A Holloween Sensation At Sunrise Mall

Bright red hair, a white and gold top, green skirt,red shoes…..

Cell phone cameras, flashing lights,suprised by the attention, she happily posed for the pictures.

Great costume,someone yelled.

her smile immediatly changed.

she wasnt wearing a costume.


4:04Am Man (early 60’s) hurriedly enters lobby. Dressed in nice slacks no luggage. “I’m here for the 4 o’clock airport shuttle” he say’s.

“The shuttle has left already” The front desk clerk tells him.

In a burst of anger, the man kicked up his leg and spun around. “I can’t believe they left me, I was only a minute late” Only a minute late!

In the distance, the front desk clerk hears the elevator doors open. A very nicely dressed woman appears pulling the luggage cart filled with luggage.

Meanwhile, the man in move that would make a Rockette take notice, kicked is leg almost over his head.

The women said’ What is going on?

They left with out us! he replied. one minute! one minute!

She very calmly asked the front desk clerk to call her a cab…

Now calm down, don’t work yourself up, she tell the man.

Calm down, you don’t want to ruin your whole day.

(The man sits down in a chair)

The lady walks up to the counter. Her face changes from calm to frighteningly intense…. “You should tell people that you leave on time.

S T U F F gay bagging,sex for tickets,Bay Bridge, Agassi’s Crystal Meth etc.)

Susan Finkstein is the number one Philadelphia Phillies fan. Wanting World Series Tickets in the worst way… Susan did what any passionate fan would do,offered sex for tickets on Craigslist.

” That’s right baby, see Greece for a pair..

Before she scored game 3 tickets, she was stung in a police sting. Since no money was offered or changed hands (sex for tickets isn’t against the law) she wont face jail time or pay any fines… How so nevah, her face and her plan are splashed on the local papers.


“Overheard at an Sacramento Area Foods Co Supermarket”

Where’s Roberto? a customer asked the checker.

he was having problems here so he transferred to another store.

The Gay staff was the best thing about this store, the customer tells her daughter.

Yeah, this IS so Gay. the daughter responds in a negative tone

I’m surprised to here you talk like that with all the gay friends we have, said her mother.

I love my boys, please…… I mean the fact we have to bag our own food is gay! jeez.


The Maloofs the owners of the Sacramento Kinggs and members of the coaching staff do not subscribe to Consumers Reports. Back in August Bally recalled Exercise balls, saying they could explode causing injury.
It’s very clear Andre Agassi knows tennis. Andre waited eight years to write his autobiography where he admits just escaping suspension by convincing officials that a spiked drink cause a positive reading . The real deal, positive was positive because of the Crystal Meth he took. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has an eight year statute of limitations and because of this, Agassi will most likely keep his awards.


My Pontiac weighs 2500 pounds. Early tues evening a 5000 I-bar fell on the San Francisco Bay Bridge to the roadway nearly hitting a car. This was a band aid to a crack they discovered in September. The problem (they say) was the wind.
Wind in the San Francisco Bay….hmmmmm
The experts are trying to convince us that fast fixes can work. I say, take your time. That women and her passengers could be ground meat. Take your time.

OVERRIDE (part two) :Mayors planned meeting squashed"

A new law firm was hired, witnesses are being rounded up as we speak.

The city council publicly says they want to know how the system was overidden and why fees were deferred… so an investigation has started.

Doesn’t sound like a stretch here….

Lets see…

Dan Walters and nearly everyone who worked for the city. knew that feds put a lid on the cash cow called Natomas last year.

That was so 2008…..

So,this year ummmm 2009, ingenious Dan Walters said,hey, my sup is a slacker, I’m gonna help Hovnanian Homes, get what they need in Natomas and while I don’t really have the authority, I’m gonna give them official documents where they won’t have to pay fees this year.

Meanwhile, the runaway employee and his boss are on “paid” leave,catching up on Gossip Girl. (Gawd I wanna work there)

Down at City Hall, Le Mayor Johnson who’s focus had been on the leak to Sacramento Bee learned, that he cant have a secret meeting about the memo.
(don’t cha hate when that happens…) Seems to save his outrage for the Kings and not the taxpayers of Sacramento.

No one from his expert team of Volunteers or staff advised him.
(One wonders what they do.. From what we read they fight with other departments, perhaps they are web browsing during the day.)

According the the Sac Bee, when he found out he couldn’t have the special meeting. his response was …..”like really?”


