UPDATE: The Building that Stopped Traffic

After four long months, Route 16 has re-opened in Esparto. Cal-trans closed the roadway which goes through the center of town due to concerns of the crumbeling Wyatt Building which was demolished this week.

For the full story and picture see” The Building that Stopped Traffic “

Pick a brand any brand we have what you need.

I can tell your a non smoker said the man who gave me the key to my apartment.   There is a new non smoking policy at this complex and we are so happy to that your a non smoker.

Shortly after getting my keys to my cottage style apartment, I meet some of my new neighbors..  Two very nice ladies, one by the dark tone of her voice is a pack a day lady.    During the day, as I walk up and down the stairs I meet more neighbors….most seem to be smokers….I introduce myself and quickly excuse myself to the cool of my new apartment.

As the evenng begins… I notice a gathering in the central square of  the apartment complex, neighbors talk about the day, and gossip about other neighbors in the complex.  The majority of the crowd are smokers, eagerly lighting each others cigarettes.

It took five days to move all my belongings.  My neighbors meet in the square for coffee and cigarettes in the mornings  and for a smoke in the cool of the evenings  Complaints about management, up to date gossip about fights, loud sex, personal traffic and news of day are all part of the daily ritual. 

I am one of the youngins in the plex. unlike many of my neighbors I go to work every day.   I know in the future I will be one of the topics.  For now, they know I work and have children, the rest is name, rank and serial number.

Number 28 moved out a couple of months ago, he and his wife had enough of the gossip and were moving to a nicer and quieter apartment in Citrus Heights.

I like my apartment and my neighbors, they make me feel safe downtown, I feel very welcomed and  when the gossip begins I slowly break from the group and head upstairs.  I generally like all my neighbors and they seem to like me.

If there is a negative its the smoke.   There is a lot of it…  Having said that, my neighbors are respectful, you dont see cigarette butts or discarded matches, the plex is very clean…

Smoking is the deal breaker for me, you can’t in my home, car.  I have friends and family who smoke, I spend little time in their homes…   I simply hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

A new tenant moved into 28, there was an army of helpers and within hours he was completely moved in.   Ryan had previously lived here in # 6 and was very popular.   That evening he joined the other neighbors for their evening chat and smoke.    Huh?  no more smokers!     His  wife smoked so did her girlfriends who smoked.   They smoked on the stairwell…….The smoke made its way into my apartment (its interesting how smoke doesn’t know its place).  

Most of my windows are closed, I often walk through the square and chat (at a distance) with my neighbors some of those chats about random stuff , last unitl the AM.  Sometimes I get the feeling they want to offer me a cigarette, the choices are many mild or strong.  Slims or Camels.    I think they know as my position in the square is determined by the wind.

A new tennant moved into # 12 and yes he’s a smoker.

Looking forward to opening my windows to the sound of raindrops.

HOODVIEW: Alkali Flats

Bounded by the Rail Yards to the North, 7th and G Streets to the south,12th and 13th Streets

Alkali Flats is the oldest remaining neighborhood in Sacramento. Most of the older buildings were built between 1853 and 1869. At the time the most prominent of Sacramento’s elite lived here.

The Great fire of 1852 reshaped Sacramento, this can be seen in many buildings with the use of brick.

The name came from the white powdery substance that once coated the ground, a result of salt ocean tides that overflowed into the area through Sutter Slough.

To make way for the growth downtown, many homes were destroyed to make way for parking and buildings for the county of Sacramento.

Many Latinos moved to the community after being displaced by the construction of I-5. In the late 1960’s The Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) became one of  Alkali Flat’s most influential groups.

Today, the neighborhood is near homeless shelters,drug related crimes are an issue. However, its ornate

homes and proximity to downtown and to the railyard expansion to the new downtown has gained interest. It is the neighborhood to watch.

 Across the Street from City Hall on 10th an H is the International Hostel.

A Leafy Look Down F Street

Hidden away on C Street is…………

In 2008 (located at 12th and C)the Globe Mills one of the largest mills west of the Mississippi completed phase one its conversion of the site to an residential retail center keeping most of the mill intact. It was built in the early 1900’s as a flour/cereal mill..

 Nearly every home is this area is a gem.
Look at the Details




Due to it’s reputation many of these homes sold for thousands less then comprobable homes a few blocks away in Boulevard Park .
Many of the homes are being restored in area.
The first neighborhood in Sacramento is poised to be first again as the future of downtown expands to the west of Alkali…
 If you downtown take a look at Alkali Flats….
(don’t forget your camera)

"HOTEL CONFIDENTIAL" It’s 3am Where’s Yo Mama?

It’s 3:19am. As the desk clerk was busy giving directions on the phone, a very confident young man walks out of the sliding glass doors of the hotel.

The young man is either 3 or 4 years old. Seconds later, a young lady runs to the counter (she’s about 8 years old)did you see my little brother?

