats bullshit…  Oh now ,you can see she said… Yeah, we are keeping your deposit…. So you, your friend and the dog,gotta get out of here.   This is bull shit  he said as he walked down the hallwall

It was a mircle, Sherri thought to herself….his sight returned….

Year One: Doesn’t Look Good For Mayor Johnson….. (From the Sacramento Bee)

Marcos Breton: Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is his own worst enemy

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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 – 12:00 am | Page 1B

If Kevin Johnson could have avoided serious injuries as an NBA player, who knows where he would be now?
The fiery point guard for the Phoenix Suns might have made the Basketball Hall of Fame, led a different life and never become mayor of Sacramento.
Johnson has been mayor for one year now, and at 43, he is a young man in a new game. KJ oozes vitality.
Yet Johnson’s gleaming potential is stunted again – though this time it’s not physical injuries holding him back. It’s emotional immaturity.
Johnson presides over a City Council that often gives a good impression of a coven of witches – and it’s largely his fault. The mayor should have a majority of the council in his pocket, allowing him to isolate council antagonists Rob Fong and Kevin McCarty.
KJ should have found a way to strengthen his powers as mayor without making the issue radioactive. But he hasn’t because Johnson is not a very good politician right now. He’s divisive by nature.
That’s the ultimate assessment of Johnson’s first year in office – boundless energy, lacking the fundamental skills to be effective.
It’s within his grasp to be better, but Johnson has to be a different person. He has to act like a normal person, clearly a tough task for someone who always has stood out. Johnson was the prodigy from the hard streets of Oak Park, a star at Sacramento High School, a legend at UC Berkeley, an NBA All-Star. He was the rich guy who eschewed a frivolous life to come home and run inner-city schools.
Those achievements are wrapped in entitlement and fiercely guarded by the words: How Dare You. How dare you or anyone else criticize him, oppose him and not ask “how high?” when he hollers “jump!”
During a bruising election campaign last year, no City Council member worked harder for Johnson than Sandy Sheedy. Now she is fiercely against him. When KJ secured a June ballot initiative to strengthen his powers, it was thanks to a key vote from Councilman Ray Tretheway. Johnson then embarrassed Tretheway by telling the media that he had prayed with the councilman’s wife while lobbying for his vote.
Key labor leaders who once backed Johnson are now suing him to stop his mayoral power grab – with Tretheway on their side.
Is Johnson justified in feeling animosity toward Fong, McCarty and others? Yes. But a good politician gets votes and keeps them. Period.
A good politician communicates – as Johnson failed to do when announcing big homeless housing plans in Rancho Cordova without informing Rancho Cordova.
Johnson’s way is to try to change city rules to give him sweeping powers: his way or the highway.
If he were a skillful politician, giving him tons of juice wouldn’t seem scary. But he’s not, so it is.

THE DOOR REOPENS:  Skeletons in his closet.

Kevin Johnson’s accuser says he offered to pay her $1,000 a month

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Published: Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 – 12:16 pm
Last Modified: Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 – 7:56 pm