NOT MUCH GOLD IN THE GOLDEN STATE ( Unlike the national ecomomy-no one is predicting and end soon. So Why do you stay! )

People are leaving Florida “The Sunshine State” . The fourth largest state has actually seen a drop in population. Currently there are fewer people in the state today than in 2008.

Like California, the housing market is in shambles,tourism is down and unemployment is in the double digits in some areas of the state. The Sunshine State’s budget’s is in the negative.

That where the comparisons end. Florida is able to pay their bills and its the cuts for state worker and social departments isn’t as severe. Unemployment in some Central Valley Cities is as high as 37%.

Nearly 37 million people call California home and unlike Florida it continues to grow.

So Why do you stay?

The government is in perpetual deadlock, taxes are rising, services are being cut.

In terms of job growth and affordability, Texas is the place to be. Austin,Dallas,Houston,San Antonio.

The Top States
1. Colorado 19,000 new jobs in 2009
2. District of Columbia 633 jobs loss in 2009
3 Washington 6939 jobs loss in 2009
4. Texas 71,930 jobs loss in 2009
5. North Dakota 2809 jobs loss in 2009
6 New Mexico 7164 jobs loss in 2009
7. Nebraska 8374 jobs loss in 2009
8. Oregon 17,738 jobs loss in 2009
9 Nevada 12696 jobs loss in 2009
10 South Dakota 4342 jobs loss in 2009

50. California 119.134 job loss in 2009




Over ride: 1. to ride over or across (Trample)
2. to ride (as a horse) too much or to hard.
3. a: to prevail over (Dominate)
b: to set aside (Annul)
c. to neutralize the action of (an Automatic control)
4. to extend of pass over especially

With a push of a button or buttons could cost Sacramento homeowners thousands in additional flood insurance cost.

Pause: “pencils up”

A little background for those followers of Sacratomatoville who not only live outside of Sacramento but the US.

Most of Sacramento is in a flood zone. Similar to New Orleans. The American and Sacramento rivers runs along side and through Sacramento. Earth Levees surround the city.

Sacramento has the second-highest flood risk of any major U.S. urban area. If a levee breaks, some residents could have as little as 20 minutes to flee .

Unlike New Orleans,those two rivers provides water for Agriculture ,the state’s largest industry as well as providing water for millions of Californians. If there is a major failure, around Sacramento, it could affect the price you pay for rice,fruit and vegetables.

Natomas is a large area within cities limits, it is where Arco Arena and the Sacramento International Airport is located. Once farmland, now the home of nearly seventy thousand people.

For many years the Federal Government would not allow residential building in the area. Ten years ago, levee improvements opened up this large area, that some call Sacramento’s last frontier.

After Katrina, the government revisited all the major urban areas with flood issues and deemed, not enough had been done in low lying Natomas. Five feet of water could fill the bowl in the event of major levee failure.

The Federal Government barred the city from issuing new home permits after Dec 8, 2008 which stays in effect to 2012. Home developers choosing to build here after Dec 8th would have raise the property 33 feet.

“pencils down”

This past April, Dan Water’s, the son of Councilman Robbie Waters (who’s district is in a flood zone) and a customer service supervisor is the city’s Community Development Department, overrode a department computer system to permit a home builder to construct homes in Natomas.


Mr. Waters also allowed thousands of dollars in fee deferrals for the builder without authorization.


Big Danny Walter’s is his fathers campaign treasurer. (its coming)
Gregory Thatch is the finance co-chair (wait for it)
Gregory Thatch is the attorney for K.Hovananian Homes.(don’t get ahead of us)
Hovnanian Homes is the builder who received the improper permits and the un-authorized fee deferral.

The developer is not liable (even though it’s very likely they were aware of the law) because a city employee issued the permits.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency isn’t happy, Mr Walters actions has triggered in inquiry.


Assuming he knew nothing, how does he separate himself from his sons actions. He is the senior member on the Sacramento City Council up for re-election this year. Citizens in his district could face higher flood insurance premiums.


Were still waiting for greatness or goodness.

We’ve seen the pubic and media rages about Replacing Arco Arena before the Kings leave, and the particularly toothless rage to Westfield, insisting they remodel the Downtown Plaza.

On Tuesday, his rage was directed at the messenger, City Attorney Eileen Teichert (she is the first or second person he would fire should the Strong Mayor propersition passes next year) who for all accounts was simply doing her job when he alerted le mayor and the council of the permit violations.