Yes,said the desk clerk, he ran out the door.

The boys screaming annouced their return. Once in the lobby a fight insued, the boys was tough but at the end no match for his sister.

She dragged him to the hotel’s business center,where she intended to go online with her brother on her lap.

Where are your parents? asked the desk clerk.

Sleep! (she said firmly)

You need to be with an adult this time of the morning.

The young lady stared at the clerk with a long evil look she must have learned from a grandparent.

She and her brother returned to their room. somewhere in the hotel

Would you like Cockroaches in your soup or on the side?

A can of Raid vs Reputation….. hmmmmmm?????


La Bonne Soup’s typically has (or had) long,long lines during the lunch period it has built a reputation for great soups and sandwiches.

The popular 8th Street Restaurant was closed yesterday (Wednesday) by the Sacramento County Health Department.

La Bonne was just awarded the coveted #1 in “the best in food” category in the Sacramento Zagat Survey back in January.

At a time where most restaurants are struggling to build business, La Bonne may have made a choice to join them.

The restaurant will remain closed until the Cockroach issue is resolved.

9/27 1:24 AM 83 degrees Midtown

It was a very warm and humid Saturday night in midtown sac.   The evening began at the Marriott’s Residence Inn. It’s hotel central , if you clubbing midtown.  It’s 3 Fires Lounge was surprisingly busy.

across the street, fashionable Park Ultra Lounge was slow…..
The Capitol Garage was winding down

Speaking of Fashionable………….     Somewhere on 15th   Between Capitol Garage and Dreams


In a Midtown Poseoff   America’s Next Top Models?
A Block away was Limo City at  Dream

After 1 am there were a few people in line…..

For those who prefer there music Live….
The Torch Club still Rocks (right next door)

Are Sacramentians Stylish?

Women:  Jeans, Short Black Dress with little or no accessories or Short White Dress with little or no accessories.
Men:  Jeans, or black pants.

The Style Club this Saturday was Avalon….
The women were imaginative, with vibrant colors, one woman was wearing a excellent and sexy take off on a school uniform…     Some on the men were in dress wear…but they were in the minority..others who looked as if they stepped out of tired an early nineties rap video…with tee shirts and and chains…

Back on L Street
Couldn’t tell if the large Crowd was for the DeVere’s Irish pub or Mix on the roof….
(they are both new clubs in the old Firestone building )

A New Restaurant Across the Street

Meanwhile on 20th &K Street…….
The new venue in the area Lounge on 20 is drawing a new crowd to Lavender Heights.

Drinks, Dinner and The Best Venue in the City for People Watching.
Headhunters maybe the causality of all the new venues opening..
Its not uncommon for the bar to close by midnight.

Even with all the newcomers
in on K Street

It’s sister property, Faces is STILL the Monster in Midtown!
With over 20 bar Stations, VIP rooms, two very large dance floors and an outdoor Pool.
Faces is not only the most popular gay club in Sacramento its the #1 dance club in Sacramento.

Around the corner from Faces is another sister property  Club 21 at this club nearly everyone is in black, but here there was some creativity …  For style  Club 21 gets an honorable mention.

While there are many restaurants downtown and midtown most close by midnight and choices after two are very limited….

There’s Hot Rod’s on K
Where we met these nice people

On the corner of
We ran across this restaurant, while we haven’t sample the food, we ARE very happy to report, it is family owned and has been opened since January.

Need More Volume in your Hair?

Her Car is Art!

Second to Zelda’s and they both are closed !
My Ferrari (u believe me right?)
Nuff Said
We really didn’t have any spare change and he posed for us any way at 21&K

It’s not white and its not black (wiping a slow tear)
When we saw these two dresses in the winda, we fell to our knees*
* actually we tripped over something….   Get to 2228 J and show the world some color!!!

Speaking of color

This dress is blue….

Just in Case…..
Just in Case

My midtown home


Look at that face…. (its after 2am) and this man is Guilty!!!!
Guilty of abandonment. His friend who stopped us and insisted we take a picture of this loser!!!!.
The player became tongue tied when four beautiful women walked by, leaving his friend all alone.
Four strike outs in a row-would leave u pissed!
They were closed (surprised) we considered breaking in………..
(we could use the sugar defense)
Nite Light
A Great Special Thanks to Kristine Silva Photographer
(hope u soaked your feet)

The Building That Stopped Traffic

Esparto,is a rural community in Yolo County California its home to nearly 1900 people

. The unincorporated town is surrounded by Almond, Peach,Pear and Apricot orchards.

State Route 16 travel through the business district which had been on the decline for several years.

In 1985, Cache Creek Casino opened in Brooks, about 20 minute northwest on State Route 16. Cache Creek is one of the largest Casinos in Northern California.    Ten thousand cars from the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento  travel state route 16 every day to and from the casino.