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson offered to pay $1,000 a month to one of three girls who had accused him of inappropriately touching her while she was involved in his St. HOPE Hood Corps program, the girl told federal agents during their investigation of Johnson’s nonprofit St. HOPE organization last year.
The girl — unnamed in a newly released report by two ranking Congressional Republicans — was interviewed by agents Jeffrey Morales and Wendy Wingers with the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Office of Inspector General during an investigation of St. HOPE’s misuse of $800,000 in federal AmeriCorps grants. Investigators say the girl alleged Johnson had offered to pay her $1,000 a month while she remained in the St. HOPE program, but she refused.
The details of that federal investigation, not previously released, are outlined in a report released today by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, and Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, ranking Republican members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and Senate Finance Committee. Their report is critical of the dismissal of Gerald Walpin, the inspector general who directed the investigation into Johnson and St. HOPE.
“The facts outlined in the referral give rise to reasonable suspicions about potential hush money payments and witness tampering at a federally funded entity,” the congressmen wrote.
Mayoral spokesman Steve Maviglio vehemently denied the allegations.
“There is absolutely no merit to these politically-motivated allegations,” Maviglio said. “They are categorically false. It is sad and unfortunate that the right-wing minority in Congress is playing politics with allegations that have been dismissed by professional prosecutors, the Republican U.S. Attorney, and federal officials at AmeriCorps from both political parties.”
Walpin, as inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service, began investigating St. HOPE’s use of federal grant money in 2008, when Johnson was running for mayor. St. HOPE, based in Oak Park, runs an array of nonprofit endeavors, including schools, a development company, and Hood Corps, the urban Peace Corps-style program at the center of Walpin’s investigation.
In the course of the investigation, Walpin’s office accused St. HOPE of numerous violations, including using Hood Corps members, financed by federal grant money, to run personal errands for Johnson and diverting grant money into salaries for St. HOPE school employees.
After reviewing Walpin’s evidence, Lawrence G. Brown, who at the time was the acting U.S. attorney for Sacramento, determined there was no criminal wrongdoing on the part of Johnson or St. HOPE, and agreed to a civil settlement in which they would repay $400,000 in federal AmeriCorps funds. Walpin publicly lambasted the settlement, and Brown sent a sharply worded complaint last April to a federal panel alleging that Walpin had withheld “potentially significant information at the expense of determining the truth” while conducting his investigation and engaged in a media campaign that damaged the image of the AmeriCorps program.
Walpin was subsequently fired. White House officials have said President Barack Obama had lost confidence in Walpin and his dismissal was proper, but some Republican leaders have continued to object to the dismissal, saying it was political.
The report released Friday is the most detailed look to date at the controversy surrounding Walpin’s firing and the investigation into the Sacramento mayor.
According to the report, a former St. HOPE official told investigators that Michelle Rhee – at the time a St. HOPE board member and now Johnson’s fiancee and public schools chief in Washington, D.C. — did “damage control” after learning of sexual misconduct allegations against Johnson.
“When there was a problem at St. HOPE, Ms. Rhee was there the next day taking care of the problem,” the official, Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez, told investigators.
Wong-Hernandez had told Rhee of an allegation against Johnson and was told by Rhee that she was “making this her number one priority,” the report states. Soon after, Wong-Hernandez discovered that Johnson’s attorney had contacted the girl who made the allegation.
The agents say the girl told them that the attorney, Kevin Hiestand, a longtime friend of Johnson’s, “basically told me to keep quiet.”
The congressmen’s report, “The Firing of the Inspector General for The Corporation for National and Community Service,” describes Johnson as a friend of President Obama and said that he used that relationship “before and after the Sacramento (mayoral) election to enhance his profile.”
“The allegations uncovered by the Inspector General were very serious, and they deserved to be fully investigated, not swept under the rug,” Grassley said in a statement posted on his Web site. “It seems a lot of people might have been interested in protecting the AmeriCorps program and the Mayor of Sacramento from an IG who was discovering some unpleasant facts. I’m not sure whether the IG was fired for political reasons. The evidence points in that direction, but since the White House is asserting privilege over its decision-making process, we can’t be sure.”
Reached at his New York home today, Walpin said he had not seen the report and had no immediate comment.


According to the report, the woman reported in 2007 that Johnson showed up at her apartment around midnight to review grade entries. The report does not clarify what the grades were for.
She told investigators she sat on the edge of a bed to show Johnson the grades, and Johnson “laid down behind me, cupping his body around mine like the letter C. After about 2-3 minutes or so, I felt his hand on my left side where my hip bone is.”
The woman showed investigators “that Mr. Johnson’s hand went under her untucked shirt and moved until his hand was on her hip,” according to Walpin’s report. She said she left the room and when she returned, Johnson was asleep in her bed.
Eventually he moved to a couch in the living room, the report states, and left the apartment around 6 a.m.
The woman told investigators she reported the encounter to her supervisors at St. HOPE. The night after reporting the incident, Johnson “approached her and apologized,” Walpin’s report states.
The woman said she then was approached by Kevin Hiestand, St. HOPE legal counsel and Johnson’s personal attorney. The woman told investigators that Hiestand “basically asked me to keep quiet.”
A week later, according to Walpin’s report, the woman told Johnson she was going to quit Hood Corps for financial and family reasons. Johnson “offered to give me $1,000 a month until the end of the program,” the woman told investigators. She said Johnson told her the arrangement would be “between him and I.”
According to the report, Johnson told the woman “all he needed was my savings account number” to make deposits. But she declined the offer.
The woman’s roommate recounted a similar version of the incident for investigators, the Walpin report states.