For the le mayor ,THE CRIME (his words) was the memo being leaked to the Sacramento Bee.  The fact that the city could be fined or that his constituents could face higher insurance premiums was missing in his tirade.


Also missing days later, is Mayor Johnson demanding Dan Waters and his supervisor Bill Thomas be fired!!!! They are currently on paid leave. (A paid vacation?) Robbie Walters an ally, supports the strong mayor initiative.


This is just the beginning. The questions begin with who knew what when? Next stage is Why? Why wasn’t there an audit of the Community Development Department.? Conflicts of interest……. Meanwhile, the Mayor focus is the plug the leaks. (perhaps coffee is needed)

Stay tuned

All the Ingredients were there for a nice day.

The cold windy rain had ended. The clouds opened up revealing blue sky s, the sun had increased it’s rays by 10% as a reward to us. The squirrels came out to play, running up and down the trees.

Suddenly the joy was interrupted

Hey, “you can’t pee on our building” the older voice screamed. Sorry, I have a bad bladder, I’m sorry, said the younger voice. ” I’m here to see my friend Mary!

I don’t care, you can’t use our building as a toilet.

Man!,I said I was sorry,
listen I’ve had a bad day okay, my boss has been yelling at me all day!

I don’t give a fuck! said the older voice.

Listen, I don’t care if your bigger than me, if I cant kick your ass I will get someone.

Get the hell out of here! (a female voice yells)

Nice, old lady, yells the young voice.

yeah, get the fuck out of here the older male voice demands.

Were gonna call the cops (screams another female voice)

your an old cunt ,fuck you, I am just here to see my friend Mary!
the young voice yells back.

Out of my window, I can see the back of young man walking his bicycle

Minutes later, a Police officer arrives and walks in the direction as the young man. He reappears, trying to supress the smile on his face, and talks to the now gang of five.

The crowd disperses, returning to their homes.

I hear noise in the trees, the squirrels are back.


6:06am In many hotels, The TV serves as background. Many guest enjoy watching the news while having breakfast.

Most set are tuned to CNN, not sure why but it is…..

At this particular hotel the TV is set to Good Day Sacramento, many of the guest seem to enjoy its light news and many appreciate the on time flight information.

This morning a small group requested the Fox News channel. Within minutes after changing the channel, the tone of the breakfast room changed.

One man came to the front desk,demanding the channel changed to CNN, a regular guest wanted channel 31 as this was happening at the front desk a very loud argument was taking place in the breakfast room.

One man calling CNN a “tool” of Obama and the left and the other calling Fox a “vessel” for the Republican party. Many people exited the breakfast room.

At 6:38am, it was back to Mary Ann and Mark S. Allen

Where were you at 5.04pm PST October 17,1989?

Where were you when earth moved in Northern California twenty years ago?

I was working in the five hundred block of O’Farrell Street in the Tenderloin, a couple from New Jersey was returning a Chevy Corsica from the Airport after discovering the Hilton charges 50 dollars a night for parking.

The weren’t happy about the airport charging them a fee for leaving the Corsica downtown. Just as the wife was going to give it to me, the ground shook, the color washed from there faces. I asked them to hold on the counter.

In what seemed like minutes, I looked across the street and briefly saw light between two apartment buildings,glass broke as the building slammed together, the lights flicked then dark. Suddenly there was huge cloud of dust. The couple held on to each other. What do we do the woman asks? If you like you can stay here, she said no, all are things are on the thirty forth floor of the hotel.

My staff gathered on the floor and we all stepped out onto O’Farrell. The notorious Tenderloin was quiet. Suddenly people came out of the buildings, with the power out, citizens began directing traffic, all was calm. I’m not sure why, perhaps San Franciscans mentally prepaid for this one.

We predicted a slow day due to the World Series and of the satellite offices were closed except for pier one, next to the Ferry Building. With the phones out, I asked one of my service agents to drive and check on her.

No one knew how to close the two large electric doors and since this was the Tenderloin, it seemed everyone was prepared to stay the night. We blocked the ramps and armed ourselves for the evening.

More people were on the street talking about the damages in their apartments. toppled bookcases, broken glass. People were talking about buildings that collapsed,one group said the Bay Bridge collapsed, naaa we all said.. this is an exaggeration.

You mind thinks or all sorts of things in silence. Buildings falling, nooo, our building is fine, and with the acceptation of broken glass and dust, everything seems to be normal. all the tall buildings are standing.