Built in the late 1800’s and located at the corner of Yolo and Woodland Avenues, Wyatt’s General store once sold hardware,groceries and dry goods. In May, Cal Trans shut the five block stretch of Highway 16 over concerns of the condition of the building.   Much of the roof is gone and there is a fear that the brick walls could fall into the streets.   Ten thousand cars a day have been rerouted around the town.

Business have failed in this town that has one service station. One restaurant that opened two years ago across from the Wyatt building, Los Tios estimates he is losing a thousand dollars a week. Even the post office has felt a drop is business.

The owners of the building, The Healing Nations Foundation-based in San Diego, had hoped to rehabilitate the building say’s they are short the $82,000 needed to tear down the building.

Many of the locals are understandably angry.  This town without a bank and many services believe Yolo County has

abandoned them and if the town were  Davis or Woodland the county would have found the funds to demolish the building.  So the bleeding continues…………..

sacraTOMATOville….. Night life Style in Sacramento?

Does Sacramentans have a sense of style?   Is there a regional look that defines us.?

Last night we were out in force with our small digital cameras in  midtown..    So far the theme for women has been short and black…..or short and white…. no real accessories or imagination, dull…

Captiol Garage, MX, Park Ultra Lounge, Dreams, Faces, Badlands and Lounge on 20, the bright spot last night was Avalon,(honorable mention Club 21)  some blacks dresses, no white.. but there were bright blues, green, reds and there was accessories, capes… one spectacular women had a very sexy take on a school girls uniform……

However, for some of the men at Avalon, was throw it back Hip Hop with tee’s and very tired jewelry ( did two live crew get back together?) at the other clubs.  it was the long shirt and jeans or the tee shirt and jeans…..

Major Thanks to Kristine Silva….

(Looking for other photographers to roam the streets with us.-simply email BigmanTravel@yahoo.com for information)

Fresh Hot Damm- Molester Gets 1 Year

Mother said, Life is unfair……..

Former Cailfornia Highway Patrol Sargent Wayne Robert Alger,COULD go to jail for up a year for molesting a 12 and 16 year old girls in his Roseville home.

Mr Alger was charged with seven sex offenses and pleaded guilty to three counts.

Two misdemeanor counts of molesting children and one count of posession of child pornography.

Placer County officials said they were pleased with the maximum 365 sentence. His lawyer had argued for a 90 day sentence.


This man’s actions has forever altered how these two young girls view men.

One wonders if his former occupation had any influence.

1426 F Street

Perhaps inspired by the film Arsenic and Old Lace. Dorothea Puente operated a boarding house just outside of Downtown Sacramento, this was 1982. Similar to the film Dorothea’s tenants were elderly and receiving monthly checks.

In April of that year her friend and business partner Ruth Monroe, died of an overdose of Codeine and Tylenol. Dorothea told police Ruth was depressed because her husband was terminally ill.

A few weeks later, one of her tenants Malcolm McKenzie accused Dorothea of drugging him and stealing his money. She was convicted and sentence to five years in Jail.

In Jail, she developed a pen pal relationship with a 77 year old man who lived in Oregon. After serving three years she was released and planned to marry her pen pal. They moved into the F Street house. Her future husband owned a Red 1980 Ford Pickup.

November 1985 ,Dorothea hired handyman Ismael Florez to install some wood paneling in her apartment. She also asked him to build a box 6 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet to store books. After constructing the box, she filled the box and nailed it shut and asked Florez to take the box to a storage depot. On route, she had a change of plans and dumped the box on a riverbank off Garden Highway in Sutter County. For his labor Doretha Paid the handyman $800 and the 1980 Red Ford Pickup.

A fisherman discovered the box and called police,they found a decomposed and unidentiful body of an elderly man. Dorothea continued to collect his pension and wrote and told his family that he was ill.

After being ordered to stay away from elderly tenants, Dorothea began taking in drug addicts and taking the tough to place tenants. Her looks and demeanor  as a kindly grandmother made her popular with Sacramento County social workers. She was allowed to cash their checks and give them a stipend and keep the rest for expenses.

She befriended many of the homeless people in the area who did odd jobs for her around the home.

Neighbors complained about odors coming from Dorothea’s house. She was seen poring Lyme in her backyard.

On November 11,1988,police inquiring after the disappearance of tennent Alvaro Montoya, a mentally retarded schizophrenic whose social worker had reported missing. After  noticing disturbed soil on the property, they uncovered the body of tenant Leona Carpenter. Seven bodies were eventually found and Dorothea was charged with a total of nine murders.

Dorothea is currently serving two life sentences in a Women’s Facility in Madera County.

After corresponding with Shane Bugbee, who interviewed her.. In 2004 the Book ” Cooking With A Serial Killer” was released filed with 50 of Dorothea Recipes.

(Information Unauthorized Provided by The Sacramento Bee,and Wikipedia)

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