Johnson fiancée involved?

The congressional report also alleges involvement by Michelle Rhee, chief of public schools in Washington, D.C., and now Johnson’s fiancée. According to the report, a former St. HOPE official told investigators that Rhee – at the time a St. HOPE board member – did “damage control” after learning of a sexual misconduct allegation against Johnson. The report does not specify whether it was referring to the allegation by the Hood Corps member.
Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez told investigators she notified Rhee of an allegation against Johnson and was told by Rhee that she was “making this her number one priority,” the report states. Soon after, the report says, Wong-Hernandez learned Johnson’s attorney had contacted the person who made the allegation.
After reviewing Walpin’s evidence, Lawrence G. Brown, then acting U.S. attorney for Sacramento, determined there was no criminal wrongdoing by Johnson or St. HOPE, and agreed to a civil settlement in which they would repay $400,000 in grant money.
The congressional report concludes that decision came because of “mounting political pressure.”
Walpin said Friday that he believes Brown should have convened a grand jury.
“I have no reason to believe that they did a thorough investigation of all of the allegations,” Walpin said. “I was a former prosecutor, and I know that every time I received a referral from a government agency … I would use a grand jury in order to determine the facts, both to protect the government’s interests and the defendant’s interests.”
Instead, Brown asked for a federal investigation of Walpin for allegedly overstepping his authority, withholding key information from his report and engaging in a media campaign about his findings.
That review by the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency determined last month that Walpin had done nothing improper.
By then, however, Walpin had been fired. He has since filed a federal lawsuit seeking to be reinstated.
On Friday, Benjamin Wagner, the newly installed U.S. attorney in Sacramento, defended the way the case had been handled.
“The referral was thoroughly reviewed by experienced career attorneys in this office, and it was determined that criminal prosecution for violations of federal law was not warranted,” he said. “Nothing in the report issued today affects our view that the matter was handled appropriately by this office.”



Lucky you, your a part of the first group boarded on the airplane,  putting away your carry on was a snap, you’ve open you book and all is right with the world until……..You see me, you notice the empty seat next to you and you start to pray…oh gawd, please not here.

At 6.4 and 377 pounds I am your day mare.

I know the look, the look of  terror!

Sometimes (when I’m in a devilish mood), I taunt the passengers, walking slowly, I look at all the middle seats, I walk by, then throw it in reverse, look at my ticket and then at you.  For some reasons male passengers are more effected by this, than female passengers.

For an oversize passenger, nothing is more stressful or uncomfortable than air travel,sitting in plastic chairs and director chairs are a close second.


If you weigh less than 180 pounds and under 5.10 you may be thinking  that the obese should be banned from the seat next to  yours.

First lets examine the seat, in the last twenty years, what was four seats across is now six seats.   The average width of an airline seat is 17.5 inches, if you ride RT the width of the bus seat 19inches, Amtrak 20 inches.

Here’s the fun part.  Anyone over 5.10 can relate.   The seat pitch (legroom) average on domestic planes (with Boeing’s 737 being the favorite) 31 inches compare that with RT and Am track’s 35 inches.  In some cases you you have more leg room in rear seat of  a Ford Focus.

I am a huge fan (no pun intended) of Jet Blue.   I choose the airline because the airline fleet.    On the Airbus 320 passengers  are treated to seats that have 34 to 38 inches in legroom AND the seat are wider.

Before the airlines began assessing fees for everything, I used to request the exit rows.  Now airlines charge up to $50.00 per leg for the privilege of sitting in that row.  This could mean an additional $200.00.


The first leg of my flight to New York was perfect out of Sacramento, they were able to confirm exit  row seats on both legs, generally people are nice if your nice.  In Dallas, my wait was less than an hour.  For comfort I generally ask for an belt extension as I board, usually within seconds the attendant discreetly hands me the belt.

Again, the day was perfect, I was part of the first group boarded, I took out my book and began to read.  Minutes passed and this man poked me on the shoulder and told he I couldn’t sit in the exit row, before I could question him, he was gone.  A few minutes went by and a stewardess stopped by and said you cant sit there and left.  She returned and said that the flight wasn’t full and I would have to take a seat in the rear, I explained to her that I am a frequent traveler and usually request the exit row.  “I’m sorry you will have to move” and she left.