I go to one of the cars on the main floor and I turned on KGO, it was one of those emergency stations. The bridge Did collapse, the Bart had shut down, there were fires in Oakland and a major fire in the Marina District here in San Francisco. I lived in Cow Hollow a street or two away from the Marina District.

My wife was home on maturity leave with our new daughter and my five year old son. I guess I had a look on my face when a staff member told me to home and check on my family. I grabbed a Cavalier on the floor and drove northward. Taking Jones Street, the traffic seemed light until I hit California Street. With the Bay Bridge closed, it seemed a million people were headed to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Drivers inching along had a zombie’d  look, I noticed people crying in their cars. I thought to myself, wow this could be me ,.trying to get to my children in Richmond. (my wife and I had thoughts of buying a home there)

I zig zagged until I reached Russian Hill and Filbert Street, there the sky’s was dark with smoke. I looked down at my street and every thing seemed normal. Unlike the Tenderloin, there were no citizens directing traffic and Van Ness Avenue was a wall. The wall separated me and my family who could all be dead, sure things look normal.but that old building that we used to joke about could have collapsed on them.

With my heart pumping, I eased the Chevy into the three lane wall. If you live in California,your familiar with the dead ahead stare pretending I don’t see you routine. When I initially pulled forward the man stared ahead, with my lights on he looked, the car behind him stopped. Two more lanes to go, a woman in white Audi sped up to block my path. Inching in my car brushed her bumper,in her car I could hear her scream. but she didn’t get out. A man in his truck let me through. Southbound traffic was non existant.

I’m not sure how they knew or if it were a coincidence, but my family walked outside as I drove onto the sidewalk. Overwhelmed, I openly wept. They were fine, my daughter was asleep  on my wife’s shoulder. My wife was concerned about our friends who lived alone.

Inside the apartment,all was fine,no broken glass, however, the wooden outer shell on the side of the building had broken in one large piece and was leaning against the building next door.  You could see daylight by simply removing a nail from our bedroom wall.

Were fine, you need to get back to work ,my wife said, were ok.

There was virtually no southbound traffic on Van Ness Avenue .  On a typical day, both sides are packed with cars.  I was concerned about getting across Van Ness towards the Tenderloin. I figured I would have to drive to Mission Street and turn left there so I was a relieved to see the police department directing traffic on Pine Street . there were additional officers on Post Street and I was able to turn left there.

There were more people out than I remembered.  At the garage my staff was outside as well, apparently there had been a series of aftershocks.    I told most of the people they could leave, but no one did.     Mark, the service agent I sent to check on the Pier One location said the parking lot of the had sunk at some locations. and he and Sandy moved some of the cars..  As we where talking one of our drivers walked by, and he said he knew how to manually close the gates.    With ladder and flashlight, he closed both doors in a matter of minutes OUR HERO.     Closing the office was a matter of seconds…with power and phones out,. it was just of matter of closing the door.

I grabbed a Mini Van from work, and took on the frightening task of checking on the condition of our friends

Now I would like to say, that the  primary intent was to make sure everyone was okay.  I would like to say that…but it was more self serving , I didn’t want to have to identify a body or bodies.We were all going to die together in my apartment.

Most had moved in with other friends or left town.  The two I picked up was happy to see me.   It was weird driving through San Francisco in total darkness.  There was no music available, only news station with reports of doom. 

I picked up my family and we headed south on the hunt for more candles and flashlights in the minivan.    My son Chris, excited about the minivan ,sat in the rearmost left seat.     

Power had been restored the parts of the Sunset, and other areas of the city.   At the Westlake Walgreen in Daly City, were a ton of people all looking for the same things.   There were no D cell batteries and the only flashlights left were the rechargeable kind.   One black lady and Chinese man came across of what might have been the last battery powered flashlight in the store.   The struggle was intense but short lived as they broke the flashlight.

On to Lucky’s, where we were able to get to candles. and one C cell flashlight.   No one seem hungry, and are beds were full.  We could hear the building make noise with every aftershock which seemed larger than the original  quake.

My wife, family and friends drove to Galt to stay with her mother….

Next morning, at work, Gates closed,  there where people attempting to return their rental cars.  With the gates unable to open  I filled my 7 passenger mini Van with 10 full sized adults and drove them to SFO.  On route,   I noticed one man, rising up every few seconds.  It was the  left rearmost seat were my son was sitting/sleeping the night before.

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