Passengers are now unbuckling to see whats going on.   The first man returned with a book, it seems there is a rule, that says if you need an extension, your not able to assist other passengers in the case of an emergency.

My demeanor changed as I was exiled to the rear of the plane.   Other passengers watched as I was escorted by five employee.  One good intentioned but very loud steward, announced, “oooh, you get the whole row to yourself.  The humiliation continued as this man announced that he was bringing me extra food, because I looked hungry.   I clearly remember this young pigtail child tapping her family turning around and watched me eat.

Like an embarrassed second grader,who said Is-land instead of  island.   I sat in my seat and waited for every one to leave.  Hoping never to see those passengers again.  The mean stewardess said good bye through her teeth, the good intentioned steward waved enthusiastically as I was leaving.

Like the embarrassed second grader my plan wasn’t completely thought out as forgot about the luggage carousels   There they all were, some looked down as I found a place to wait.    I over heard one women ask , I wonder what he did?

In New York, I Fed Ex a letter to the Airline. Who added extra mileage to my account, and sent. me a free ticket


73% of U.S. Population Overwieght or Obese

The latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the United States has found at 72.9% of the country’s population is overweight, obese, or extremely obese. The big news from this study is that more people over 20 years of age are now obese (34.3%) versus those who are simply overweight (32.7%)

Yes and no.

When I go to the theater, I buy a orchestra ticket or a lodge ticket because I have long legs its a small premium but worth it to me..

Southwest is a well run airline, they are  efficient and on time.  Several years ago they instituted a (POS) Person of Size to purchase a second ticket.  I discovered this on the A&E reality show Airline, where this poor  man called his girlfriend or family member for a credit card to purchase  another ticket , the man was in tears.

For several years  I’ve flown  Southwest without incident, then on one flight to Portland I was asked to purchase an additional  ticket on a flight that wasn’t full.  Southwest did refund my money when I returned to Sacramento   Today, I no longer fly Southwest..

I’m not sure if there is an immediate solution airlines are strapped for cash.  They have chosen to fly smaller fuel efficient planes, filling every inch with a human being.

My reality is at 6.4 and 377 pounds, I should pay more.  But I should get more, a wider seat with extra leg room. Would I would have no problems paying an extra $50 to $100 on a domestic flight? absolutely!    Problem is  many airlines want twice that amount and if there is a connection, you are charged for each leg.   If your flight has three legs, that extra comfort could cost you an additional $600.  Worse. they consider an extra inch and a half of leg room luxurious seating.

If you are not obese, and over 5.10 and two hundred pounds, how comfortable is your seat?

Everybody inhale.



Southwest Airlines is in midst of a 60 million dollar overhaul.  The Airline is adding slimmer and thinner seats increasing its seating capacity from 137 to 143 seats. The airline says” passengers will hardly notice”

Fewer flights, and fuller planes is the rule.  Last summer the average flight was over 84% full.

There are options:



Arnold, Maria, Arnold.  wouldn’t life be simpler if you guys had moved to Sacramento.    All those southern california  paparazzi following y’all around.

Maria ,first you were caught not once but twice on the cell phone…   In July you apologized, and then you were BUSTED in October again!  This time you were all smiles.   And while that was a nice picture of you, its not  becoming for a First Lady…..   Why don’t you have one of those nifty bluetooth’s installed on your car stereo….. 

Then yesterday, you went into Peet’s Coffee for a coffee and a muffin and didn’t feed the meter( was it the allure of the coffee or were you too busy to fumble for coins?)  and while you sat sipped and chewed,  one  your husband’s aid’s talked the meter maid from giving you a ticket…  All caught on tape (thanks TMZ)

Maria, the paparazzi is starting to love you as much as they love Britney.

Arnold, is Maria a bad influence?   Seems your also a law abiding citizen as there are pictures of you parking your Porsche  in a red zone in Beverly Hills last sunday.  Its nice to see you driving a green machine (not) 

It was the Women

who on Septmeber 20th 2005,  won Sacramento’s first and only  National Basketball  title.    

The Maloofs, who own the Sacramento Kings and the Sacramento Monarchs annonced on Friday, they were closing the WNBA franchise .  They want to focus on the Kings.

The WNBA is stuggling,with  limited TV and print exposure, the entire franchise is limping along. The average player makes less than a quarter or their male counterparts.

Unlike Sacramento Kings tickets, I could actually afford to see a Monarch game.   While it was odd, were used to seeing fathers and sons at sports events. it  was refreshing to see mothers and daughters at a sports events.

With the WNBA young girls has one more option.

Males dominate professional sports, somehow, women are less creditable.  In tennis, we are not likely to see the Williams sisters in a tournament with a male player. (many men who remembers are still smarting over, Billie Jean King’s overwheleming  victory over Bobby Riggs)

With pay, as low as $40,000 per season.there is a dedcation to the sport as  many of these women (with children) has other jobs.

The early stars Ruthie Bolton, Yolanda Griffin and current players Kara Larson and my personal favorite player (love her name) Ticha Penicherio will be missed.

WNBA will not survive without the support of women.
Rumor is they might end up in Oakland or San Jose, lets hope so…

IKEA, & The Fine Print.

IKEA,is a worldwide phenomenon.

Ikea’s furnishings is a must for college students looking for innovative unique and inexpensive.  Customers will drive 300 miles to experience Ikea.  The store has a very strong and loyal following..   There are Ikea blogs.

The Layout of the store forces the visitor to take the entire store in, every department.

Only the knowledgeable Ikea shopper know where the shortcuts are.

Ikea can accommodate nearly every shopper. You can spend thousands or twenty nine cents. Try that at Macy’s

Unlike Wal Mart, Ikea doesn’t have to remind you of low prices.



The customer assembles the furniture, it is all self service(ok I have now lost most of the boomers) no delivery, they do not assemble the furniture, they can provide the customer with an outside contractor.

However, unless you find someone to deliver the boxes, you have to take them home.

I find it nearly impossible to walk through the store (especially housewares) without purchasing something. Where else can you find two non stick skillets for $2.99? Wal Mart-Target-K-Mart no…..

There are two restaurants at Ikea, a full breakfast can be had for $1.99 a lessor breakfast for ninety nine cents. The average dinner is $5.99, stuff salmon a dollar more. Downstairs Hot dogs and soda $2.00.

The employees are very cheerful and available.

Ikea, doesn’t hide its cost cutting. Particle  board is found in nearly all of its furnishings. From tables to sofas to bed frames. Posters can be found throughout the store praising the use of the wood.

Your experience at Ikea should be a pleasant on, unless you need to return something you’ve assembled.

Imagine,after a day of assembling a huge wall unit, u discover, its too large.

Returning the furniture should be easy,after all through Ikea there are signs that say, if you don’t like it bring it back* see store representative for details.

The details,are located at the registers in very fine print. In a box that’s about four inches by six inches. A large poster size of  the Policy can be found on the right side of check out.

return policy

Relax. You have 45days to bring it back.
At the IKEA store, you can shop with assurance. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused and unassembled item within 45 days in its original packaging together with your receipt.. However, we do not accept returns on the following products:

Cut fabrics
Cut blinds / curtains
Unwrapped mattresses or bed textiles
Products bought from our AS-IS (Bargain Corner)
Items damaged after leaving the store, except for manufacturing faults
Items made to your specific requirements such as kitchen
If you have bought a large furniture item home and encounter some difficulties with it, just call us at
6786 6868 for assistance.

There is an as is section (for those as a former employee said) who completely lost it in the store and was charged 15 to 30 percent restocking fee.

If you Google “Ikea Return Policy” you will find worldwide complaints.


Posted: 2009-06-19 by jrg512

No return even with receipt
Round Rock, Texas
United States

I recently had a very unfortunate experience with the Ikea return
policy, I bought about $300 of extra stuff on over a $1000 purchase, I kept my receipt and
brought it back to get an exchange, not a refund and exchange for credit so I
could get something i needed for my project and was denied a exchange on
planters and vases because the Ikea stickers had been removed, I explained that
the Ikea stickers had been removed by my employees because we dont leave
noticable stickers on the products when we decorate someones home or
business, I was told that since the stickers were removed they couldnt except the
item and since the stickers were removed the item was considered used and he
then advised me to sell it on Craigslist.


have just returned from a visit to the Ikea in Montreal on Cavendish and feel compelled to write this complaint.For me to actually immediately come home to write you this , is an understatement of my frustration. I am in fact outraged. 

Over the past several years I have spent several thousand dollars at Ikea ( would be willing to share account information to demonstrate this ) I own several buildings as a landlord and enjoy using Ikea products for furnishings. However, after today my wife and I are considering no longer ever shopping at any Ikea.

Over the past few months I have been renovating a property and was not able to put up the Numerar countertop 73 X 25 which I purchased in Dec 2007. Upon opening it today and seeing how it looks- size, we realized that is was far too large for what was required. The item was in perfect condition however the outer brown box ( packaging ) had some white paint on it. When we attempted to exchange this along with the Utby pedestals for a smaller version, we were only allowed to exchange the pedestals. We complained and asked for the manager Tanya. She informed us that the pedestals could be taken as they were still well packaged yet the countertop could not because it was no longer sellable. Upon hearing this I was OUTRAGED and admit using the curse words in referring to the need for a nice box. I was informed that for one, I was beyond the 90 days and 2 that because of the paint on the box , could not EXCHANGE ( never asked for a refund ) . I repeatedly told Tanya to look at the pristine condition of the countertop, but all she cared about was the box. This policy is most flawed as even other Ikea members that I spoke to acknowledged that if returned within 90 days without a box but in good condition an exchange is almost always accepted. In our case the pedestals were exchanged because the box was nice but not the countertop. I am extremely furstated that I have a countertop in mint condition yet is too large for my wife and I, and all because of paint on a box. Based on your response, we shall decide if we are too ever shop at Ikea again. I explained to Tanya how she was jeapordizing all of our future business over an exchange for $ 140.00 yet she did not care , said no exchange and simply walked away from us. Even though I did raise my voice, I truly believe that our treatment was not merited and that such rationale for exchange and treatment of a customer was unwarranted. The item is perfectly resellable and still an active product at Ikea.

IKEA Covina – I’m finding another store

by Anonymous 1 Ikea
My hubby and I have been shopping at IKEA forever. I agree with various posts I’ve seen mentioning that quality is not that great and prices not that cheap. However, we have found a number of situations – kids rooms, furnishing an office, new kitchen in a rental where the products offered were a good fit. While IKEA is not perfect, we always appreciated the fact that the return policy was lenient and making a mistake in judgement on our part was easy enough to correct.

That is until recently. IKEA (at least Covina, CA) doesn’t allow returns on RTA furniture if it is assembled it and it didn’t work out. We bought a console and shelf unit that we were going to use as a TV unit in an office and after we put it together we realized it wasn’t a good fit for the room. So my hubby carefully disassembled the unit, reboxed all the pieces carefully, and off to the store we went with receipt in hand. The CRS person immediately asked us if we assembled the unit and if so it could not be returned. Furthermore she said that this was clearly stated on the receipt.

The return policy that is posted on the IKEA site and all over the store (accompanied with a friendly, huggy red heart with arms reaching out to hug customers, ) is :
“If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 90 days unless noted below. A receipt is required for all returns and exchanges.” (“The noted below” does not mention RTA furniture.)

The receipt itself indicates that an unused item in its original packaging + a receipt is required to return an item.

During the discussion with the CRS manager(I asked for the manager not getting satisfied with the response from the first person) I told her that it looks to me that basically returns are not allowed for RTAs because we can only take the boxes home and return them without opening (the point being…?) The manager indicated we could open the box to look at the color and see how it matches the room but not assemble the item – assembling a piece of furniture makes it used. Huh? IKEA should then just provide color samples to take home like Home Depot or Lowes and save everyone a lot of hassle in carting boxes back and forth. The manager also indicated that other stores don’t allow returns on furniture. Perhaps she doesn’t shop at Costco, Lowes, TJ MAXX, etc, etc.

So here I am struggling with words in the policy such as “completely satisfied” and “unused” . I am not completely satisfied. I do not know how to find complete satisfaction with a flat pack box until I see the pieces assembled in their intended location. What other means do I or any IKEA customer have to be completely satisfied with an RTA purchase? Taking boxes home and positioning the unopened box in the room is not the same as seeing the piece of furniture in its intended completed state. Furthermore, “using” to me means that I have actually used the furniture for the purpose it was purchased such as setting up the TV in the unit not just looking at the furniture. The manager indicated that seeing the furniture in my home was not necessary to be satisfied since IKEA has displays for this purpose. I forgot to tell her that my house does not really look like an IKEA showroom.

Now the boxes for the TV unit are back at my house, and I am completely dissatisfied. After reading a bunch of posts regarding IKEA, I realized that the return policy is not the same for each store. As such it looks like the best approach to this problem is to shop in a different IKEA store. A reasonable return policy is important to me and my hubby. We, like everyone living in this area, have many options for shopping and therefore don’t need to put up with IKEA Covina’s inflexibility towards returns of RTA furniture.

To be fair, some of the other stores Home Depot, Lowe’s have similar requirement on some of the cabinetry, however,most will charge will a restocking fee unless the item is an odd or discontinued.

So word to the wise, sometimes the cheap becomes expensive, before you take on a sizable do it yourself project, or purchase any item that requires two people, check the return policy.

The Mirdle is coming ……….. The Mirdle is Coming……….

Men our time has come....

For years, all the slimming undergarments were marketed to women.     If a man wanted a device to make his tummy flat. he had to go underground….  To some big n tall catalog.

Well not any more…

Slimming undergarments have come from underneath the back counter and has proudly made its way to next to those bikini your local department store.

Mirdle’s are one of the fastest growing segments in men’s clothing..

Do you want a flatter tummy for those up coming holiday parties?  

The Mirdle may be the answer….


Is Sacramento too Liberal for Sarah Palin?

BLOW UP: (slang)
1. to phone or page excessively; to fill up the capacity of some electronic answering service (voice mail, answering machine, one’s pager, etc.)   My crazy ex keeps blowing up my cellphone.

2. to significantly increase in one’s socio-economic status.
I’m go blow up when my album is released. become extremely angry.
He totally blew up at me after I wrecked his car.

2.Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” will  blow up today after her much anticipated appearance on Oprah.  Later in the week she will be interviewed by the master Ms Barbara Walters.  By the end of the week her book should top the New York Times best seller list.

All the reviews, seem to agree the book is not an attack on the Democrat’s or Obama.  It is the Mccain campaign, while she seems to have a great deal of respect for the man at the top of ticket John Mccain, she has a lot to say about the campaigns,aids. Much of her anger is directed at the campaigns Cheif Strategist  Steve Schmidt.

Ms. Palin depicts the McCain campaign as overscripted, defeatist, disorganized and dunderheaded — slow to shift focus from the Iraq war to the cratering economy, insufficiently tough on Mr. Obama and contradictory in its media strategy. She also claims that the campaign billed her nearly $50,000 for “having been vetted.” The vetting, which was widely criticized in the press as being cursory and rushed, was, she insisted, “thorough”: they knew “exactly what they’re getting.”

Love her or hate her, this book tour will have American’s talking.   In a CNN poll 7 out of 10 Americans say she is not qualified to be president..   Will this book and the tour change our perception of Sarah Palin?
Will the tour stop in Sacramento?   With the exception of Dallas, the tour seems to be avoiding major cities. She is appearing where she has had strong support.  For Sacramento that means the Roseville/Rockin area

HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL- (Do U know who I am?)

This is an vintage Hotel Confidential…….. Hope you enjoy.

Sacramento 2006,

The economy was still booming in Sacramento. The same homes that sold for $150,000 in 2003, were selling for nearly $400,000 in 06. crazy..

Many Hotels opened in area.

Despite all the new hotels most Downtown and Natomas hotels were sold out Mon-Thurs.

A gentleman in a very expensive car drives up to the front door of the hotel. Accompanied by what we believed was a close important friend.

I need a room for tonight?

I’m sorry sir, we are completely sold out, tonight.

Sold out?

yes sir.

You don’t have ANY rooms?

no sir, sorry.

He slightly backs away from the counter.


The desk agent, not sure how to reply say’s um…no…


No sir she says…..

Then the friend says ( You don’t know who he is?)

the agent thinking this is all a joke smiles.



sorry, she say’s nervously.




with the man gone (The agent say’s who is Ron Detest?)

Her colleagues corrected her (Artest) told her that he was a player for the Sacramento Kings,

oh, I hate the Kings.

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